Sunday, August 29, 2010

WHUM is Number ONE!!!!

This is just unbelievable! This wonderful TINY community radio station is beating the megawattaged up Indianapolis competition! If any of you have voted as a result of seeing my humble blahg postings, thank you!!!!


Watched Coco Before Chanel. It's about .. ta daaaa .... Coco Chanel, she of my favorite perfume and whose clothes I could only wish to afford, much less fit into. What a little force she was! This woman single handedly changed women's fashion .. corsets? NOPE! She made fashion more comfortable and for that I am grateful. Good movie. Understated, as most European films are.

In the Loop is a British film that is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I think the last time I said that was after I saw Che. Man, was it hard to understand. I had to tune my accent ears for about 20 minutes before I got it. There's this foul mouthed Scotsman who was the highlight of the movie ... totally stole it. James Gandolfini plays this general who is anti-war, but gets sucked into it after the British PM speaks out of turn resulting in a frenzied back and forth between London and Washington. The script was nominated for an Oscar, with good reason, it's just THAT great! Probably should have won.

Can't remember what else I've watched ...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHUM is holding steady at #2!!!!!

To all of you who have voted: Thank you very much! Just thought I would show you where we stand this fine morning, & also ask you to see if you can have all your friends, & family vote too:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is the most brilliant status line on Facebook EVER

From a great friend on mine!

I'll criticize Barack Obama or any other part of the government
whenever I damn well please. My loyalty is to democracy and the public
good, not a person or a party. Meaningful political engagement is not
about cult of personality. No people anywhere owe any politician
anything except an occasional kick in the ass. We are not obligated... to
thank or praise our public servants.

Forgot to mention Gasland!

Watched Gasland earlier this summer. Most excellent documentary about the process of Fracking ... is that how it's spelled? In any event it is about how natural gas speculators drill miles below the earth and fracture the ground to release natural gas ... they also pump hundreds of chemicals into the ground, thus contaminating drinking water to a point where you can bloody light in on FIRE!!! yea, FIRE! You see it! It is corporate greed out of control! Amazingly sad and enlightening film done by a guy who's land is at risk. It wasn't as preachy as a Michael Moore film (I'm in the middle of Capitalism, A Love Story) and has more personality than an Erol Morris documentary ... wow ... truly worthy watching.

Mad Men is the best! This is the best season so far ... Cannot begin to describe it. Everything is changing around Don. Betty is married to someone else now, new agency ... he's now calling on hookers who smack him around .. woot!

True Blood is exceptionally bloody this season. More vamps getting staked and turning into Karo syrupy goo. And now we have werewolves to contend with and a very creepy king of Mississippi ... And ok, when are they going finally come out with it ... Sookie is a fairy! God, just do it already!

Hung ... so so ... kinda slow

Watched the pilot of The Big C ... it is AWESOME! Laura Linney, who I can't really say that I enjoyed, has really found her dream role! She plays a woman who just found out she has stage 4 melanoma ... so there you go, this show cannot go on forever ... jumping the shark probably isn't an option since the endgame is already built in. And oh how I love Oliver Platt! This guy can play any role and making it fabulous. I set it up for a season pass before the first episode was over. I have to stick with this one. Showtime has really developed some great series.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

Finally, after years of waiting, I was finally able to add another puzzle piece to my Jim Jarmusch puzzle and that film is Down By Law ... made in 1986!!! And it was fabulous, and that's no surprise. But what is fascinating to see is that this film was one of his first ... this guy put Roberto Begnini on the world map! Look at the stark simplicity of Down By Law and then watch one of his newer films, like the most excellent fabulous Limits of Control and you see that this man is the one and only director who has yet to sell out! Seriously, Jim Jarmusch is as true to his filmmaking now as he was then. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Watched a rather strange film called Women in Trouble ... one of those multi storylined films that are intertwined by one big thing ... in this case, a pregnant porn star, played by Carla Guigino. It was ok ... wouldn't tell anyone to go out and watch it. It wasn't terrible ... well, there was one porn star that was really entertaining .. .kinda looked like Charlize Theron and her character was really the only fascinating one.

(500) Days of Summer. Good? Great? Hmmmm .. you know, there are just some films where you relate to it on a scary level. I think I've been in both situations as far as relating to the main characters. The main female character was played by Zooey Deschanel ... she's not a terribly good actress, but she made Summer into a believebly horrible person. The kid from third rock from the sun ... something something something .... Leavitt ... Gordon Leavitt ... well, HE was great. I'd watch it again to see him. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Apparently, he was in Women in Trouble, but gosh darned if I remember seeing him. He probably wants it that way!

And finally, my love hate opinion of Richard Kelly has turned back to love. Donnie Darko .. one of the best films I've ever seen, then Southland Tales was one of the worst films I've ever seen, so I was tepid about seeing his third film, The Box. Yippeeee! It was GREAT! Freaky as heck though ... Frank Langella plays one of the most frightening people I've ever seen in film. It wasn't just his physical appearance, he just has a scary presence in the film that made you shiver. And just as Donnie Darko made me go "whoa, Patrick Swayze can act!", Cameron Diaz did it for me in The Box! Sista can ACT! Yea! Great film.

And don't forget .. vote for WHUM:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been watching a lot of movies lately:

Down By Law
The Box
500 Days of Summer

I'm sure I'm missing others and I'll chat about them later, but today, anyone who peeks in here ... please take some time to vote for the best radio station on the planet using this link:

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