Saturday, February 28, 2009


The second episode of Real Housewives of NYC was off the hook. AlexSimon are just plain whack. Oh dear! They blessed everyone on the Hamptons with their presence ... and trust me, they felt that THEY were doing the blessing! Oh, the Atlantic is just soooooooooooooo much more cold and choppy ... oh, Francois and Johann just wouldn't like it here at all ... and then the banana hammock! Simon wears a speedo because it's just so european and we common folk in America just can't handle it ... no Simon, we can handle it, YOU can't handle the laughter eminating from everyone who is embarassed by seeing your junk hanging in the wind. Please dude, everyone who calls you gay is insulting every gay man on earth. What a sad sack of a human being you are. And the fangy wife Alex ... I wonder what color the sky is on Planet Alex??? Sweetie, you grew up in Kansas, not the Carribean ... you went to Northwestern, not the Sorbonne ... you're a regular girl, with fangs. The shopping spree! They spent 8K on a bunch of clothes that the store owner made 2 shopgirls help haul into their car ... I don't know, that 8K would have bought nice flooring for that hovel they call a house in Cobble Hill.

Duhomona, believe it or not, is actually proving to be the nice person of the season. Bethandthecity is just a mess. Seriously, if her food is anything like her life, do not eat it. Yenta Jill is a total co-dependent. That chunky Ally couldn't wait to get the heck away from her! She's spending the summer in Paris. I bet she comes back looking completely healthy and gorgeous. She needed to get away from Jill ... yuck, talk about overbearing mother.

And the DisCOUNTESS. First, she orders a pizza and tell them that her name is Countess DeLesseps. She's joking right? Please tell me that she's not serious. She gets an award from a cancer society and she literally interrupts and tells everyone to shut up and listen and then she tromps back to her table and proceeds to chit chat! She's the queen of hypocrisy!

Kelly .. still too soon to tell. But my theory on her hating women and only seeking the worship of men was on full display. She trotting around like a little schoolgirl at this party, from one group of men to another. It was kind of embarassing to see. It was like she was taking in man energy and left when she was full.

Watched a movie I haven't seen in awhile. Albert Brooks's, Mother. Debbie Reynolds is just too cute. This movie was made in 1996, so seeing the computers, the phones and a younger Lisa Kudrow, basically playing Phoebe, was a hoot.

Also watched bits and pieces of The Cell & The Breakup. I'm not convinced as to why Jennier Aniston and Vince Vaughn ever hooked up ... but then again, she's still with the big dork, John Mayer. Sigh.

The usual, lots of Keith, lots of Daily Show.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I drink your milkshake!!

What a great movie!!! There Will Be Blood is fantastic. And it's worth every minute for the final 5 minutes. I'm not kidding. The 2 best lines in the film happen during that final scene ... "I drink your milkshake" and "I'm finished". The way Daniel Day Lewis delivered both those lines was pure genius. No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood were filmed at the same time in the same general locations. Both endings were abrupt ... Loved them both.

I wrote this on another website for more on my real housewives:

I watched my tivo'd episode yesterday afternoon ... wow, this season is going to be completely psycho!

AlexSimon are positively the 2 most horrible people on this show. Those kids of theirs are completely out of control ... did you see how she was holding him in the backseat? Yea, there were cameras in the front seat, then freaking rent an SUV you idiots!!!! Frank wasn't in a carseat! And that rental???? And the sliding door for the pool? And then the whole tv rant by Alex ... man, she is completely batsh^%. Jealous of Jill ... yea right. I've always maintained that people who speak like that are really speaking into a mirror. I've never seen more jealous wannabes than AlexSimon. Alex's fangs ... Alex's fangs!!!!

Bethandthecity .. she's on this show why? Anyone catch her new b00bies and lipo'd belly? Her head is getting more and more square shaped as we go along. She's more of a character than a real person. Again, she's on the show why????

Jill is basically the same. Bawbee is a saint. I really like him. Those 2 are the most in tune couple on the show.

The Countesssssssssssssss ... she's really threatened by the new "wife". She's writing a book on etiquette, but thinks nothing of backing out of a promise she made to Jill and says nothing about it??? She gets up in Jill's grill about how to handle the Page 6 thing, but she doesn't hold her children to the same standard? Jill was wrong to just let that one go. She should have called the Countesssssssssssssssssssss on her poor manners.

Duhmona ... she's 52 people! She looks awesome for 52!!!! But those googly eyes are just too much. She's a case study for the people at the show "Lie to Me". All her emotions and future moves can be seen by her googly eyes. And why is she so askeered of AlexSimon? Seriously, she absolutely frightened of them. Is she still bunched up over the nude photos?

The new wife is going to be awesome. Looks like she is going to go to the mat with Bethandthecity and I, for one am going to love seeing it. She needs to be dropped a couple pegs.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where do I start???

I've been watching waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much tv. Life on Mars is back and is getting better and better. Keitel & Imperiloi make this show worth watching every week. I dont' know if it's Keitel's white loafers or Imperioli's awesome hair and mustache and I'm thoroughly convinced that Sam Tyler is part of an intelligence gathering operation by the Soviets ... they transported him back to 1973 with all his knowledge of 2008 and he's spilling it all. And this past week, he met someone from 2009 and it was so sweet when he told Tyler that we have a black president and Tyler's response was "he really won?" It was so cool.

There's going to be a Dead Like Me movie! Just had to get that out .. Yea!

Watching lots of Keith as usual, but the Daily Show is off.

I'm almost done with There Will Be Blood. I love most of Paul Thomas Anderson's films. Loved Hard Eight, Boogie Nights and ... yes, Punch Drunk Love. Hated Magnolia, just did. But There Will Be Blood is amazing, just amazing. And it all has to do with Daniel Day Lewis. He's just magnificent. The story ... well, many storylines are all incredibly complicated. So far, Daniel Day Lewis is in every single scene of the film. I have about 30 minutes to go and it all seems to be working up to a very large ... thing .. don't know ... we'll see. Honestly, I loved No Country For Old Men, but There Will Be Blood should have won best picture too.

Started watching this really .. funny? Weird??? Show called East Bound & Down. It's produced by Will yuck Ferrell and thank god he's not in it to gum it up because the main character, played by Danny McBride is freaking hysterical. It's about a total redneck guy who had a reasonably successful baseball career and ends up back in his old high school teaching PE because he completely screwed up his career and life. All he has left is a truck and a jet ski. It's on right after Flight of the Conchords (which was exceptionally funny this week, although I didn't understand half the dialogue ... very heavy NZ & Aussie). So my brain has to adjust from NZ accents to NC accents ... only every other word out of Danny McBride's mouth isn't a pleasant one, but hearing with a drawl makes it funny.

But the best .. the best I tells ya!!! REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC IS back baby!!!!

Duhomona ... she has to be in her 50's. She looks great, but those googly eyes are just too freaking much. She's right though about AlexSimon ... they just suck the energy out of a room. They are so incredibly negative. Alex is just hideous, but the people of this great country owe her a great debt of gratitude because she took that even more hideous Simon off the market ... god, he's just so awful ... looking more and more clenchy and drunk the more time he spends on camera! Jill ... sigh, yenta Jill ... what can I say, Bawbee is a saint for being with her and he's the best husband of all the women. Countess ... what a beyotch. She's all about etiquette, but yet, she rudely stands Jill up after volunteering her children's services in helping Jill get ready for a party? And then our lovely new boobied Bethandthecity ... she of the square head ... why is she there again? And we have a new "housewife" ... and she's a doosie. A real socialite. She's gonna really give the Countess (who cannot drink beer from a bottle ... oh brother) and Duhomona a run for their money. The best though, was Duhomona running away from Jill's party when AlexSimon came .. what's the deal???? Duhomona is completely out of her mind.

And that was just episode 1!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Humanizing Lincoln ... ahhhhhhh!!!

I've always been a fan of Henry Louis Gates, Michael Eric Dyson & Cornell West. If I ever see they are going to be on tv, I make an effort to watch because I know I'll learn something. One of my favorites was on Bill Maher's show. Dr. West and PJ O'Rourke, 2 men who are on opposites of the political spectrum, were fascinating together. Michael Eric Dyson is one of the most eloquent speakers I've ever heard. Henry Louis Gates has a terrific documentary on PBS called Looking For Lincoln:

When I was in college, I had the incredible fortune of being taught by revisionist historians. I remember my junior year, sitting in American History class and the professor, Dr. Waas, saying "the emancipation proclamation freed not one slave". My jaw dropped ... WHAT????? And then he explained and freaking A, he was right!!! This was back in 1988. It sparked a huge interest in myths of history and it was my quest to see what other lies were perpretrated by my past teachers ... but I digress. Dr. Gates' validated everything I learned in college. Lincoln didn't free the slaves, he made slavery a moral issue knowing that the south's dependence on slavery was purely economic. Turn slavery moral/kill the south's economy. Lincoln was a strong colonialist. In fact he would rather have had the freed slaves emigrate back to Africa (Liberia), or Panama. Thank you Professor Gates! Now everyone, go watch Looking For Lincoln.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John Mayer ... blech ....

Am I the only one who can't stand this dweeb? I'm writing this because he's on my beloved XRT right now ... your body is a wonderland ... oh give me a break.
His fake raspy voice, they had better play something better next.

I've been watching a mish mash of things lately. Lots of Daily Show, lots of Olbermann, news in general. I'm into a few movies right now. Killing Emmett Young ...

ok ... Secondhand Love by Townshend ... that's much much better.

Killing Emmett Young stars Scott Wolf of Party of Five fame, but that's not why I tivo'd it. It also has Tim Roth & Gabriel Byrne, two of my favorites. I can't quite wrap my head around it yet. It's a short movie and I'm about 45 minutes in and it just seems ... jagged .. jagged???? I don't know.

And in my Val Kilmer is one of the most underrated actors in hollywood ... brother did a tv ministeries called XIII. I'm about a half hour into the first episode. It's a made for tv miniseries, so it has to mind the rules.

Flight of the Conchords continues to amuse me. I wish that Murray would be sent back to New Zealand. I honestly think the show could be carried by Jermaine, Bret & Mel on their own ..

ahhhhhh ... Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode .. ok, XRT is forgiven :)

Speaking of Jesus, I watched the Mark Twain Prize honoring the late great George Carlin. Standups were each given a few minutes to speak about how they were inspired, affected, felt about George Carlin. He was even working on his acceptance speech when he died. I thought I'd end up crying throughout the entire thing, but I made it through until Ben E. King came out and sand one of Carlin's favorite songs, Stand By Me. I had to turn it off ... tears welling up ... it's amazing to me how many comedians that Carlin inspired and mentored. The guy with one of the biggest hearts in comedy and that's what ended up killing him. Sigh.

WGN changed the times of Corner Gas now where it's on 3 times in one night of the week and it's making me realize how much I love the show! I have to wait all week to watch 3 episodes. It's just funny. Every character could be a show, but together, all of them ... just hysterical.