Monday, July 26, 2010

Don is BACK!!!!

Mad Men started last night! It was INTENSE!!! Betty and Henry are now married and she's an even bigger twit. They were at Henry's mother's for thanksgiving and it was a disaster and Henry's mom nailed Betty perfectly ... the kids are scared of her and she's silly and it's obvious why Henry wanted to have her's all beginning to crash down though. Don's had it ... he's kicking her out of the house and she's acting like some spoiled little brat. Can't wait to see him kick them out of his house, or make Henry buy the thing! Sally is the best. She spit out sweet potato at the Thanksgiving table and Betty yanked her away and Sally yelled that she was being hurt!

And we see that Don likes to be punished .. hee hee.

But the best scene was the final one. Don goes rogue and when Nashville Teens version of Tobacco Road came on, I pumped my fist and said "Don is back, BABY!!!!"

The new agency seems to be learning to crawl. Peggy has a sweet new hairdo. Pete is still a sniveling weasel, but Don is different now. He's really taking control and playing the game a little bit more. This is awesome!

Being Human started too and it was great. George turned his girlfriend into a werewolf and Annie can be seen and works at a bar. Mitchell is tormented as usual and now he needs to protect George from all the vamps coming in because George killed Harrick, so there's a bounty on his head. I still don't understand how Mitchell can be in the daylight .. must have missed that, but I'm so happy it's back!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strike me down

I don't think I've ever watched an Ang Lee film that I've enjoyed. I know, it's a terrible thing to admit. I thought Brokeback Mountain was just ok. Oooo, Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger are lovers!!! Big whoop dee do. It was a stunning film to watch, but the hype over these 2 good looking guys getting it on while tending sheep was a snooze. Hated the Ice Storm ... blech. But I really hated Taking Woodstock. Seriously??? Seriously? What a load of crap that movie was. The guy who played Michael Lang was cool ... dead ringer for the guy, but that's about it. Eugene Levy was cool as Max Yasgur, but those 2 characters do not make this film worth watching, period! Am I horrible for not liking any Ang Lee films? I feel kinda guilty for admitting it. Hopefully he'll make a movie I like someday. But the ones I've seen ... blech.

I'm bummed that Starz cancelled Gravity. It had so much potential, but alas, anything good is certain to be cancelled. There was even a cliffhanger, dammit! Not surprised they cancelled Party Down ... it was lame this season. Jane Lynch's departure killed that show. She's excellent. She's the only reason I watch Glee. I fast forward theough the show tunes and I can't stand the guy who plays the teacher and that crazy little bird woman who plays his ... girlfriend? Ugh. Jane Lynch is the only reason to watch Glee, in my opinion.

Best news though ... Mad Men and Being Human are firing up again!!!! Woot!!!

Season 4 of True Blood is confusing as heck. So many new characters to keep up with. Love Franklin ... he's awesome. Bill and Sookie seem to be taking a backseat to the new vamps and weres. Eric is becoming more central, which is cool! Maybe at some point, I'll read the books to see what those are like, but I'm enjoying the show for now.

Hung's second season is getting better with each episode. Love Tonya's nickname, teabrain. But it's funny that a woman with a name like Lenore would give it to her!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny People

Watched this ... hmmmm ... movie? I don't know, I find the Apatow thing getting annoying and sappy. Does this guy make movies just so his annoying voiced wife and children can be seen by everyone??? Had high hopes for Sandler because I liked Punch Drunk Love (one of probably 3 people), but he's just a gigantic douchebag. Seth Rogan ... again, a loser douchebag, sigh. He was at least funny in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Why is he always cast in roles where he ends up with some gorgeous female? Knocked Up ... Zack and Miri ..

Anyway, Adam Sandler playing a guy who thought he was dying was an interesting bit ... hiring Seth Rogen as his assistant, again, interesting. But then along comes Mrs. Apatow and his kids ... boom, game over. I remember James Lipton salivating over Mrs. Apatow, that pretty much says it. Blah blah blah.

And here's what I don't get. IFC is rerunning Freaks and Geeks and it's great! Too bad Apatow went hollywood because now he sucks.

Watching a lot of little shows ... Penn & Teller Bullshit (great as usual), 30 Days (preachy), Keith, Daily, I'm behind on movies .. have many that are probably going to be deleted automatically because I can't keep up.

Can't remember what else I've been watching ... summer brain I guess.