Monday, March 31, 2008

Last night was Dirt night. I think I like this show. I love the Don Konkey character. The whole KFed/Britney storyline is good. It's amazing to see Courtney Cox completely abandoning her Monica Geller role. Nice. I get the feeling that in real life Courteney Cox is more like Lucy Spiller ... a sarcastic bitch.

Also watched my new favorite sitcom, Aliens in America. That show is a complete hoot. Takes place in Wisconsin and the mom and dad have the accents to match. I hope they don't cancel it. The whole cast is terrific. Has a Freaks and Geeks/My So Called Life vibe to it. Makes me even more angry that they won't put a box set of Square Pegs out!!! Come on people!!!

Watched the rest of No Country For Old Men. Wow, what a film. I truly love all things Coen, not so much Hudsucker Proxy or that awful one with Viper Zeta Jones ... we'll just forget that one exists as I can stomach Hudsucker. I think I'm the only person on earth who thinks the ending was brilliant! Typical Coen with an unflappable lead character, in this case, Sheriff Bell. Lets see the other unflappables shall we?

Raising Arizona-H.I.
Man Who Wasn't There ... THE MOST FREAKING UNDERAPPRECIATED COEN MOVIE EVER ... good god people, watch this film! oh wait .. the unflappable ... Ed

The trailer that Llewelyn & Carla Jean live in is the same trailer that H.I. and Ed had in Raising Arizona. Also ... if you see feet, it forshadows who is going to die or is already dead. Amazing that the actress who plays Carla Jean is a Scottish woman. She did a perfect west texas accent.

Need to watch Blood Simple and Miller's Crossing again. I'm getting rusty on those.

Anyway, NCFOM. It won all the Oscars that Fargo should have won. The only repeat casting was Stephen Root, the blind radio guy in OBWAT. It must have been strange for John Goodman not to be on that set .... same for Steve Buscemi. Tommy Lee Jones should have been nominated and therefore should have won best actor, but then again, I haven't see There Will Be Blood, which I know I will be totally conflicted by because I love Paul Thomas Anderson films as much as I love Coen films. I'm sure that after I watch that one, I'll change my mind and say the Academy made the right choice in giving Daniel Day Lewis the Oscar. I think I'm the only person on earth again, that loved Punch Drunk Love. It marked the day I began to respect Adam Sandler as someone other than a baby talking douchebag.

The big issue I have with PT Anderson films is how he writes his parts for women ... which is bad. The women tend to be on the extremely hysterical side .. Magnolia .. yuck, I wanted to toss Julianne Moore's character out a window. But then again, I didn't like her character in Lebowski either ... I just wasn't buying it at all. I think they had her speak in that awful tone because Ifind that most Coen films are defined by the accents and Lebowski didn't really have a defineable accent, unless speaking Dude is an accent. Anyway, back to Magnolia .... I don't like that film at all and this was before I started hating Tom Cruise for being a scientology freakazoid. That scene with Jason Robards dying was so stupid ... talk about overacting. Loved Boogie Nights and Hard Eight. Boogie Nights made me think of Walberg as something other than Marky Mark.

Enough rambling on that.

In Treatmen is over for now. Maybe I should have started writing this earlier. Oh well, next season I guess.

Real Housewives of NYC!!! Yehaaa!!! My favorite show to bash. I can't remember when that is going to be tivo'd. Stay tuned!