Wednesday, May 27, 2009

how could I forget

Glee!!! What a great show .. well, it was a great pilot. I'm not a musicals type person and, shamefully, I held my high school's show choir in about as high regard as landscaping rock. Really, the only reason I tuned in was because it's a Ryan Murphy show. I guess since Glee is on board, Nip/Tuck is out then? It was funny, all the characters were excellent .. no one person stands out, no one person is annoying. Now I'm ticked because I'm hooked now and I have to wait for the fall to see more ... damn you fox!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've been really bad

I can't keep up!!! Alas, some of my shows are ending, Reaper, for good, unfortunately, ends this week. Gossip Girl's season finale was pretty good with Gossip Girl saying that she was going to follow them to college. We'll see how that goes .. Brown one week, Yale the next and then NYU? I just think it's hilarious how people think that NYU is some kind of safety school ... ha! I guess there is going to be a spinoff of Lilly when she was a wannabe groupie. I have no choice to not watch it.

And how in heaven's name is it that Jimmy Fallon has a career? Please someone, enlighten me. This guy is worse than Will Ferrell ... at least Will Farrell has an ounce of talent, but this Jimmy Fallon guy is a joke. He had on 2 of the finest actor out there, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna and all Fallon could do was stammer his way Beavis and Butthead style going on about their accents, har dee freaking har ... duh, dude, they're from Mexico. And then Fallon acts surprised that Mexico has quite a film industry ... ok, it may not be common knowledge, but A, they do and B .. any douche with half a brain in THE BUSINESS should know! Seeing Jimmy Fallon makes me think that I could do what he does. Does he not prepare for interviews, or does he think that he's just so darn cute, THAT will get him through everything? I'm sure Bernal and Luna were not amused. I know I wasn't.

We Shall Remain is one of the best documentary series ever made. Seriously, it covered the history of Native Americans with grace and respect. The final episode was about AIM's taking over at Wounded Knee. It left me sad. The indiginous peoples have been given the shaft for centuries. We owe them more than any other group.

Been watching WWII Behind the Scenes .. it's a breath of fresh air. I am forever grateful that I was taught by revisionist historians in college because now it's all making sense. The series is mainly focusing on Stalin's relationships with England and Germany .. good stuff.

Lots of Corner Gas watching ... lots of Keith Olbermann and Daily Show. Lie to Me ended. It's good, not great. I watch it for Tim Roth only.

Real Housewives ended, thankfully. They had 2 reunion shows and I guess there's a third in the works ... why????? I was pretty disappointed how IAMSTILLTHECOUNTESSDAMMIT was given a free pass for all her crap behavior. I'm sure she's ticked that Alex dumped her for a real princess. No lie! He's now with an Ethiopian princess! Not much else to say about them overall. All are annoying as warm snot, Jill's the worst though ... materialistic yenta. Her husband gets her a loaded Mercedes SUV and she throws a fit because there's noplace to plug in her stupid Ipod. Please. Give the thing to me! There's nothing to say about Kelly other than hopefully she won't be back next season. She was a waste. Bethandthecity is pathetic ... just pathetic. She's not funny at all ... her schtick got old this year and her voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. No wonder she can't find and keep a man ... I couldn't imagine waking up to that nasally voice everyday.

In Treatment is over. I still need to watch the Walter and Gina final episodes. It was good this season. I can't say that I was drawn to any particular patient this season. Allison Pill as the girl with cancer was really good and I think she was the only one who benefited from therapy this season. Hope Davis's Mia character was unnerving. The best though is Oliver, the little boy who's parents are divorced ...

I'll probably riff on Brett Easton Ellis next ... have the movie, Rules of Attraction on the tivo next.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What is it with My Sweet Lord???

I'll the the first to say that George Harrison was compeltely rooked when he was sued and lost his case regarding copyright for his wonderfully uplifting song, My Sweet Lord. I remember hearing it as a child and it making me feel happy inside. I'm not religious, the song bridged religions ... kind of like George did during his lifetime. I remember when he died, I had a dream about him shortly after where he hugged me. It was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had. I like the idea of dreams meaning something, but I usually say it with a degree of snarkiness, but when George appeared in my dream, I felt better ... I don't know, it's whacky. Anyway, My Sweet Lord seems to appear on the radio, on my Ipod, during very sad or stressful times. My Dad had open heart surgery and I was driving around town on the morning of his surgery and My Sweet Lord came on and I burst into tears ... it was totally spontaneous ... tears out of nowhere. Dad's ok, btw. Then earlier this year, my mom had to have heart surgery ... again, on the morning of the surgery, My Sweet Lord came on the radio ... out of nowhere, again, spontaneous tears ... she's ok now too.

In the past 2 weeks, we've had the horrible experience of having to put down 2 of our beloved cats. Last Tuesday, was the first one. I had WXRT streaming on my computer and as luck/fate would have it, My Sweet Lord played. And again, today ... we had to put our second cat down and My Sweet Lord literally just finished playing on my Ipod ...

So George, what the heck???? I know you were into the Krishna's and reincarnation and all, but man ... this has got to stop!!! All I do is weep when I hear My Sweet Lord!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

must be spring

My fingernails are in a pepetual state of dirty ... taking multiple showers a day to get the dirt off my knees and hands and where I wipe my face with said dirty hands. And the blahg is feeling lonely ... I think I've been doing this for about a year now ... I think .. BUT, my veggie garden is almost all planted, need to tend to my garden beds, one in particular is getting overgrown with what used to be pretty little purple flowers, unbeknownst to me ... are weeds.

I'm thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to giving up on Bill Maher's show. The only reason I stuck with it this week was because he had Barney the blowhard Frank on ... sorry, but he amuses the snot out of me. He looks so canine to me. But he also had Fareed Zakaria on and he's just a brilliant person who makes everything sound easy to understand. Such a gentleman ... let Barney the bulldog blather on and on, but managed to come out looking much smarter in the end.

Watched Run Fatboy Run ... hilarious. Simon Pegg is hysterically funny. I think that Shaun of the Dead is one of the best horror movies ever mad. Didn't realize Fun Fatboy Run was directed by David Schwimmer, but how hard could that movie have been to direct? Plus, I wonder if I'm the only one who wonders if David Schwimmer is as big of a douchebag as he appears to be. Seriously, dude, you're known as Ross from friends, but I have a feeling that you'd completely dress someone down if that character is mentioned to your face ... don't know, but he just doens't seem like a very nice person. Maybe that's why he's directing. That way he can be a douche, but be the boss. Wonder how much of a jerk he is to work for as an actor???

I've watche 3 parts of We Shall Remain. It's just amazing. The episode about Tecumseh was particularly great because most of it takes place in Indiana. He was a true warrior and I'll have to add Prophetstown state park in Lafayette as a destination to see. The latest episode was about the Trail of Tears .. it's America's version of ethnic clensing ... around 4,000 native americans died being foreced off their homeland and moved west. Just so sad. The Cherokee seemed to be the most powerful nation of them all and it's wonderful that the language is still spoken today ... a truly deep rich culture that refuses to be wiped off the face of the earth. The next episode is about Geronimo. I have to say, this series does my history heart proud. I hope this is being shown in high school and college classrooms because this is an area of history that is being completely ignored .. probably because of the atrocities committed against them ... sad, but this subject needs to be discussed and learned about.

The series, Party Down is just ok. I doubt it will be picked up for another season. But maybe the actors in the series will be able to use the show as a step to bigger and better things.

I heard that Reaper is going to be cancelled. Major bummer.

And where are the new Total Wrecklamations??? I've seen one new one!!!! Come on Planet Green and Discovery Communications ... bring more Jodi!!!

Ok, back to digging in the dirt ... not the peter gabriel song either.