Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last night watched the Riches. Next week is the season finale. I'm a little disappointed with Dahliah's character. I still can't figure out why she went to the cop and revealed who she was. Wayne's character isn't as good this year either. The supporting cast is carrying this show this year ....looks like Dale is going to get killed, good. Hugh is great, so over the top and so Louisiana.

Reaper. Love that show! Kevin Smith is a consultant, but I seriously think he writes the thing. It's like the movie, Dogma, each and every week. I hope CW brings it back next season. Everyone looks like they are having a great time working on the show. I honestly like this show better than Chuck (which is pretentious), but not as much as Pushing Daisies (which is like Dead Like Me .... I'll never forgive Showtime for cancelling that gem) ... same with Deadwood.

Back to Real Housewives of NYC ... the shoes that Simon was wearing! They were Peter Pan boots!!! And then what really annoys me is the way all of them lie about their bad behavior by making excuses ... oh, I was a bitch because a friend was in the hospital, oh I acted that way because I was having a bad day. Please stop! It's so pnoney and just makes you an even bigger liar and an immature brat. Own your bad behavior.

Aliens in America. What a great show. Another one from CW ... how pathetic am I? 3 of my favorite shows are on the CW ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok ... lots to write about.

Gossip Girl started again! I love the character of Chuck Bass ... just love 'em. Reminds me of Luke Weil, who is a real person. He was completely 'pwned by Jaimie Johnson in his documentary, Born Rich. The Serena character is annoying as hell .. whiney whiney whiney. Blair, I'm just not buying the actress playing her. And then the chinless wonder who is Dan's sister. Seriously, are these the best people that casting could come up with? It just seems like this show was cast purely on who knows whom. Ok, so I watch the show for Chuck.

Finally saw the first episode of Mad Men. Wow, what a great show. The beginning credits are a bit creepy .. a guy in a suit falling from a high rise building. Looks a little too 9-11 jumper for me, but I digress. But again, the show, itself is creepy in a way. What a time to live ... the early 60's. Times changing, baby boomers are coming of age. Age of advertising. They are repping cigarette companies ... love that Holling Vincour from my beloved Northern Exposure was a tobacco exec, I miss that show so much. The blatant sexism. I'd like to think that the writers are going a bit over the top ... I hope, but I suspect they aren't. The only issue I had is that the Peggy/Pete storyline was forced ... they could have stretched it out a bit, not make her the object of his icky affection on her couple days. It just didn't seem realistic, but they had x amount of episodes to fit in all the storylines.

America the Wright Way ... Ian isn't as relaxed as he usually is on Globe Trekker. Maybe it's because he feels like he has to carry the entire show. He just seems forced. The producers aren't using him the way the Globe Trekker producers do. I don't know, I'm not a big fan of Miami and he seemed to be uncomfortable and didn't seem to be having too much fun. I don't think this show is going to last, but then again, maybe it's not supposed to. I honestly think he's not that into America .. he'd rather be in the jungles of Africa or the mountains of Pakistan. Then, he's in his cockney element.

American Experience. Another one of those shows that gets me at the opening song. I remember when Roberto Clemente was killed in a plane crash. Didn't realize it was 1972 and I was 5 years old. Either Clemente made an impression on me, or I started retaining information at a very young age. But then again, I remember plainly, watching Trickie Dickie resign from the presidency. I also remember being upset about it because he lied, welcome to politics little girl! Roberto Clemente ... misunderstood isn't the word for the guy. Jackie Robinson gets a lot of attention because he broke the color barrier, but Clemente was a double whammy ... he was black and latino. He had to break down 2 huge brick walls. He did in a big way and is a beloved player ... the first latino to be inducted into the hall of fame. I remember feeling sad about his death ... as a 5 year old. I was a weird kid.

Also watched an episode of American Experience on the Nuremburg Trials. Dang, it was so watered down, but it was only an hour long. Kangaroo court isn't the word and I'm not defending the Nazis either. It was a show trial to punish the Germans as Stalin wanted it to be. The Americans just drug it out. Each and every one of the Nazis on trial deserved what they received, but the German people are the ones who suffered for it. Good show.


Holy mother! There isn't a redeeming quality amongst any of them. They are all vain, self centered bitches. We all know the score on AlexSimon, but they are quite possibly the most clueless people on reality tv. Seriously. They just sluff off whatever criticism like we are the ones who are idiots. And then self righteous Duhmona ... golly. SHE has the gall to be up in arms about nude photos of Alex? When she bounces around like a damn pole dancer? What's the difference Duhmona? She walked off the stage because SHE was insulted? She's been insulting the entire season and she just doesn't get it. And then AlexSimon just didn't understand why everyone was so up in arms about their pit of a house. She just doesn't care that they spend 10K on opening night tickets to the opera so they can be seen ... get new floors! Take the lead paint out of your house! Bethandthecity was just annoying. He little quips aren't cute, they aren't clever. They're stupid, she's stupid. She's psychotic and if Jason impregnates her, lord help him and that baby. Can you see her at 3am when the baby is crying? She'll want to impale the child with a pointy stick. Jason is going to have to quit his job ... wait, he was fired ... ok, so he can play Mr. Mom because Bethandthecity has the child care skills of a female preying mantis. I wouldn't trust a child around her. The Countess is so into her title. She says she's not, but she is. She loves the family jewels. I wish she'd call her son "nole" and not No-elle ... I have a friend from high school called Noelle .. she's a girl. Noel is a boy name and it's pronounced "NOLE", like Noel Gallagher from Oasis. She's so much in denial about her not wanting to be with her kids. She says it's her husband .. no honey, IT'S YOU!!! The Count is away on business ... you're home, well, you're not home, you're out coking it up with your fake hippie headband wearing 20 something niece so you can further your denial THAT YOU'RE A 40 SOMETHING MOTHER!! GROW THE F UP COUNTESS!!! You're so into receiving respect, but you don't give your kids time of day! Nole is going to hate you! Your daughter is going to be a supermodel and be ok, but your son is going to be completely screwed up for any woman. And Yenta Jill ... I actually kind of like her, but this whole Team Jill thing? No class!

I guess they are having season 2 ... can't wait!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


I went out and purchased some shrubbery (I always think of Monty Python when I use that word) and I planted 3 French Pussy Willows and named them Johann, Francois and St. Barts in honor of my favorite little wannabe euro trash brats from Real Housewives of NYC and the vacation spot they spend their entire time with their au pair. Now the pressure is on to keep them alive!

I've been going through my Chaplin tivo stuff. I just adore him. A true visionary and just down right funny.

I am now a fan of 30 Rock. I don't like Tina Fey ... she just plays the girl with glasses thing a bit too over the top. Maybe I feel that way because I'm a girl with glasses. I don't know, she seems like she grew up being one of the Mean Girls (like in the movie she wrote) and now she's trying to redeem herself by wearing glasses begging people to take her seriously. I wear glasses because I need to see and I hate contact lenses because I don't like sticking my fingers in my eyes and I refuse to let anyone come near my eyeballs with a laser. Anyway, the show is funny. Alec Baldwin is even more underappreciated than Brad Pitt. Brother has range. Even Tracy Morgan who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag is really funny in this show. Glad I started tivo-ing it.

And to top things off, we had an earthquake this morning ... in Indiana!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The most important show on television

There are shows are are must see, and then there are shows that are important. Frontline is one of those shows. I'm so pathetic that I get hooked whenever I hear that french horn intro and then the rat a tat music behind the show description.

In any event, the show was a comparison of health care systems around the world. Fascinating stuff. They compared Taiwain, Japan, Switzerland, Germany & England. They all have varying forms of universal healthcare. I liked Germany's the best, it give an opt out option, but the hallmark of all the systems is that it takes the profit margins out of healthcare, which is what is killing our system. It's not the doctor's faults. They have massive debts to pay when they finish their training and then you deal with private insurance companies who want to make a profit. Unfortunately, a lot of the hospitals in these countries are running at deficits and the people have to pay high taxes to cover losses, but the fascinating thing is that the people don't mind! What a concept. They would rather pay higher taxes and not face the risk of going bankrupt paying for medical care and prescription costs. In fact, when asked if anyone goes bankrupt paying for medical care, the people interviewed were insulted that this question was being asked and that it's the citizen's right to have healthcare. I don't know ... something needs to be done, but it needs to go deeper than making healthcare a for profit industry. I was disappointed that the film glossed over the fact that medical school is free in these countries. You don't have doctors coming out of the chute in debt up to their ears, so they don't necessarily need to make a ton of money in order to do their jobs. Being a doctor, although you can make a good living, you are a government employee. THAT wouldn't fly here at all, unfortunately.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All I gotta say is WOW!

Sunday was the Dirt season finale .. it was a snoozer for the most part. Brent is dead ... Lucy had to id the body and his ... uh ... well, let's just say he was excited about being dead eh? Then she found out he made sex tapes with what's her name dressed up as Lucy ... oh brother.

Then there was Mad Men. I'm 2 episodes in toward the end of the first season. Dang ... this show is, dare I say, as addicting as the Sopranos?



Season finale of Real Housewives of NYC. Holy freaking cows on a stick. AlexSimon are the positively most insanely stupid people on the face of the earth. Their kids act like their hovel of a house looks!!! Dayum!!! That Francois is a juvenile deliquent already and those two buttheads have no clue!!! I hate them and I hate their kids. Seriously, there isn't a redeeming quality to them and any doo that Duhmona gives them is completely deserved.

Jill had a ultraluxe dinner party at the 21 Club, which is posh. Duhmona was late and dressed, as Avery put it, like a barbie doll. She lays into Alex about how codependent she is. Duhmona has issues with women. She adores men, contrary to what most people think. Duhmona hates her mother ... I'm telling you! And Simon the jaw clencher! I hope the dude wears a mouthguard because his back teeth are cracked beyond repair if he doesn't!

And then there's Bethandthecity ... hay-zeus! Are we a little bi-polar there deary? Jill is such a yenta wuss. If anyone, anyone, anyone told me that they wanted to stick a skewer into my eye? Do not pass go ... friendship over. She's a violent person. She's frightening and it's my hope that she and Jason never have children. She's a complete psycho and her children will be like her and not have any relationship with her out of fear for their little lives. I'd rather deal with Duhmona than Bethandthecity. Duhmona isn't psychopathic like Bandthecity.

Alex had Francois tested to see if he's a genius. Of course, she blankets it as respoinsible parenting, hmmm ... they never revealed with was said. I'm sure the guy said, your son is completely average and he has severe behavioral problems and will get his butt kicked on a daily basis at this so called prestigious PUBLIC kindergarten in Brooklyn you will be sending him to. Guess that tour that Yenta Jill arranged didn't work out eh? Know why??? THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!! Prestigious public kindergarten. Are you kidding me???? In Brooklyn??? It's a public school people!!!

And then there's frumpy Ally .. sigh, spoiled rotten frumpy Ally. Jill, bless her heart, is really trying, but she's too far gone to teach responsibility and how hard mom and dad work. I did like how her gay husband didn't take lip from Ally though when she whined. That girl better go to school close to home because she won't be able to handle being away from mommy. Heaven forbid she has to make a decision for herself and fend for herself.

But dang, the countesses kids are gorgeous! I'll give her that. They look like her, thank god. I want to see the countess with a cig in the corner of her mouth and a martini in her hand one day. Rumor has it that she's a cokehead!!! What I wouldn't give to see that!

And then there's Bawwwbeee, Jill's husband, asking jason if Bethandthecity is the girl for him .... this after the eye skewering incident! He said that yes she was. Ok Jason, word of advice ... I know she's a chef and all, but please keep sharp objects away from her. Wear a helmet too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quality viewing last night!

The Riches makes me more and more uncomfortable. The whole idea of them getting caught is making me crazy. Wayne and Dahlia are treading into rocky waters. I love the kids though. DiDi and Cael are wonderful characters.

One of my alltime favorite shows is local and called Across Indiana. Michael Atwood has been the host of the show forever. I remember watching him as a kid. I started Tivo-ing episodes because they are on at 5am. Last night's was wonderful. Did you know that one of the leading makers of fresh water caviar is in Michigan City??? It's called Collin's Caviar. I'm not a fan of the stuff really. When I was in Russia, it was thrust upon me everywhere I went. I'd rather just pour salt down my throat. I don't see the allure really, but then again, I don't like mustard, mayonaise or ketchup. They also did a nice thing on the Pierogi Fest in Whiting. Very sweet, too bad Whiting is where it is.

And now .... doo di dee doot dee doo!!!

Oh man, this episode was the best!!! It really focused on Bethanthecity, which was ok. She seems to really WANT to be normal, but she's just going on full throttle all the time. But this episode really is devoted to my favorite whackjob, Duhmona!!! We got a little bit of insight into why she's such a nutjob. She was invited to a supposed girls night at Jill's with Bethandthecity cooking. And that dumbass Alex brought that teeth clenching codie of a husband with her ...Duhmonah freaked out! She was so rude, it was uncomfortable to watch. But later we found out it has to do with her mommy issues, yawn.

But the best ... the absolute best!!! AlexandSimon live in a total dump!!! Their supposed lavish townhouse in Cobble Hill is a total pit!!! It was hysterical!!!! Those two are the most pretentious wannabes in the world!!! No floors! I'm not kidding, there are no floors in that house. Oh, but you'd think that they are the jetsetters de tutti jetsetters. They are white trash, pure and simple.

And the Countess ... god what a waste of a title. She's insulted because Bethandthecity didn't introduce her as Mrs. DeLesseps. As B said, "get over yourself!" But I will give her credit for sticking up for gaySimon when Duhmonah was in her full glory. And then Duhmona dancing. God, just put a poll next to that trollop, she's gross.

And I love it! Jill referred to HERSELF as a Yenta! At least she recognizes it. Her sister lives in Westport, big surprise. Home of Martha Stewart ... or does she still live there? Maybe that Yenta sister was one of the people who wanted her to move out. And that carp faced mother of theirs is hideous! Jill is definitely the prettiest one in the family.

Next week is the season finale.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's been kind of dull in tvland, but I did manage to stumble upon yet another show!

I love travel shows. I love eating shows. I love eating shows in foreign countries. I love Andrew Zimmern and all the shoddy crap he manages to eat from all over the world. I love Anthony Bourdain, but not as much as I used to. His abrasive NYC personality has worn me out. Plus anyone who thinks that sucking marrow out of beef bones is the creme de la creme of gastronomy is a sicko.

Anyway, travel shows ... one of my alltime favorite travel shows is Lonely Planet, which morphed into Globe Trekker for some reason, and is now banished to PBS only. I love the two main travellers, Ian Wright and Justine Shapiro. I don't know, they seem so cool to me and they travel how I would love to travel. Yes, livin' vicariously, guilty as charged. I don't care for some of the new travellers they incorporated when the show changed to Globe Trekker. Anyway, I was surfing, like I usually do and found a show called America, The Wright Way ... gasp ... a travel show about travelling America with none other than Ian Wright! He's hilarious. He's got the best British accent out there. I watched him as he travelled through Nashville, trying to like country music. I loved it!! Yea!!! My favorite traveller from my favorite travel show!!! It's on ... you guessed it, the Travel Channel!

I have a load to watch on the tivo ... real housewives, yea! The Riches, yea yea. I also tivo'd Season on the Brink, based on the book about my most despised coach, Bobby Knight. I don't know if I'll get to it or not. I tivo'd it mainly to see how Brian Dennehy did as Bobby. He's an ok actor, but he seems to take himself way too seriously, I'm an actaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh .... blow it out your chubby butt dude ... you get paid to play other people. I wish we could all do that for a living.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Been sick, or taking care of sick people ... ugh.

Last night, man oh man, it's really bad when you get sucked into a show on the first try. Mad Men on AMC ... I didn't even come into it from the beginning. Amazing show ... so incredibly un pc, dealing with 1960's politics on Madison Avenue. I'm horrible and should not be allowed to watch tv at all.

Watched a fantastic Danny Boyle flick called Millions. About these two little boys who fall into a lot of stolen money on the dawn of the euro. The little boy, Damian, was amazing. He was obsessed by saints and is visited periodically by them ... St. Nicholas helps Damian give the local Mormon missionaries some of the money and they go totally crazy and spend frivolously. Damian keeps insisting that God gave them the money and this little guy who played him was just perfect ... innocent little kid. Other saints who visit are St. Joseph, Claire of Assisi, who else, an African saint, can't remember the name. I love the Saints. It's probably one of the only reasons I remain a Catholic. They put a human face to the religion I chose almost 15 years ago. Danny Boyle did Trainspotting, another fantastic film. Millions wasn't violent at all, unlike Trainspotting and the subject matter was way lighter. The most touching part was ... did I mention that Damian's mother died? He kept asking the saints if they saw Maureen, his mum, and he kept explaining that she was new .. just heartbreaking. Then, at the end, she appears and they have the most loving conversation, getting choked up now ... good show Danny Boyle! I've got him on my tivo so I can see anything else that shows up. That's how I found this film. That's what it is living the film nowhereland ... I depend on tivo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last night, caught up on my Daily Shows. Gives me something to laugh about during this political season. Sigh.

I watched the 1903 version of The Great Train Robbery. I'm such a silent film geek and this one is older than old school. Amazing stuff. It was made by Thomas Edison's studio and it would be funny to be transported back to that time when it was playing in theatres of the day. It was only 12 minutes long and there wasn't any dialogue at all, not even on placards.

The Riches ... what a great show. FX really puts out quality programming. Nip/Tuck, addicted, what was that lawyer show... Damages! That's right. Great stuff. Glenn Close plays great villans. And Dirt ... more on that next week.

The Riches. Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard are terrific. I wish that Dale would just get popped already. Having Jared Harris on is going to be interesting too. He makes himself look different with every role. I love that this show is about Irish Travellers. I remember seeing them when I was growing up. Such an underground culture, fascinating.

I have a Danny Boyle movie tivo'd called Millions. Trainspotting is one of my favorite movies of all time, we'll see how this one is.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First of all, Hillary Clinton should just give everyone the double finger and say "I'm outa here, F you all". Bill was in my town this morning and I could here him from my front yard. I loved it when he was president. I love that Hillary tried and I HATE how the Democratic Party has railroaded her. It's sad to see the Clinton hate. Barack Obama is a smart guy, but naive as hell. I'm writing in Al Gore.

Last night, it was ... yahoo!!! Real Housewives of NYC!!! God this show is the best of the worst. Duh-mona actually got a little sympathy from me. She explained how her mom stayed in a bad marriage because she couldn't support 4 kids on her own. Well, ok .. but puhlease! If your marriage is THAT bad, you do what you have to do. She could have gotten a job, any job. I don't know ... Ramona sucks. Her husband seems really cool. How he puts up with her is beyond me. Good thing he's in the religious jewelry business, because he's a saint!

We saw the Countess's fat husband! The Count ... LuAnn seems to think that it's a good thing to have her son learn how to breakdance ... like that's what kids are doing today. Really? No kidding? No way ... it was funny watching this Count's white boy trying to be a street punk. I can just see him getting his butt kicked. Listen sonny boy, stick to show jumping and playing your cello. Your mom is a dolt.

Eeeeuuuuu .... the Van Kempen/Mcords. Ms. Fang and her codependent twin is just gross. He rented a boat for a surprise birthday and he invited friends to only have cocktails, THEN THEY HAD TO LEAVE THE BOAT!! So those two could suck face, which about made me vomit. But, they had to lecture Bethanthecity about her drinking first, it was creepy as heck. Poor Bethandthecity, the woman with a square head who had old eggs. That friend of hers in Maimi is a beyotch, the nerve! But then again, Bethandthecity is pathetic. She made choices and now she's regretting those choices .. she wants a bayyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeee .... whine whine whine. Geez lady friend, go buy some sperm and a turkey baster, you're a cook, you figure it out. She'd be the worst pregnant person ever, much less mother. I don't know what the heck she's thinking. Neither does she. That donnie dorko boyfriend of hers is sickening. They deserve each other.

Jill .. yenta Jill. Her daughter is fat again, surprise surprise surprise. She would probably be the most fun to hang out with because she'll talk your ear off and I'd be in stitches listening to her kvetch and tell me what to do with my life.

Again, I'd love to have access to their money, but not their lifestyles. LuAnn's townhouse looks like a dollhouse, it's so cramped. Bethandthecity's place is the size of my powder room. Now Duh-mona and Jill's places look really cool. Alex and Simon live in Brooklyn, nuff said.

Next week looks delicious! Duh-mona's claws are going to come out in full effect!! Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last night, I watched Grindhouse as the double feature. I watched them separately about a month ago, but watching it as it was intended was much cooler. My friend's niece is one of the stars of Planet Terror, so it's kind of cool to see her, although her acting wasn't that good, but I guess since it's a spinoff of the bad B movies from the 70's, she may have done it right. Josh Brolin was doing this film while trying to convince the Coens to let him be Llewelyn in NCFOM. My friend's niece helped Brolin do an audition tape, she read the Carla Jean part ... so, there you have it.

The trailers in Grindhouse were vile. More gross than the movies themselves. Death Proof was my favorite of the double feature. So nice to see Kurt Russell be a total badass.

I read that Tarantino is doing a remake of The Dirty Dozen. THAT will be kickass. Go QT!!!