Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No more Olympics!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I started watching the closing ceremonies last night and they were lame compared to the opening ceremonies, it just looked like a bunch of people in cool costumes running around like chickens with their heads cut off just to fill out the stadium. But I don't fault them at all. Those opening ceremonies were as beautiful and much as they were freaking scary. I didn't feel the intimidation factor with the closing ... it was kind of like they were running on fumes after the past 17 days and this is the best they could do.

I don't know, the opening was so unexpected, it was a lot to live up to. And the British part of the ceremony was just plain stupid. Oh boy, there's a freakish looking OLD OLD Older than dirt Jimmy Page ... why??? He looked like Confucious .. is that what he was going for? If so, I shake my head in shame. He has nothing to do with sport. I mean, I love Zep, but why? Leona Lewis, never heard of her, sorry for any fans ... you could barely hear her at first and what in heaven's name does "Whole Lotta Love" have to do with the Olympics ... waaaay down inside, you know, you neeed it ... " ok people, that song is NOT about sports, wink wink. And David Beckham just looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on that bus that looked like Sherwood Forest with those silly glowing umbrellas??? If THAT was supposed to get us fired up about the London games in 2012 ... oy, I hope the next 4 years crawl.

And am I the only one who thought that the mayor of London looked like a cross Gary Bussey and Jon Daley? Those 3 looked just plain out of place waving that unruley flag. I'm sure the Chinese officials immediately took the flag away from the mayor of London and had it shot.

The soccer ball being passed around was cute though. Clever. But overall ... the Olympics ending with a wimper.

So now what ... I think I watched 5 minutes of the convention and that made me more depresed than the closing ceremonies. Maybe I need to watch the opening ceremonies again. Mad Men isn't on again until Sunday ... ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok ok ... Jacques Rogge ... you're still an idiot

Oops, got his name wrong ... still don't like how he was bashing Usain Bolt.

I can't believe the Olympics are over. I'm officially in withdrawl. I haven't turned on the tv today :( I'm so sad. I didn't even watch the closing ceremonies. Couldn't bear it.

And how about Iceland??? Silver medal in men's team handball! I have this odd fascination with Iceland. Maybe it's a Bjork thing. I don't know. I don't think there would be a darn thing on the island I would like to eat, but those spas. I hope to go there at some point in my life. But how cool that they won their first ever Olympic medal. Between that and Afghanistan winning a medal and that German weighlifter dedicating his medal to his recently deceased wife .. a great Olympics I'd say. Heck I even got into watching the men's basketball. I was amazed at how humble those guys were. They didn't show up and expect to win. They got shoved around and gave it right back, a good show!!! LeBron James is THE MAN! Hat's off to him.

Mad Men was fantastic!!!

"Thank you Don"

That was the best line of the evening, well that and:

"I'm Ken"

Don showing up in the hospital was a "whoa" moment for me. I'm such a sucker. So Don knows about Peggy's baby ... that's why he called her to "fix" the accident with Bobbie. Peggy better not get too comfy with calling him "Don" though. He uses people. Hope she doesn't take Bobbie's advice to heart.

Pete and Trudy. Pete is a gigantic ... . Trudy is just a twit. She should go get a job or go riding with Betty. I don't know how much clearer Pete could make it that he doesn't want a baby (HA!!!) I hope there's a big to do when Pete finds out about Peggy's baby.

Joan is engaged. Bet it doesn't happen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shut Up Jean Rogge

Yea, I'm talking to you. How dare you criticize Usain Bolt for doing nothing more than enjoying the fact that he owns the track this year. You should be more critical of the fact that China has little baby girls on their gymnastics team that the government cheated for and 2 of the most anorexic looking platform divers that I've ever seen. One even admitting that she doesn't like to eat. My god! Yea Rogge, you all took a huge risk in giving the games to Beijing, and so far, they seem like they are going great, but there's a seedy underbelly there ... what we aren't seeing under your watch, Rogge, unfortunately, let's hope that after the games, stories will surface and then maybe you'll change your tune about Mr. Bolt.

Yea, I cringed when I saw Bolt showboat after the 100m final, but none of his fellow competitors minded. In fact, they celebrated with him! He's a likeable guy who likes to clown around. He's immature, he's RAW ... he hasn't reached his full potential yet. We all expected Phelps to dominate the pool, but who knew about this Jamaican kid other than people who follow athletics? He's a pure joy to watch .. beautiful runner who is obviously having a freaking great time out there on the track and is enjoyed by his fellow athletes. I love to see athletes enjoy their sport.

Shut up Jean Rogge ... there are many things to criticize about these games, Usain Bolt is not one of them. Fermez la bouche mon frere.

And I'll never understand HOW both US 400m relays CHOKED!!! Yes, choked in the relay prelims. Dropping the baton???? At this level????? I ran that relay for almost 8 years and never once did I drop a baton ... ok ok, I wasn't at the Olympic level, but these athletes should at the very least have the core point of this event down to an art. Do they not practice prior to the games??? It sure didn't look like it. I'm not sure how these teams are chosen, but they sure looked like someone just said "you, you, you and you" and told them to get on the track. It was just painful to see. Jamaica will sweep both the men's and women's relays. Every one of their handoffs were perfect, like they've all be practicing. I hope they run Bolt second or third, down the straightaway rather than the anchor, which should be run by Usafa Powell. I've always held that you should never put your best runner last. Put them in the middle to establish dominance and then bring it home in the final leg.

Of course Jean Rogge will probably say that Usain Bolt is showboating ... what a dork.

And we swept the 400m! The bronze medal winner literally dove across the finishline! Way to go David Neville, formerly of Merrillville and IU ... thumbs up!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's for Real!!

Usain Bolt ...

Seriously, with his name, what else could he be but a freaking sprinter? His Dad attributes his speed to the yams that grow locally in his town in Jamaica .. uhhhhh, ok. Sorry Daddy Bolt, your son has redefined sprinting. He's built like a wide receiver and runs like a cheetah. The people around him have to take 2 strides for his 1 ... he doesn't even expend all his potential energy because nobody is near him. As much as I don't want to see him lose, I just want someone to push him, get close. I mean holy moses people, you don't win the 100m by 5m nor the 200m by 10m .. Happy Birthday Usain. Last week was about Michael Phelps, this week it's about Usain Bolt, god I love Athletics. He's running in the 4x1 this weekend. I'd love to see what he could do in the 4x4.

Needless to say, I haven't been watching much else lately. I've been enjoying not watching the news during these Olympic games. I'm more at peace with the world. Sigh, unfortunately, the Olympics ends this weekend and then it's back to manic mode with the Democratic convention.

I'm enjoying this while I can.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mad Men ... getting better and better

I hate to say this, but I actually cheered when Don shoved Betty ... but man, she's just awful. She's a terrible mother and she hates men. She takes out her hatred of Don on her poor little boy, Bobby. She wants nothing to do with those kids. I hope she gets some ya ya's out with her stable guy.

And when is Peggy going to get out of her terrible state of denial? I liked how the priest kind of shoved her aside with the easter egg. Did you know that was Tom Hank's son playing the priest? I thought he sounded earily like his Dad. Tom was in DaVinci code, Colin plays a priest.

But the best line of the evening was when Bobby was talking to his Dad after dinner. He's such a sweet kid, despite that mother of his. He asked Don what his father liked to eat, Don replied "Ham" ... the guy playing Don is played by John Hamm! HA!!!!

Joan having to babysit a drunk Sally was kind of funny too ... I loved it when Sally flatly told Joan "you have big ones" ...

And Pete, of course, got the short end of the stick, AGAIN!!!! That's what you get for trying to exploit your father's death. Butthead.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I participated in Athletics for more years than I can count. Athletics=track and field. I love watching track meets and wish I could be a track official. I would love to be a starter. Anyway, athletics started over the weekend at the Olympics and I have to say that I've witnesses greatness and his name is Usain Bolt. He's 6'5". He's too dang tall to run this fast, but he does. He's only been running the 100m for 2 years and he's managed to break the world record twice. Not only that, but he doesn't even run full on ... he shattered the World Record in Beijing and coasted, celebrated ... acted like a cocky S.O.B. before he even crossed the finishline. And watching this at 5:15am sure got my day started with a spark. I cannot wait to see this guy run the 200 ... I CAN'T WAIT!! I'd love to see what this guy could do in a 400 or on relays.

Another thing that was truly amazing is that 5 out of the 9 runners were from either Jamaica or Trinidad & Tobago. Bolt won the gold for Jamaica, a guy from Trinidad & Tobago won silver and Walter Dix from the US won bronze (way to go Mr. Dix!) ... I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!

The movie, Sunshine has fully marinated in my brain and I can wholeheartedly say that I love the movie ... I need to watch it again to fully absorb it.

I watched an old one that I missed the first time around and now I understand why ... The Beach. It's a Danny Boyle film and it sucked. It sucked bad. Oh my god did it stink. I want Danny Boyle to give me my 2 hours back. It was positively terrible. Ok, Leo was fresh off Titanic and Tilda Swinton ... well, I'll give 'em both a pass because they've moved onto much better things. But Danny Boyle!!! Blech.

I watched The DaVinci Code all the way through this time ... been trying for a year and I managed to get it done. Boy, the Catholic Church got all on it's haunches over this film. Why??? I personally, as a Catholic, thought it as a very interesting STORY. It's a story, folks ... so defensive these people. This was the most restrained I've ever seen Tom Hanks act and I kind of liked it. I thought it gave a great overview of how Christianity developed in the western world. A Cliff's Notes on relgion so to say. I don't understand why the concept of Jesus being a regular guy is so hard to grasp. I don't think it would affect my Catholic faith in anyway, but boy would it change the order of the Mass ... yikes!!! Oh and the whole Communion thing ... it would completely blow away the whole concept of transsubstantiation if Jesus were just a regular dude who had a pregnant wife at the time of his crucifixion. I don't know, I thought it was a great story and really gave viewers something to think about and maybe that's why the Church got so upset.

Watched an interesting episode of Penn & Teller Bullshit on world peace. Penn Jillette is an interesting guy with interesting ideas. They showed both sides of the extreme coin. Code Pink/A.N.S.W.E.R and an extreme pro-war organization, can't remember the name. Basically, they said that the Code Pink types are more about feeling good than actually doing good, and I can agree. Sorry, but the Code Pink people just look and act strange. They are the kind of people who get more caught up in being disruptive than actually doing something good. The pro-war folks were just scary ... please, anyone who thinks that war is a good thing needs to be checked into a psych ward, or sent to a third world country to fend for themselves. P&T stated that world peace=open markets and capitalism ... I have to kind of agree, but then you get into the politics of open markets and capitalism (NAFTA, Iraq oil war) ... to me, it just means the ruling of many be a few and no, that doesn't mean I'm a communist, far from it. I'm all for capitalism, it's in human nature to be competitive and win. I'm as big of a consumer as the next dope, but world peace equalling business reeks to me. World Peace to me means nobody is fighting anybody. No, not singing kum-bay-a either. Please. People just being people without acting like assholes. I don't think I'll see that in my lifetime, maybe my kid's lifetime.

Back to my Olympics!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Road to Guantanamo

Watched The Road to Guantanamo ... another Michael Winterbottom film. It's funny, in a cynical way, how films like Osama, In This World, and The Road to Guantanamo are ignored by the American audience, when, in fact, these should be viewed by every American, especially this one. It's part documentary, with the 3 focal characters being interviewed, and actors replaying their terrible story. First, what they were thinking going to Pakistan from England just after 9-11 .. idiots ... then deciding to check out Afghanistan? Double duh. What those guys went through was bad enough, but they had to endure this bullshit (sorry), for 2 years. Denied legal counsel, tortured into giving confessions that were false. They were British citizens who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I could understand if they were actually fighters, like that crazy spoiled kid from California who was caught and is now serving in prison, but these 3 guys were just idiots who made 2 very boneheaded decisions. I'll give them credit, they hung on for as long as possible, but there was no reason that they needed to be in custody for that long, no reason whatsoever. The authorities could have cleared them sooner. I'd like to think that this whole ordeal with Gitmo is winding down, but our and the British government completely overstepped their bounds with these massive roundups and imprisonment. Shame.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yea yea yea

Olympics ... Phelps again. But that relay crushed the world record. They are the first relay to go under 7 minutes for the 800 relay ... unbelieveable! I was so pumped after watching it, I had to watch a movie.

In keeping with my Danny Boyle film festival, I watched Sunshine. I think I liked it. It was kind of 2001, kind of 28 Days Later (another Danny Boyle movie) ... it was confusing, for me anyway. I contemplated just giving up on it, but I toughed it out until the end and I get the big picture. The sun is dying, it's snowing in Australia, but I don't understand why and the crew has to crash a "payload" into the sun to get it working again. There's some religion aspects, lots and lots of science (which is probably why I don't understand to film entirely) and really cool special effects. It's one of those depressing yet uplifting endings ... again, I think I liked it. So as my brain tried to wrap itself around that movie, it was about 3am, so I went back to ..


Women's gymnastics, LIVE!!! Our women won the silver, which was expected. The Chinese pre-pubescent girls, sorry, they're just not 16, owned the mats. Bela Karolyi is right, they should just chuck the rule entirely. I'm sure he has some pre-pubescent girls in his gym that he'd love to have on the team. Methinks he knows how to bend the rules like the Chinese do.

The funniest thing is The Daily Show actually has a correspondent in Beijing for real. Rob Riggle, who is an ex-Marine/Afghanistan veteran is absolutely hysterical playing the ugly American. The Chinese people are having fun with him too.

And in honor of the upcoming football season, I've added the Chicago Bears fight song, Bear Down Chicago Bears ... a REAL song for a REAL football team ... a team that plays OUTSIDE. I've also added the Notre Dame Victory March ... man, ND better put together at least 8 wins this season. And in honor of the Olympics, Nike keeps running this commercial with a song that has the chorus "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier". It's the Killers, All These Things That I've Done ... great great song on so many different levels.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guess what I'm blah-ging about???

Yep, Olympics. I am so incredibly sleep deprived, but this is only a 1 time every 4 years thing, so I think I can handle it. It's the Olympics for heaven's sake!!!

Watched Spain beat China in Men's basketball early this morning in spite of the refs doing everything in their power to give it to the Chinese. Watched the US men play Angola. The men's team acts like they want to win it all this year, not like it is going to be bestowed upon them by the Olympic Gods. The German women are playing North Korea's women in soccer right now. Amazing, North Korea is really good. It's too bad that they have to play for North Korea. Germany has their hands full. They (Germany) are the reigning world champions.

I've been watching as much of these games in high definition as possible. It's so cool! The only thing that's not cool is seeing Rafael Nadal, who .. don't get me wrong ... he's a great tennis player, but the the guy sweats like he has faucets on his head going full blast ... it's not pretty in regular definition, it's dowright gross in high def. And then after he beat Lleyton Hewitt from Australia, he takes off his headband, which looks like a well cooked noodle after his match and then shakes Hewitt's hand with the hand he took his headband off with ... eeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu!!!! No wonder Hewitt exited the court immediately, he needed to shower that hand!!! I don't think I'll watch women's weightlifting in high def.

I watched some greco roman wrestling this morning after the China/Spain basketball game. The US has this little ball of muscle named Spenser Mango who is one of the top "wraslers" in the world. He lost to a guy from Romania, but greco roman wrestling looks really tough. That's what I love about these Olympics .. seeing sports that I wouldn't normally watch. I also watched kayaking and more team handball. I think the scariest thing I watched today was Croatia and Serbia going at each other, literally, in men's water polo. A few players were ejected and what was going on under the water wasn't pretty. Those 2 countries still hate each other. I remember reading about the 1956 Olympic water polo match between Hungary and the Soviet Union. Hungary had recently had an uprising against the USSR and from what I've read, there was blood in the water during that match. Hungary won the match, but lost the revolution. There wasn't any blood in the water today, but it was intense to watch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow ....... Wow

That 400 relay was simply amazing! Take that France ... trash talking the American relay team. To quote Monty Python:

I spit in your general direction
Go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Yea, I know, the character was French, but I'll co-opt it for our USA Men's Swimming team! Way to go guys. I watched it live and almost jumped up and shouted, but controlled myself .. everyone was asleep. So I was pumped up to a point where I couldn't sleep, so I watched ...

Mad Men

It was a dry episode overall. Betty is losing touch with reality. She's under the impression that she and Don are a team ... uhhhhhhh, Don is a team of 1. Betty would die if she knew what Don was doing in that bathroom, eeeeeuuuuuuuu!!! I hope Betty comes to her senses. The guy in the stables is a better match for her. She thinks she's so tough, but boy was she shaking lighting up that smoke outside the stables. I really like Cooper ... he's so cool. Harry is such a wuss. Completely intimidated, acts like a girl seeing his co-workers paycheck and then settles for 225??? And then goes home and acts like he owns the place. What a dork. Rule number 1 in salary negotiation .... never take the first offer.

I'm on Olympics overload. I still don't get team handball. I'm enjoying the women's basketball games. Talk about dominating! And the men's team actually looks like they WANT to win, not have it bestowed upon them. Looks like the Chinese women's gymnastics team are a bunch of cheaters. The girls are supposed to be 16 and it's pretty obvious that they are not. The IOC only requires a passport ... a government document that a government who wants to have their state sponsored athletes dominate ... get my drift. This is terrible. China is such a "what is on the surface" place. It's beautiful, the opening ceremonies ... how clean everything is, but there's a seedy underbelly at play here. I adore the Olympics, but these Chinese Olympics are a scary state run propaganda campaign. There I said it. I'm not a big GO USA kind of gal, but I may start cheering for everyone but the Chinese.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm in Olympic Heaven!!!

I started watching the Olympics at 2am this morning ... live. I've had 'em on all dang day!!! Fencing ... US women swept the sabre, a Domer won the gold! Badminton, my favorite sport in college ... I was a tournament player in college ya know?? Swimming, soccer ... god this is freaking great!!!

More reflections on the opening ceremonies. I found it interesting that during one portion of the ceremony, they went through Chinese history and ... hmmmm ... COMPLETELY LEFT OUT THE RISE OF MAO AND THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION ... wonder why, NOT.

And why why why is such a big fat deal made out of beach volleyball ... why???? It's the stupidest sport I've seen, why ... it's a hobby! It's not a sport. Team handball. I don't understand it at all. They can bounce the ball, once? I get the no person zone ... I don't get the sport at all. Also, I'm ashamed to say this, but women's weightlifting just creeps the tar out of me. I watched the lower weight levels today, but man, when those heavyweights get started, I have to cover my eyes. No disrespect ... don't need any of these awesomely strong women from the former Soviet Union coming to kick my ass.

So I'm exhausted and I have a headache from watching so much tv. I love it!

Olympics!!!! Olympics!!!!

I live for the Olympics. My first Olympic memory was of Olga Korbut in 1972, I was 5. I remember thinking what a strange name that was. I also remember the tragedy of the Israeli team, having no clue why there was a masked guy on a balcony. Then the Montreal Games of 1976 ... Nadia, Bruce Jenner, I thought Montreal was the coolest place on earth. Then the stupid 80 boycott. I still get steamed thinking about it. As much as I admire Jimmy Carter, his decision to boycott was a black mark on his legacy for me, punishing athletes for political reasons. Athletes/Olympians are not politicians and should NEVER be used to promote a political agenda, NEVER. For some of those athletes, that was their only shot, not only to possibly win, but just to be there. The LA games, overblown with USA USA ... blech, Mary Lou Retton ... double blech ... Ekaterina Szabo owned you Mary Lou, if those Olympics were held anywhere but LA, we wouldn't know who you were. When I was a senior in high school, Mary Lou Retton my listed as my pet pieve. 88 Seoul ... watched 'em, don't remember much. More about the 92 Barcelona games in a minute. Ugh, I love them all. Yes, I know, Winter Olympics are great too. But the summer games are MY games. The games I remember as a child. The games that I would go outside and pretend to get into the blocks and win a gold, stand on my pretend podium and wave to the crowd. I would hang on our swingset going back and forth trying for a perfect 10 landing.

Opening ceremonies in Beijing last night. They were absolutley spectacular. The fireworks feet leading to the birdsnest ... the fireworks, I can't say I'm surprised about the fireworks. The Chinese invented the things. The opening drummers, looked like thousands of them. At first I was watching thinking it was incredible, then I got spooked. They were too perfect, too precise. Those guys in the boxes ... even more scary .. the tae kwan do guys, thousands of them, running perfectly ... I think my eyes bugged out more and more as the show went on. To me, it was a show of Chinese strength, intesity ... they would kick our butts. Ok, it was downright freaking scary!!! The soldiers raising the Chinese and Olympic flags were scary looking. I guess my description was beautifully scary. I've never seen an opening ceremonies so over the top, yet perfect. I'll say that they didn't have much to prove after the rather boring opening ceremonies in Athens in 2004. That was a yawner.

Ok, the only part that got a little boring was the torch lighting ceremony ... no, not the part where they passed the flame from Chinese athlete to Chinese athlete, the part where the guy was hoisted and appeared to run along the skrim of the stadium ... it was cool at first, but after awhile I wanted to yell, "pick up the pace"!!! The cauldron was really cool though .. the flame going up into the cauldron was cool. But but but, the BEST BEST BEST flame lighting was in the 1992 Barcelona games when the archer lit the flame with a bow and arrow ... I remember being absolutely awed by it. Talk about pressure. What if he would have missed? It was the best show of archery since William Tell. I still get chills thinking about it. I can't think of how the archer will ever be topped. Nice try though China.

The march of the nations. My favorite part. Bob Costas and Matt Lauer, what a couple boobs ... yea yea yea, we aren't going to see the nations march in alphabetically, duh!!! China doesn't use our alphabet, how many times did we have to hear about it? And furthermore WHO CARES??? And their little jabs at the garments worn by the teams. Yea, so the Hungarian women's suits weren't up to your standards ... well fellas, those women would kick both your rear ends on their fields. Shut up. I will say that I was impressed with Ralph Lauren's outfits for our Olympians. They looked fresh out of a catalog. I love the countries that send just a couple athletes .. that embodies the Olympic spirit. Israel marching with Palestine, Iran with Iraq, North Korea and South Korea ... let's all hold hands folks. This is the way the world should be.

And on with the games!!! I've been watching all week and the live coverage is at 2am, so I'm going to be a tired camper. I love watching the not so popular sports, badminton, table tennis, trampoline.

I'm in heaven.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In This World

As part of my Michael Winterbottom film fest, I watched In This World.

The last 2 Winterbottom films I've watched, Jude (yuck, I'm still traumatized by it) and Wonderland, In This World beats both of them hands down. I am so happy that he went back to his docudrama style a la Welcome to Sarajevo and 24 Hour Party People. In This World should be viewed by every single person who reads this. It's about Afghan refugees living in Pakistan who get smuggled, stow away, walk and run to get to London. The 2 main characters, Jamal and Emyhat ... I think that's how it's spelled ... are non-actors and the dialogue is wholly improvised. In fact, in one scene a real Iranian policeman is used and he basically just did his job as he normally does during the scene. Winterbottom had to lie his way across Asia in order to film. There's a scene where they are smuggled across the Adriatic Sea in a shipping container ... just bloody tragic ... but I'm sure this happens all the time. Just like the stories we in America hear about, but at least there isn't a major waterway separating us from Central America. Anyway, I guess the actor who played Jamal is really a refugee living in London, but will have to return to Pakistan on his 18th birthday ... a sad ending to a very important film. I felt the same way after watching In This World as I did when I watched Osama ... another very important film that everyone needs to see ... similar in style, using non-actors. I will say that Osama depressed me more since it involves a little girl who will never get out of Afghanistan, at least Jamal made it to London.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!

Mad Men was magnificent!!! Every single storyline ... wow. Peggy's mom, or aunt is taking care of the baby! JOAN!!! She sure put Paul in his place. Yea, she came off as a racist, and she may very well be, but Paul is ticked more because Joan knows exactly what he is doing. What's sad is that Paul's girlfriend and I'm assuming soon to be ex girlfriend is going to be the biggest loser in the scenario. Joan shouldn't have said what she said to Paul's girlfriend though ... not cool. I'm still new enough to the show to not really know what is going on with Paul.

Pete's Dad is dead. Killed in the airplane crash that was front and center of the episode. Turns out the actor who played Pete's Dad really died in an avalanche over the winter. The episode is dedicated to him. And now it looks like Pete is selling his soul to the devil big time. He went to Don for comfort and ended up hitching his wagon to Duck to use his family tragedy to get American Airlines (the airline his dad was on when the plane crashed) on board as a client. In the meantime, Don is forced to tell the small airline he worked on that they can't represent him anymore. Yuck, business is nasty sometimes.

And Betty is turning into a gigantic angry witch. Why doesn't she just blurt it out that she knows Don cheated on her. Oy, Stepford wife ... phooey. And then the way she talked about her son ... she hates men of all ages. Don better go get a hookup!!!

Looks like next week they are making a commercial for someone ...

I don't know, the Peggy/Pete and Don/Duck/Pete storyline are going to be great to watch. And anything that Joan is involved with will be icing on the heart shaped cake! Who knows, maybe she and Paul will get married.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Did I not Mention the Mad Men Premiere?

Dang!!! Well, it was very Sopranos like ... just a recap of storylines and reintroduction to characters. Nothing too earthshattering. Doesn't look like Peggy kept that baby ... no big surprise. I will say that Joan is turning into my favorite character. Do not mess with this woman!!! She really gave Peggy the what how .. putting that copy machine right in her office for putting Don's new secretary in tears ... and who did Peggy think she was talking to the new secretrary like she's Joan ... oh no you didn't! Nobody talks to people like Joan does, nobody!

Looks like Pete is shooting blanks ... well, at least with Trudy. I can see a barrel of steam forming by the end of the season with Peggy blurting out that she had his baby. Or maybe he already suspects something. He was pretty quick to blurt out "fat farm!" Hmmm, we shall see, we shall see.

Did NOT like Betty trying to use her womanly wiles with the tow truck guy. Yuck. Betty, there is no way you are anything like Don ... no freaking way. You know he's cheating and you won't do anything. You are a stepford wife just like your mother. Please. I hope the writers don't pursue that angle anymore.

And how awful and I when I say I like cheating Don better than not cheating Don. I hope he hooks up with Rachel again. I wasn't too into Midge.

I can see a series finale similar to Six Feet Under in a few more seasons. Wouldn't it be fun to speculate?