Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue Valentine

I heard this movie was supposed to be great and I really like Gosling and Williams as actors, but this movie sucked. Sorry, it just did. The script made Gosling sound like a cheap Travis Bickel from Taxi Driver. Williams was good, but she couldn't carry the film all by herself. I should have known when all the movie was known for it's sex scenes ... whoop dee doo.

Dance Moms is hilarious. On the one hand, I respect Abby Lee Miller. She's tough as nails and she is a leader and leaders can't be nice sometimes. The moms are each nuts in their own way. Holly is the most sane, except she is hyper sensitive that her daughter is being deemed as ethnic, which I'm not sure is true. Christie and Kelly are seasoned Abby moms and they new ones, Jill and ... can't remember Peyton's mom's name ... are flat out stage moms.

Raising Hope is still incredibly funny. No shark jumping yet. I was afraid it would get worse as Hope aged, but they are incorporating a growing up Hope into the story lines very nicely.