Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year Folks!

Well, I may as well close the year with a post.

The Road. Yea, it was a heavy film. The 2 lead characters were amazing. Viggo Mortenson is probably second to Brad Pitt as the most underrated actor working. One day, he'll get that Oscar he so dearly deserves. The film itself was incredible. I guess it's pretty real to the book too, which probably makes it even better and why it didn't do so well because it went over everyone's heads. I thought the ending was very optimistic. Most probably see it as a film about a boy who's dad dies ... too bad because it was much more than that.

Saw Hurt Locker and wow ... amazing. I'm now starting a Jeremy Renner festival. Dahmer is supposed to tivo tonight. I'm happy that he was able to overcome playing Jeffrey Dahmer ...the guy who played Henry in Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer still gets creepy parts as a result. too bad because he's a good actor too. He's Michael .... ugh, can't remember .. Rooker! Yea. He's in The Waking Dead, which was just ok, not great. 28 Days Later and .. well, The Road .. seemed to be much more realistic in terms of apocalypic pictures. I like that Hurt Locker didn't get into the politics of that stupid war. Just men doing jobs. Loved Ralph Fiennes cameo. I looked and looked, is it??? Yea!!!!

Saw a great Elia Kazan film called A Face in the Crowd. Olbermann has been calling Glenn Beck, Lonesome Rhodes Beck for a long time, so when my tivo picked up Kazan movies, I saw that this is the movie he's referring to and wow, spot on Keith! Andy Griffith plays this complete scumbag who spouts off all kinds of crap and gets drunk on the power that his words bring. But unlike Beck, Lonesome Rhodes's career comes crashing down quickly. Patricia Neal was stunning as the woman who made him a star. Glad I watched it.

And on my Glenn Gould fix. American Masters went North American again with their 2 hour show about Glenn Gould. It was awesome. And since 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould is one of my favorite films, it was a great way to fill in what was confusing to me in the film.

Happy New Year all!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Road

Still formulating coherent thoughts ...

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lovely Bones and The Killer Inside Me

Caught up on a lot of tivo viewing over the turkey day break. I've been watching Real Housewives of BEVER-freaking-LY HILLS ... wow, what a trainwreck that show is and it's because of one person ... Camille soon to be ex wife of Kelsey Grammer ... that woman, seriously, is the most unintelligent person on the entire series. She makes KellyHIEEEE on NYC look like a rocket scientist. Methinks she wanted to do the show to puff herself up and then garner sympathy in the wake of Kelsey dumping her stupid keester and it's backfiring! She gets no sympathy from anyone ... she's an insult to the female species.

Celebrity Ghost Stories ... watched it on a fluke and it's awesome! Who knew I'd get caught up in these celebrities talking about their experience with the other side? Who knows if it's even real, they are actors afterall, but it's still so stinking interesting! My favorites so far are Diane Ladd, Daryl Hannah and Connie Stevens. Marilyn Manson and Michael Rappaport's are also very cool. Great show.

And on my Michael Winterbottom fix .. sigh ... blech ... The Killer Inside Me. Can't decide if it's the subject matter or the inherent creepiness of Casey Affleck. Thought he was great in Jesse James, stole the show in fact, but in this one, yuck ... just too creepy. Wish they could have cast someone else in his role. I guess the one thing I couldn't get was the dialogue ... oh the mumbling! God, it's annoying! I couldn't keep anyone straight because whenever someone was explaining why someone was doing what to whom,I missed it. In any event ... Winterbottom, this movie SUCKED. You're lucky I saw The Shock Doctrine a week earlier because I still have faith in you.

The Lovely Bones. Still marinating ... it was good, great? I'm glad that Peter Jackson lightened up on how Susie died and didn't really show it. The scenery was magnificent. Stanley Tucci really took a risk with his character and he really pulled it off. It made me hopeful that there's more to life after we leave earth. It liked it a lot better than that Robin Williams movie about death and dying ... What Dreams May Come? Yea, that one ... definitely better than that. The girl who played Susie was magnificent. Hope to see her more! She has the most piercing blue eyes I've ever seen.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Since I've now watched the entirety of Freaks and Geeks, I'm now watching Undeclared ... the next Apatow television effort. It's nowhere near as good as freaks and geeks. The casting sucks!!!!! Ugh, the main guy is awful, the main girl is equally awful ... the only decent casting call was Seth Rogen's character and this show is beneath him. Glad it only lasted 17 episodes.

Raising Hope is still the best comedy on tv this year. I'm growing bored with Modern Family and I can't place my finger on why I feel that way. It's still funny ... but it's so contrived I guess. The newness is gone and it's just a routine show now. Snoozer.

Watched a Michael Winterbottom documentary called The Shock Doctrine. For the first time in my life, I'm not very happy with the University of Chicago ... wow ... Milton Friedman is evil incarnate. And he's so damn smug about it. Oh well, I guess I'd be smug too if I could go around screwing up latin america and then deny deny deny and get the freaking Nobel Prize for the screwy ideas that are in your head. Now I understand why Henry Kissinger can't travel to many countries in Latin America ... with good reason!!!! Thank you Michael Winterbottom!

In Treatment ... The Walking Dead ... Boardwalk Empire ... all plugging along. I wish that Boardwalk Empire would just end already! The Walking Dead is decent ... getting boring .. can only watch so much of the same old same old .. oh yea, more close up shots of zombies eating guts ... uh oh .. there's another one getting it's head blown off ... sad when we get desensitized. In Treatment is kind of boring this year. I'm on week 4 and I'm still waiting for something meaty. This may be it for this series.

The Big C was fabulous! The season finale was surprising and I'm glad they have re-uped for another season!

Bored To Death ended and the finale seemed to be a series ender, which made me sad because this season was hilarious. It really found it's groove. I read that there will be a third season .. yea!

Eastbound and Down wasn't long enough. The story concluded and I got a really cool song to download to my ipod called "He's Alright" by Kurt Vile.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cadillac Records

Watched this film and 2 days later decided it sucked. Well it didn't totally suck. Any scene with Adrien Brody sucked because his character, Leonard Chess, founder of the great Chess Records in Chicago, was totally fabricated.

I will say, Jeffrey Wright is one of the most underappreciated actors in our time. The guy played Muddy Waters so amazingly well. Heck even Beyonce was passable as Etta James. Take Brody's character out, and you have one of the finest movies about the foundation of the Chicago Blues scene ever made.

Been watched Celebrity Ghost Stories and I'm hooked. The whole concept is corny .... celebrities from A-listers (Chazz Palminterri) to no-listers (Don Most)talk about their paranormal experiences and they are fascinating. Vince Neil's visitation by his 4 year old daughter was particularly heartbreaking, yet heartwarming.

Oh ... my ... gosh ... Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Doh! Camille Donatacci ... soon to be Kelsey Grammer's ex wife is one of the dumbest people breathing air right now. Seriously ... wow ... can't even begin to express what a vapid famewhore she is. And I come to find out that Kelsey didn't have a prenup with her ... dude! The other wives are cake compared that this pelletheaded simpleton. It's not even worth going into the rest of them ... well, there's a Maloof woman ... owns crap all over the place. Then there's this carp mouthed wannabe... Taylor ... yuck ... and then former child stars, Kim and Kyle Richards who are the Hilton sister's aunts ... woooooooo!!!! Kyle's pretty cool, she's probably the best looking of every housewife in the entire franchise. But this is DingDongatacci's show .. wow ..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Watched it a couple days ago, thinking it was going to be some cheesy Blair Witch ripoff ... I didn't think it was. In fact, I dowright liked it ... A LOT! That monster was an effer! Wow. And when Lizzy Caplan blew up ... yow! That was really gross. I guess you could say this film is begging for a sequel and I hope they don't do it. The other thing that bothered me was the location. I wonder how people in NYC received it, given this was a post 9-11 movie. Did they really need to see their city under attack again? But, since I'm not in NYC ... I liked it.

Raising Hope is the funniest new tv show. Hands down. It's more realistic to The Middle than The Middle. The only reason I watch that show anymore is because of Atticus Shaeffer. He's great. They are making Patricia Heaton's character more dull and desperate. And again ... they don't sound like Southern Indiana people at all!

The Big C was a real bummer this week. I can't believe Marlene killed herself :( That was so very sad. I loved her character. The show won't be the same without her.

And anytime they want to kill off Running Wilde ... please do it quickly. Ugh ... so bad, so bad.

In Treatment started up again. As usual, it sucks until week 3. This is week 3. He has a new therapist and I'm as frustrated with her as Paul is. I have to wonder why he keeps going back. She's not babying him like Gina did.

Starting to watch Infernal Affairs. It's the movie that Scorcese remade into The Departed. So far, the original is terrific. It's really too bad that reading puts me to sleep so quickly. It will take me month to get through it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Once Brothers ...

Yesterday morning, I watched a documentary called "Once Brothers". It's the story of the friendship between Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic. One of the most fascinating periods in history, for me, is that dealing with Yugoslavia and it's implosion. Divac is Serbian and Petrovic, Croatian. They essentially grew up together as national team basketball players. Toni Kucoc as also featured. He, like Petrovic, is Croatian. Vlade and Drazen were drafted into the NBA at the same time and were close friends as strangers living in America. Divac made a huge splash in the NBA with much success. Petrovic, not so much. He hated playing for Portland .. it was only when he was traded to New Jersey did he start reaching his potential, only to have his life cut short in a car accident in 1993. During the beginning of the NBA tenures, the civil war broke out when Croatia declared it's independence from Yugoslavia. Divac insulted the Croatian players when he grabbed a Croatian flag from someone at the end of a championship game ... That ended his friendship with Petrovic and Kukoc ... the entire thing is just so damn sad. Politics and sports should never interfere with each other. The final scene is Divac travelling alone to Zagreb to visit Drazen's mother and have peace with her and to Drazen's grave ... I was in tears by then. Powerful, moving ... amazingly well done and lovely documentary.

Watched Ira and Abby .. ummmmm. Ok? It was funny? I think so. Jennifer Westfeldt plays this overwhelmingly cute and innocent girl named Abby who meets and marries this neurotic guy named Ira within a week. Get married, get annuled, get married again, gets divorced ... still in love ... makes no sense.

Can't remember if I mentioned that I watched Up in the Air .. I liked it a lot better than Ira and Abby ...

Raising Hope ... hilarious. The main character is so likeable and sweet. his mom and dad, played by Martha Plimpton and .. Dilahut?? great stuff. Love it!

The Middle: funny, but annoying because they get southern indiana so incredibly wrong.

Modern Family: on auto pilot, good auto pilot

The Good Guys: Getting funnier as we go along. More Bradley Whitford!!! Even Colin Hanks is getting funnier. Lose the t&a prosecutor though, boring!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I don't know if any of you took my urgings to heart, but if you did, thank you! WHUM won the best FM radio station in the Indianapolis area! They tallied almost 110,000 votes! Thank you! It truly is the best radio station on the planet.

Watched 2 Women. It's a De Sica film starring Sophia Loren and Jean Paul Belmondo (yum!). Very powerful, again, using the formula where you have to sit there and watch for an hour only to have the entire film come crashing in on you in the last 20 minutes, thereby making the entire film worthwhile. Sophia Loren won the Oscar for best actress for good reason, wow. Thought it was nice that she presented Roberto Begnini with his best actor Oscar for Life is Beautiful.

New tv shows have started. Watched Running Wilde ... hilarious! It's Arrested Development part II. Excellent first episode. Will Arnett is a great comedian. Wish I could say the same for his wife.

Watching Freaks and Geeks on IFC. Great show. Going to start watching some new show on IFC called Todd Margaret starring David Cross ... he was on the pilot episode of Running Wilde too. Watched the Kids in the Hall thing ... miniseries? called Death Comes to Town. Weird is not the word for that show. It was just plain bizarre. Stuck it out because I like the troupe, but man, it was just strange.

Watched the first episode of Boardwalk Empire ... yawn. Nah, not so much. Steve Buscemi is one of my favorite actors too, which bums me out, but he is not a leading man in any way, shape or form. Nope, doesn't work at all. Will watch again just because I know I should like it.

Mad Men, awesome.
Eastbound and Down, starts up again tonight
Bored To Death, starts up again tonight

I'm in the middle of Letters from Iwo Jima and this is a wow wow wow movie. Didn't know what to expect, but so far, it's incredible! I read that the companion film, Flags of our Fathers, stunk, so I'm glad I'm watching this one first. Iwo Jima tells the story of the invasion of Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective, hence the film is in Japanese. Flags tells the same story from the American perspective. I find it rather funny that Flags was panned, but Iwo Jima was universally praised. Wonder if Clint intended for it to be that way????

Sunday, August 29, 2010

WHUM is Number ONE!!!!

This is just unbelievable! This wonderful TINY community radio station is beating the megawattaged up Indianapolis competition! If any of you have voted as a result of seeing my humble blahg postings, thank you!!!!


Watched Coco Before Chanel. It's about .. ta daaaa .... Coco Chanel, she of my favorite perfume and whose clothes I could only wish to afford, much less fit into. What a little force she was! This woman single handedly changed women's fashion .. corsets? NOPE! She made fashion more comfortable and for that I am grateful. Good movie. Understated, as most European films are.

In the Loop is a British film that is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I think the last time I said that was after I saw Che. Man, was it hard to understand. I had to tune my accent ears for about 20 minutes before I got it. There's this foul mouthed Scotsman who was the highlight of the movie ... totally stole it. James Gandolfini plays this general who is anti-war, but gets sucked into it after the British PM speaks out of turn resulting in a frenzied back and forth between London and Washington. The script was nominated for an Oscar, with good reason, it's just THAT great! Probably should have won.

Can't remember what else I've watched ...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHUM is holding steady at #2!!!!!

To all of you who have voted: Thank you very much! Just thought I would show you where we stand this fine morning, & also ask you to see if you can have all your friends, & family vote too:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is the most brilliant status line on Facebook EVER

From a great friend on mine!

I'll criticize Barack Obama or any other part of the government
whenever I damn well please. My loyalty is to democracy and the public
good, not a person or a party. Meaningful political engagement is not
about cult of personality. No people anywhere owe any politician
anything except an occasional kick in the ass. We are not obligated... to
thank or praise our public servants.

Forgot to mention Gasland!

Watched Gasland earlier this summer. Most excellent documentary about the process of Fracking ... is that how it's spelled? In any event it is about how natural gas speculators drill miles below the earth and fracture the ground to release natural gas ... they also pump hundreds of chemicals into the ground, thus contaminating drinking water to a point where you can bloody light in on FIRE!!! yea, FIRE! You see it! It is corporate greed out of control! Amazingly sad and enlightening film done by a guy who's land is at risk. It wasn't as preachy as a Michael Moore film (I'm in the middle of Capitalism, A Love Story) and has more personality than an Erol Morris documentary ... wow ... truly worthy watching.

Mad Men is the best! This is the best season so far ... Cannot begin to describe it. Everything is changing around Don. Betty is married to someone else now, new agency ... he's now calling on hookers who smack him around .. woot!

True Blood is exceptionally bloody this season. More vamps getting staked and turning into Karo syrupy goo. And now we have werewolves to contend with and a very creepy king of Mississippi ... And ok, when are they going finally come out with it ... Sookie is a fairy! God, just do it already!

Hung ... so so ... kinda slow

Watched the pilot of The Big C ... it is AWESOME! Laura Linney, who I can't really say that I enjoyed, has really found her dream role! She plays a woman who just found out she has stage 4 melanoma ... so there you go, this show cannot go on forever ... jumping the shark probably isn't an option since the endgame is already built in. And oh how I love Oliver Platt! This guy can play any role and making it fabulous. I set it up for a season pass before the first episode was over. I have to stick with this one. Showtime has really developed some great series.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

Finally, after years of waiting, I was finally able to add another puzzle piece to my Jim Jarmusch puzzle and that film is Down By Law ... made in 1986!!! And it was fabulous, and that's no surprise. But what is fascinating to see is that this film was one of his first ... this guy put Roberto Begnini on the world map! Look at the stark simplicity of Down By Law and then watch one of his newer films, like the most excellent fabulous Limits of Control and you see that this man is the one and only director who has yet to sell out! Seriously, Jim Jarmusch is as true to his filmmaking now as he was then. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Watched a rather strange film called Women in Trouble ... one of those multi storylined films that are intertwined by one big thing ... in this case, a pregnant porn star, played by Carla Guigino. It was ok ... wouldn't tell anyone to go out and watch it. It wasn't terrible ... well, there was one porn star that was really entertaining .. .kinda looked like Charlize Theron and her character was really the only fascinating one.

(500) Days of Summer. Good? Great? Hmmmm .. you know, there are just some films where you relate to it on a scary level. I think I've been in both situations as far as relating to the main characters. The main female character was played by Zooey Deschanel ... she's not a terribly good actress, but she made Summer into a believebly horrible person. The kid from third rock from the sun ... something something something .... Leavitt ... Gordon Leavitt ... well, HE was great. I'd watch it again to see him. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Apparently, he was in Women in Trouble, but gosh darned if I remember seeing him. He probably wants it that way!

And finally, my love hate opinion of Richard Kelly has turned back to love. Donnie Darko .. one of the best films I've ever seen, then Southland Tales was one of the worst films I've ever seen, so I was tepid about seeing his third film, The Box. Yippeeee! It was GREAT! Freaky as heck though ... Frank Langella plays one of the most frightening people I've ever seen in film. It wasn't just his physical appearance, he just has a scary presence in the film that made you shiver. And just as Donnie Darko made me go "whoa, Patrick Swayze can act!", Cameron Diaz did it for me in The Box! Sista can ACT! Yea! Great film.

And don't forget .. vote for WHUM:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been watching a lot of movies lately:

Down By Law
The Box
500 Days of Summer

I'm sure I'm missing others and I'll chat about them later, but today, anyone who peeks in here ... please take some time to vote for the best radio station on the planet using this link:

Feel free to stream it too ..., click Listen .. you'll hear me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Don is BACK!!!!

Mad Men started last night! It was INTENSE!!! Betty and Henry are now married and she's an even bigger twit. They were at Henry's mother's for thanksgiving and it was a disaster and Henry's mom nailed Betty perfectly ... the kids are scared of her and she's silly and it's obvious why Henry wanted to have her's all beginning to crash down though. Don's had it ... he's kicking her out of the house and she's acting like some spoiled little brat. Can't wait to see him kick them out of his house, or make Henry buy the thing! Sally is the best. She spit out sweet potato at the Thanksgiving table and Betty yanked her away and Sally yelled that she was being hurt!

And we see that Don likes to be punished .. hee hee.

But the best scene was the final one. Don goes rogue and when Nashville Teens version of Tobacco Road came on, I pumped my fist and said "Don is back, BABY!!!!"

The new agency seems to be learning to crawl. Peggy has a sweet new hairdo. Pete is still a sniveling weasel, but Don is different now. He's really taking control and playing the game a little bit more. This is awesome!

Being Human started too and it was great. George turned his girlfriend into a werewolf and Annie can be seen and works at a bar. Mitchell is tormented as usual and now he needs to protect George from all the vamps coming in because George killed Harrick, so there's a bounty on his head. I still don't understand how Mitchell can be in the daylight .. must have missed that, but I'm so happy it's back!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strike me down

I don't think I've ever watched an Ang Lee film that I've enjoyed. I know, it's a terrible thing to admit. I thought Brokeback Mountain was just ok. Oooo, Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger are lovers!!! Big whoop dee do. It was a stunning film to watch, but the hype over these 2 good looking guys getting it on while tending sheep was a snooze. Hated the Ice Storm ... blech. But I really hated Taking Woodstock. Seriously??? Seriously? What a load of crap that movie was. The guy who played Michael Lang was cool ... dead ringer for the guy, but that's about it. Eugene Levy was cool as Max Yasgur, but those 2 characters do not make this film worth watching, period! Am I horrible for not liking any Ang Lee films? I feel kinda guilty for admitting it. Hopefully he'll make a movie I like someday. But the ones I've seen ... blech.

I'm bummed that Starz cancelled Gravity. It had so much potential, but alas, anything good is certain to be cancelled. There was even a cliffhanger, dammit! Not surprised they cancelled Party Down ... it was lame this season. Jane Lynch's departure killed that show. She's excellent. She's the only reason I watch Glee. I fast forward theough the show tunes and I can't stand the guy who plays the teacher and that crazy little bird woman who plays his ... girlfriend? Ugh. Jane Lynch is the only reason to watch Glee, in my opinion.

Best news though ... Mad Men and Being Human are firing up again!!!! Woot!!!

Season 4 of True Blood is confusing as heck. So many new characters to keep up with. Love Franklin ... he's awesome. Bill and Sookie seem to be taking a backseat to the new vamps and weres. Eric is becoming more central, which is cool! Maybe at some point, I'll read the books to see what those are like, but I'm enjoying the show for now.

Hung's second season is getting better with each episode. Love Tonya's nickname, teabrain. But it's funny that a woman with a name like Lenore would give it to her!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny People

Watched this ... hmmmm ... movie? I don't know, I find the Apatow thing getting annoying and sappy. Does this guy make movies just so his annoying voiced wife and children can be seen by everyone??? Had high hopes for Sandler because I liked Punch Drunk Love (one of probably 3 people), but he's just a gigantic douchebag. Seth Rogan ... again, a loser douchebag, sigh. He was at least funny in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Why is he always cast in roles where he ends up with some gorgeous female? Knocked Up ... Zack and Miri ..

Anyway, Adam Sandler playing a guy who thought he was dying was an interesting bit ... hiring Seth Rogen as his assistant, again, interesting. But then along comes Mrs. Apatow and his kids ... boom, game over. I remember James Lipton salivating over Mrs. Apatow, that pretty much says it. Blah blah blah.

And here's what I don't get. IFC is rerunning Freaks and Geeks and it's great! Too bad Apatow went hollywood because now he sucks.

Watching a lot of little shows ... Penn & Teller Bullshit (great as usual), 30 Days (preachy), Keith, Daily, I'm behind on movies .. have many that are probably going to be deleted automatically because I can't keep up.

Can't remember what else I've been watching ... summer brain I guess.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Movies and more

Let's see if I can list the movies I've watched over the past few weeks without having to pause:

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow .. Sophia Loren looking mighty fine. Vittorio DeSica directed ... he of Bicycle Thief fame. It's a trilogy with Loren and Mario Mastro-inoni, or however it's spelled. The first story with Loren playing a feisty woman who is bucking the system so she avoids jail for not paying her debts was great. The other 2 stories were just ok.

Tigerland: Colin Farell is becoming the new Brad Pitt ... underappreciated great actor. I do believe this was his first American film and he was GREAT. It's a Vietnam film .. kind of like Full Metal Jacket. It's about infantry soldiers who are in training in Louisiana. Farell plays an anti-war guy who gets others out of the war, much to the chagrin of the officers. I'm not a big fan of Joel Shumaker films, but this one is the exception. It was really good.

The Hangover ... funny, vulgar, Apatow stuff. Did he have anything to do with it?

Zack and Miri Make a Porno ... funny, vulgar, typical Kevin Smith crap.

W ... exactly what I thought it would be. Simpleton gets in over his head. Nice to see marley shelton though. Not as conspiracy theory-ey as most Oliver Stone films.

And finally:

The Limits of Control. WOW!!! I LOVE THIS FILM. Don't even know where to begin. I love Jim Jarmusch films. My Gael Garcia Bernal and Jim Jarmusch wishlist picked it up on tivo. Typcially, it's hard to describe. It's not easy to describe like Ghost Dog (BRILLIANT!) .. it's about a nameless assasin who travels through Spain gathering clues with every visit from a stranger ... and finally completes his task. But it's so much more than that. It's about art vs. corporations (played by Bill Murray ...). The cast ... the assasin is someone I've never seen. But, Tilda Swinton, Bernal, John Hurt ... it's one of those movies that moves really slow, but about 3/4's of the way in, you have this a-ha moment. I love films like that.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Total Breakdown ... very sad to watch

I usually really riff on these ladies, but last night's episode ... wow. I can't even say that KellyHIEEE is a mess ... I can't say that she's batcrap crazy. She's seriously unstable. She has such deep seeded issues and I think they are all due to the breakup of her marriage. Something tells me that she actually thought that guy would stay with her forever and she is still not over the fact that he left and has moved on a couple more times. I think she's ashamed that her marriage failed and that she is a single mom. She is terribly paranoid and I wonder what happened with her daughter because she seemed very stressed out by the conversation she had with her daughter and it was all downhill from there. I have a feeling that Gilles Bensimon has nothing to do with their children and that makes KellyHIEEEE really depressed. This would explain why she doesn't like emotions, she doesn't like to talk about the past. But at the same time, she acts like the little schoolgirl that Giles Bensimon married and thought she would be with forever.

What we saw was a total breakdown and it wasn't funny anymore. This was beyond Bethandthecity being mean. I think that KellyHIEEE sees Bethandthecity as the person she wishes she could be. Outwardly confident and successful on her own terms, expecting a new baby and is engaged. After KellyHIEEE got burned last summer, she's completely lost because she probably feels like her womanly mojo has been zapped.

I hate to say it, but I kinda feel sorry for her.

And onto the snarkfest!

OK, WTF is it with Bethandthecity ... seriously? She can't come up with a personalized gift other than a big fat tax deductible Skinnygirl bag? Really? I would have been hacked .. I mean, come on dude! This is a girl's getaway, not a stinking food convention! Bet she has those same bags at food conventions! Seriously ...

Fangface really held her own. It was uncomfortable watching the photoshoot though. It was obvious that Fangface wasn't comfy with a camera in her face. Why couldn't a nice posed beach shot do? Duhmona and Sexpot were getting jiggy with it though ... and what the heck is it with Duhmona's obession with her own a$$? Ok, girlfriend, you're 50-ish, with a smokin' bod, but please, hunny bunny ... you are your biggest fan it's pretty obnoxious!

Sexpot Sonja was excellent. She is the grande dame of the group! I think that Fangface just wants to hide in a sand dune, but Sexpot is willing to try to diffuse the situation. Fangface is over it.

And Yenta Jill ... just can't stop being a Yenta. Oy! Next week looks to be hysterical! She is just not the brightest bulb in the bunch. I hope Duhmona goes postal on her.

Ok, I'm gonna ZIP it now!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When You're Strange

Wow .... this is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. American Experience on PBS does it again. Johnny Depp narrated this excellent documentary on the Doors. What these 4 guys did in 5 or so years is stinking amazing! All those songs. Yea, I know they had a lot of great songs, but man, they had a lot of great songs! Jim Morrison ... what can I say that hasn't been said. The man was meant to be a rock star. The show had this dead ringer for Jim Morrison, it was pretty scary.

I've also watched bits and pieces of a few movies over the past few days.

Zack and Miri make a porno. What is it with Kevin Smith movies? I like them for the most part, but Kevin Smith seems to want to make films only to push the limits. He has an affinity for feces, which is funny ... I dig a good poop joke as much as the next person, but this porno movie really took it too far. Loved Tracey Lords in the movie. She was funny.

I forgot that George Clooney was in From Dusk Till Dawn ... what's wrong with me?

and on the OMFG I want my 2 hours back ... The Proposal ... argh!!!! I'll go ahead and say that I cannot believe why in the world she won an Oscar for the Blind Side ... ok, I haven't seen it, but I have a feeling that the scenes they show over and over and over and over are pretty much it. She plays some rich woman with a badass attitude ... big whoop. So this proposal movie ... stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!!! She plays some tragic bitchy woman who is going to be deported, so she dupes her stupid assistant into marrying her .... and it goes straight to stupidland from there. Awwwww and they finally end up being in love. Blech. Now I'll say, Betty White was cute, but it's no reason to waste your time!

Friday, May 14, 2010

It was a HOT MESS again!

Couple thoughts pop out immediately:

No Yenta Jill!!! Woot Woot!!!

And THANK GOD FOR TIVO!!! I was able to fast forward through that god awful IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT'S recording session with that freakazoid blond mohawk guy smooching her hiney every second he could ... seriously? Was he really into it that much, or just inflating her ego to get at least a recordable song out of popeye the sailor? I also FF'd through the smooching the gay guy stuff. Seriously, Mr. gimme some sloppy sugar is lighter in the loafers than Simon!!!

Argh! money can't buy you class! argh!!!!
Ahoy there dahling!

Bethandthecity was AMAZING!!! Seriously, as duhmona would say, "kadooz" to her, "she's like white rice".

And KellyHIEEEEE ... oh my feathery god! This woman is as shallow as shallow can be. She's an unemotional unfeeling nitwit. Boy, that Bensimon must have raked her over the coals, or she agreed to give him her emotional capabilities. She hurls insults to Bethandthecity about how she's not a chef, she's a cook and then she can't back the poop coming out of her mouth UP! And then ... oy! She doesn't understand that making lemonade out of lemons is a GOOD THING! She meant "making a mountain out of a molehill", but she probably thinks a molehill has something to do with Cindy Crawford. Wow, I felt like Fangface was an incompetent arguer last week? The only thing wrong with Fangface is that her timing is screwy ... KellyHIEEEE is just plain screwy!

And den dere's Duhmona!!! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ... Drunk Duhmona is not a pretty Duhmona. And did you notice how she struck these stripper poses all over the boat? I have to say, I thought her swimming with a noodle was cute as pie though AHMMMMMMMMMMM gggonnnnnnnna shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooot 'er down! I'm jus gonna shhhhhhhhhhoot 'er down! CLASSIC Duhmona!!!

And ok ... folks ... how many of you agree that sexpot sonja wanted a little Kelly HIEEEEE action??? Anyone? Anyone???? And did any of you see that cod lip from her profile ... euwwwww!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

RHWNYC ... getting more and more ridiculous!

Note tor Bravo ... why don't you just go all in and rename the show The Jill Zarin House of Fun? I'm sick of that homely yenta and her yap yap yap.

I wanted to smack Bawbee too ... I mean, it's great that he went a little caveman, defending his woman, but are you kidding me? "Jill doesn't cry" .. it's painfully obvious that Bawbee doesn't live in that blue and silved gilded thing they call a condo because Yenta Jill has been the biggest baby on that show since day one. And even then, Bawbee tells Fangface to talk to Jill and what happens? She refuses like the petulant little high school girl that she is! OMG!!!

Fangface ... ah, Fangface. Girlfriend, you have ZERO confrontation skills. ZEEEEE-ROOOOOOOOOO. She breaks out in red splotches and she goes off topic and she does it in the most inappropriate of venues with mixed company. After the confrontation with "you're a mean girl in high school" ... I mean, c'mon! Fangface, alas, is as incompetent at getting her point across is a tense social situation as she is indulgent in raising her children. You got a preview of how she's going to end up being a raving loonie when those monster boys are teenagers ... she can't handle an issue with Yenta Jill? The woman is a weak minded drama queen ... those are easy!

And Yenta Jill .. how dare she! Getting hacked at Duhmona for not telling her about Bethandthecity's Dad passing away .. what a hypocrite! She claims in front of Fangface that "well, she just doesn't know what their relationship is" and then to go postal on Duhmona and go hide in a pantry to sulk? And then there's IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ... oy vey, her utter fakeness and complete ignorance when it comes to potential suiters ... why does she feel the compulsion to insert herself into anything that has to do with Yenta Jill, but then, she makes it about HER!!!! I thought Fangface handled her confrontation with IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT just fine. It's pretty crystal clear that Fangface was the stranger in this group from the get go, because they certainly want to shove her out of the group now. And know what .... it would be for the best. And oh, didn't you just love Yenta Jill's "you'll never work in this town again" BS line about how they just cannot run in the same social circles? What a stinking egomaniac little miss homely Yenta Red is! Hey Yenta Jill ... Fangface never ran in the same social circles ... Bravo inserted her into yours .... and it's an easy fix. And then ... ugh! Yenta Jill makes me want to vomit. Did you hear the chuckles when Fangface mentioned that she's in Brooklyn? What the F is wrong with these people????

Duhmona came off as the completely sane one this week!!!! Only a few eye pops and I thought she handled Yenta Jill's boo hoo brat act very well.

Heart goes out to Bethandthecity ... but she had closure.

Can't wait to see Yenta Jill try to crawl back into Bethandthecity's good graces. You all know that Bethandthecity will never EVER speak to Yenta Jill again. And B will handle it with grace, while J will get all Ginger and yap and poop everywhere letting everyone know what a horrible person Bethandthecity was to her.

Cannot WAIT for the reunion show!

Oh, KellyHIEEEEE was on this week? Was she even there? Oh yea, she was HIEEEEEE-ing all over a dog, running into a pantry and literally getting into the middle of Yenta Jill and Fangface's confrontation!

And then there's Yenta Jill being annoying as dry snot counting KellyHIEEEE's "likes" ... like like like like she's some homely schoolmarm trying to teach propah enunciation to her new "project" ... RUN AWAY KELLY!!!!

And Avery is being a bit of a little brat with regard to this whole renewing vows thing. She's not into it and Duhmona just doesn't see it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Money Can't Buy You Class - Countess LuAnn De Lesseps - FULL SONG

Holy crap! It's sings!!!!! This song will rattle in your heads for at least a couple hours, you have been warned! Yea, money can't buy class ... it obviously didn't buy you voice lessons either!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot Mess! Real Housewives!

Wooooooo-eeeeeeee!!!! yea ha!

Yenta Jill ... yea, she's one hot mess!! She's one hot mess of a freaking hypocrite!!! She gets on her high horse telling Bethandthecity to keep HER email private but that stupid freak doesn't think twice about sharing the voicemail that she creepily kept in her voicemailbox with anyone who would listen
?????? And then there she is bubbie-ing Bawbee on tv making him look like a total put#. But he sure loves her. If I treated my dear husband that way ... well, he wouldn't be my husband for long! Bawbee is a saint. And there she is saying that IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT and sexpot sonja that THEY are out Yenta-ing her? Yea, hun ... guess it takes one to know one.

As for Fangface ... and she even admitted it ... she may regret the delivery, but she doesn't regret the message. And Fangface was really projecting her own anger toward Yenta Jill by being Bethandthecity's consigliere.

Sexpot Sonja ... I about spit out my pepsi when I heard her actually mutter the words that she doesn't everything in moderation! That's rich!!!! Here she is bragging about how she's doing the horizontal hootchie with whomever because she doesn't want to dry up ... yea, that's moderation baby! And that mouth! That botoxed upper lip!!! IEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And what about that toothless homeless person that she uses as a psychic? Sexpot Sonja must not pay her very much because and I thought it was funny that she offered to talk to her surgeon about a b00bie lift ... hey Sonja, pay the psychic to get a new pair of choppers!!!! And a new coat! I have to wonder where she found this stringy haired freak ... and I wonder where she goes after she's done at Sexpot's townhouse ... oh oh oh ... and did anyone else get weepy when she described how much she had to give up in the divorce? are you kidding me? She obviously has enough to pay the toothless stringy haired homeless woman to blow sunshine up that taught rear end of hers!!!!

And back to Yenta Jill ... did I mention what a classless twit she is? IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT nailed her but good! Late, talking while IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is trying to talk, twittering ... SO &^%$#@! RUDE!!!!

I hope that Yenta Jill is looking over these episodes and getting a clue about what a horrible person that she is.

And I truly felt bad for Jason II ... anyone care to guess who leaked the info to Perez Hilton? I'm surprised they didn't focus on that a bit more ...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder if it was someone at Bravo???

Next week is going to be another hot mess!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marriage Under Construction

So I've been watching this show. I can't really say why either because Nat and Rod are annoying as snot. And now Nat is pregnant and man is she as haggy as Rod is fat. Seriously, he looks awful and he's not going to make it to their baby daughter's 5th birthday unless he goes on a doctor assisted weight loss program. And Nat is just awful. She's weird AND awful. She nags Rod, whines to Rod and then she's kissy face ... the woman is psycho. I wish them well they seem to genuinely love each other, but man, they have a weird relationship.

The house ... where the heck did they get all this money to gut that place? I mean, they were living in something they called the frat house and all of a sudden, they are gutting this big old house ... hate their master bedroom ....closets are dumb, you can see the bathtub from the bed .. no wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom. And then there's this huge rooftop deck and what does Nat say? She imagines what it will be like to have the baby up there! Oh man, it's obvious that they are first time parents!!!

But let's back up a bit. So they are living in the frat house, Nat whines and whines and whines while Rod gets fatter and fatter and his facial hair changes with every scene. Rod is a big child ... much to the annoyance of Nat, who goes on a shopping binge to punish Rod ... real mature! Ugh! Ok ... so Nat is whining about the frat house, they buy this big old house ... they bully the designer and contractor into making an apartment in the basement where they can live and Nat can stop whining about the frat house, while the renovations are being done. The basement apartment was kick ass too! All new stuff! Again, where are they getting this cash??? So, they are living there for awhile and boom, she's pregnant and since the renos are going the way Nat wants to, she just can't live in that kickass basement anymore and they move back to the frat house!!! No wonder Rod is getting bigger and bigger.

So anyway, the master bedroom is done .. it sucks, but it's done. Oh yea, and have fun hauling that baby up and down those 3 flights of stairs!!! Bwahhhhhhhh!!!!! Nat is going to be such a haggy mom ... poor Rod ... he's going to be 500 pounds by the baby's first birthday.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The World According to Monsanto vs. Food Inc.

Watched over the last week. The Monsanto film made me want to go through our refrigertor and and pantry and throw any that has any corn or soy products in them into the garbage. But I didn't ... what the heck would I eat? It's truly amazing how Monsanto products are EVERYWHERE, IN EVERYTHING in such a short time. Round Up ready soybeans have only been on the market since 1996 and now they control over 90% of the market and 90% of the farmers ... who are watched like hawks and threatened with lawsuits if they don't submit. Just unbelieveable. Food Inc., on the other hand was good, to a point. They had to try to make Wal-Mart look like some great corporate citizen in their efforts to go organic. Give me a break. They still sell Tyson and Smithfield ... 2 big targets of Food Inc .. so they buy yogurt from Stonyfield and we're all supposed to hold hands and say ... awww, Wal-Mart is great? I don't think so! Phooey on Food Inc. You guys had me until Wal-mart.

Monsanto has to be one of the most evil companies on the face of the earth. But we can't get away from any of their products ... sigh.

onto mindless tv.

Party Down started up again ... first episode ... meh .... better get better. Now the show on immediately after is great. It's called Gravity and it's about a support group for suicide survivors. The cast is formidible. Glad to see Ving Rhames back in action! Peter Sheffer too ... where has that guy been? I'll stick with Gravity, but Party Down is hanging by a thread.

Missed RHNYC this week ... ugh! Damn tivo! Will have to watch and write up at some point in the future!

Love that Jon Stewart is going after Bernie Goldberg with a vengeance!

And Kirstie Alley has finally gone scientologist on us! Her handyman, Jim, got sick and Kirstie sweetly nursed him back to health. She's a nice person and seems very real to me. But she explained to Jim "in my religion", one gets sick because something upset them ... wahhhhhhh? Do germs only attack people that are upset by something? Do germs only go after people that have these aliens in them? Oh my ...

Oh yea, watched Religulous ... Bill Maher's film about the hypocrisy and danger of organized religion. Well, yea, he was preaching to the choir, but the one thing I loved ... well, a couple things. I like how he lit up and smoked with a guy in Amsterdam ... but I also love that he lost that smug crap look he gets on his face when he delivers a punchline. It made the movie a lot more tolerable. He refers to religion as a neurological disorder, which I find rather amusing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And Then There's High Society

This week's ep of High Society was a ... can't even think of a good word for it.

Apparently, Tinsley Mortimer can't comb her own hair or put on makeup. Damn, I want to live like that! She's the biggest whiner ..... boo hooo ... everyone's so mean to me. What can I do about all the mean things that people say? Wahhhhhh Wahhhhhhh! She's like a 16 year old girl!!! And this homely Devorah Rose is a piece of work. She's her biggest fan, and Jules Kirby got the best line in of the night. Devorah Rose was having this party launching this line of bikinis and *gasp*, Jules Kirby just happened to show up .... what a coincidence, NOT! Words were exchanged and drinks were thrown ... and Jules says that for a man, Devorah looks good in a bikini! I about fell off the couch laughing. Good one Jules! Too bad you're such a deplorable excuse for a human being otherwise. Here's 2 words that Ms. Kirby should learn, Personal Responsibility.

I'll give Dale some credit this week. I love how mama bear she is! She took homely Devorah Rose to the woodshed and reduced her to tears without raising her voice! I loved it!!!! Now THAT'S as suthun' belle as it gets!

And thankfully, there was very little of that gross, self important boob JPC ... he's as disgusting as Jules Kirby in the personality department. And this Tommy girl is a trainwreck. He's very together when he's sober, but turns into a sobbing little sorority girl when he drinks. Maybe they are made for each other.

The most level headed person so far is Tinsley's sister, Dabney. She's the most mature person on the show! More of her!

Weekly Housewives Recap

What an episode!

Duhmona takes the cake this week! That woman is a bigger trainwreck as the weeks go on! OMG, the oyz!! The oyz!!!! But first, the big fat question for Mario! WTH was that about? She was dressed like a call girl ... the shrimp cocktail looked ultra yummy! And then when she finally said that she wanted Mario to think about what she's going to ask ... he had this look on his face like "OMG, she's dressed for some hanky panky ... she wants another baby! Nooooooooo!" And then she lets the lead balloon out of the bag ... renewing marriage vows ... whoop deee doo! What's there to think about Duhmona! Is Mario going to say no? The worst part of that scene was that THEY FREAKING LEFT THE SHRIMP COCKTAIL BEHIND to go get busy in the bedroom ... WHAT A WASTE! And then the Kodak party. Is Duhmona the biggest buzzkill or what? This woman cannot be happy for anyone! If it's not about her, she's going to do everything in her power to take a giant dump on the event. And KellyHIEEEEE was a force to be reckoned with in that arguement. She PWND Duhmona completely!

Yenta Jill. Well folks we saw exactly how wannabe she was in this episode! And we saw it with the introduction of Sonja Morgan. Sonja Tremont Morgan ... this is the trophy wife de tutti trophy wife. This is a woman who used to be receptionist for a hoity toid italian restaurant who managed to get her lunchooks into a descendent of JP Morgan AND John Adams! CHA-CHING!! And I can see why she and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT are friends ... they both married old fogeys and spawned heirs and divorced ... both came from nothing and married into society ... Yenta Jill, not so much! Yenta Jill has never heard of Sonja Morgan! Boom!!!! If Yenta Jill were truly connected, she'd know who Sonja Morgan is ... and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT would have introduced her sooner! Hmmmm ... is IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ashamed of her friendship with Yenta Jill???? Maybe IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is slumming it with Yenta Jill!

And then Yenta Jill acting all Countessy at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. How dare she! What a snob! She shouldn't have even shown up! And while Duhmona was wrong for hijacking Yenta Jill's moment in teh spotlight, Yenta Jill's holier than thou behavior in Brooklyn ... taking a Yenta dump on the event that Fangface worked very hard on ... NO CLASS!!!

And hmmmm ... I found it interesting that Bethandthecity keeps pregnancy tests on hand. First of all, they're expensive, I only ever bought them after I was late ... AND WE WERE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT! And did we really need to see the side of her toches? Really??? I'm no prude, but my god people ... do we really need to see the yellow urine on the pee stick? I thought her reaction was sweet. Been there, done that!

Bawbee is such a dork. He really wants to tell his wife to GTFU with this Bethandthecity situation but knows he can't. Too bad ...

And I thought KellyHIEEEE dressing Simon was ADORABLE!!!! Simon has shed his pretentious euro trash image and that makes me happy. And KELLYHIEEE should never ever ever ever ever wear strapless ... or bright yellow .... EVER!!!! Wow, whoever matched her with that outfit should be given 40 lashes with a wet noodle. And did I mention THE OYZ THE OYZ????

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life and Personal Che

I've been watching Kirstie Alley's Big Life on A&E. I also watched her Showtime series, Fat Actress. Big Life is better. Fat Actress was funny, but Big Life is more of a true reality show. It's not only about her either. She has some very interesting people who work for her and they are all part of the show. Her personal assistant (who has an assistant) is such a pretty and smart woman ... but she's horribly shy. The assistant's assistant is hilarious and a tad clueless. The best of her menagerie of staffers is her chubby buddy, Jim ... Jim??? He's on his way to a massive heart attack and it's interesting to see the process and how HARD it is to lose weight! It's not about losing weight per se, it's about changing your lifestyle ... that's the hard part. Of course, she's shilling her weight loss program. Fortunately, it's not the focal point of the show. Neither is Scientology! I am constantly amazed by her kids! Wow, they are soooooo normal, it's just unbelieveable. Obviously, she has raised those kids right! Kudos and I hope she can take off the weight.

We have this new channel called the Doc Channel, which is like heaven for me since I'm such a documentary freak. I watched Personal Che. It's about how the legacy of Che Guevara lives on today. The saddest part of the movie was how diluted Guevara and his message have gotten over the decades since his execution in Bolivia. There are actually people who pray to him as a saint ... hello people. Guevara was an atheist. And then when someone told them of Guevara's hatred of religion, the people stood there dumfounded and didn't believe them. There are also people in Cuba who didn't believe he was killed. The filmmakers showed the death photos and the people, again, couldn't believe it. Sigh. And then there was a Salvadoran man in NY who sells Guevara tchochkes, t-shirts, etc, which I'm sure would make guevara nuts if he saw it. The man was walking down the street and was accosted by Cubans who immediately attacked him verbally. Fortunately, there was a Cuban woman who told the men that this is America, he can wear a Guevara shirt if he wants and to leave the man alone. It was a great documentary and I'll have to keep my eyes open to see what else comes on this channel.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mr. Death

Again, Errol Morris is the best documentary filmmaker alive. I watched his documentary on the completely whacky, but incredibly blunt, Frank Leuchter. He improved the electric chair, which lead to him making an efficient lethal injection machine, which lead him to build a more efficient gallows .... sigh. I'm anti-death penalty, btw, but listening to him rationalize what he does was scary. He's being humane and dignified ... I don't know. But his real claim to fame is that he is a holocaust denier. He went to the death camps and chipped away at the gas chamber walls and had them alazyzed and claims that they were not gas chambers because there wasn't any residue in the concrete walls. First of all, desecration of a historical place ... NOT COOL DUDE! Second of all, really? Well, I guess his just deserts was that his career went into the dumper as a result of his "study". Great documentary.

Sons of Tuscon, over it.

Modern Family ... awesome

The Middle ... still ticks me off, but it really is funny. The Middle is for blue collar families what Modern Family is for white collar families. A good combination, good thing they are on back to back.

Been watching this show on HGTV called Marriage Under Construction. It's based in Toronto. It's about this married couple who buy their first house and renovate the crap out of it. Ok, where are they getting all this money? Seriously, the deck and backyard probably cost as much as my minivan. And their basement probably cost half as much as my house! The couple, Rod and Nat, are an interesting pair. She's pretty acerbic and he's ... hmmmmm ... well, he's a chef ... and I always say, never trust a skinny chef, but Rod really needs to get healthy. But Nat and Rod seem to be very compatible. It's a good show.

Also watching 30 Days on Planet Green. It's a continuation of the guy who did Supersize Me ... can't remember his name ... ugh! Sperlock ... yea, Morgan Spurlock. Each week, he takes people out of their elements for 30 days. A Christian had to live as a Muslim ... there's one where Spurlock and his girlfriend have to live on minimum wage ... should be interesting

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh those Housewives ...

so I'm watching it on my tivo RIGHT NOW ...

So we open with Duhmona going all Duhmona on Bethandthecity ... wtf???? Seriously, Duhmona is a complete lunatic. I actually felt sorry for Bethandthecity. Duhmona doesn't even know what she's saying. She's as impulsive as a 3 year old. It was like "whew", there Alex and Simon! NEVER did I ever think I'd write those words.

And then there's yenta jill ... oy! Isn't it obvious that she's always been the homely girl in the group and she's dragging LuAnn down into her homely world and LuAnn loves it. Seriously, Jill is u-g-l-y you ain't got no alibi. She's acting like Ginger ... next, she'll start smelling like Ginger by the end of the seaons.

And I really feel bad for Bethandthecity. You have to admit, as ascerbic (acerbic?) as she is, she doesn't play games. She never says anything to get approval. Everything coming out of her mouth, she means. She did mean it when she told Jill to get a hobby. Her Dad is dying and she's completely screwed up over it. She's hanging by a thread and she has enough class not to throw it in everyone's faces. And what about Fangface? She should become a therapist! And I'll give props, their Cobble Hill place looks AMAZING! Much better than the liberace inspired hovel that Yenta Jill lives in.

And then back to Duhmona ... that piece of crap is the biggest crap stirrer on the show. She's the leaker, she wants Yenta Jill and Bethandthecity to fight like cats and dogs because she gets a rise out of it. And I forgot about last season when Yenta Jill AMBUSHED Bethandthe city with Kelly last season!!! So now Yenta Jill is not only a homely size FIVE, but she's also a flaming hypocrite!!!! And know what, if Bawbee had his frickin' "throat cut open from he-ah to he-ah", why would Bethandthecity want to talk to him??? I think that Yenta Jill was looking to dump Bethandthecity and she set her up to fail so she could act like a victim when the friendship was ov-ah.

Uh oh .. here comes Bethandthecity ... her dad wouldn't see her .. wow, that's heartbreaking. Doorbell ringing .. and then there's IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ... you talkin' to me, you talkin' to me ... what, is she Travis Bickle now .. Bickle's voice is higher. What a twit. IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is acting like a scorned little girl. OMG, there she is listening in the door. I don't know why Bethandthecity is even wasting her time. and then Duhmona lies about asking Bethandthecity to the apt??? And then IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT gets all pitbully in a tizzy and makes it all about her!

Bethandthecity, sweetie give it up. Don't waste your time. Yenta Jill's day of reckoning is nigh when IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT finds herself a new apartment and a new man. Then what ...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh those "housewives"

Yenta Jill: where to start. SHE'S HORRIBLE!!! Between her totally embarassing and stage mothering Ally and acting less mature than Ally when it comes to Bethandthecity ... oy!!! She's a lying sack of matzo who is acting like, for the first time in her life, that she's a popular girl. I think, by far, this show has gone to her head in the worst of ways. Seriously, she acts like she's the homely girl who just got asked to the prom by the star quarterback. Can't wait to see what happens when LuAnn finds herself a new marriage ... as long as Yenta Jill has a "project", she's like a freaking peacock prancing around full of self importance. She's managed to completely alienate herself from everyone on the show. Can't wait to see her downfall ... it's sad that she doesn't even realize what she's doing. And with her "choose who's side you're on" is going to really bite her in her in the a$$. How immature is she???

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT: Did you see the look on her face when Victoria bluntly said that "papa has obviously moved on" ... !!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Victoria is awesome! She has more class than all these pathetic women put together! Hey, I have an idea! She needs a pied a terre? Since Bethandthecity is going to move in with JasonII, IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT should move in!!! There, problem solved!

KellyHIEEEE!!!: Was Kelly Byeeeeeee! This week! She's such a twit! And yea, get a freaking haircut, or wear your hair in a ponytail, a headband!!!! Know what, I'd love to see it .. bet she would still try to move her hair out of her face. I feel bad for that reporter ... he's beneath the ex husband? I'm sorry, who is he again? The only reason I know his name is because of her. What about that weird guy she was fawning over at the bar? What about that guy who sued her for assault? Were they beneath Gilles Bensimon? Last I read, KellyHIEEEE, you were his THIRD WIFE and the old coot has since moved on 2 more times ... girly girl, get over yourself, he has.

Bethandthecity: I actually felt kinda sorry for her, for the first time! I don't know what else to say because that sentence renders me speechless!

PlanetAlex: Is she looking more and more like skelator or what??? Sweetie ... EAT!!!!! She is handling herself so well, though. She actually has good business sense and can cut through the irrelevant BS and right the ship. And ok ... did ANYONE ELSE NOTICE how close that guy in charge of Brooklyn fashion WEEKEND sat to Simon???? It was like 2 gay magnets. And I'm not saying that Simon is gay ... just saying that this guy was obviously attracted! I really hope that KellyHIEEEEE and Bethandthecity drop it already because those 2 would mop the floor with the 2 bitter old hags. We already know that PlanetAlex is going to give it to YentaJill ... I hope that Bethandthecity and KellyHIEEEE give it to her as well.

Duhmona: Ok ... you all do realize that it was HER that leaked the story to the Daily News right? She's a sanctimonious shew and man, give this woman a glass of pinot grigio and the EMOTIONS FLOI! She needs to step back and be happy that her Father gave her closure and made an effort to be a nice man to her. And how nice of SuperMario to make that happen! Duhmona needs to take her final visit with her father for what it was and be happy.

And then we have High Society ... sigh. As bitter and old haggy as the "housewives" are, these Mortimer Tinsley people, including her vapid mother, are like children! Can Mortimer Tinsley do anything for herself??? Is this the sure fire sign that you've made it? Having people pick out clothes for you? And this JPC is one pitiful mofo. I loved it when Tins literally called another stylist right in front of him and then the guy shows up and he has to see Tins gush! Note to JPC's mommy ... cut him off lady! Stop enabling this sorry excuse for a human being! And there's nothing to say about Jules Kirby. She's evil, ugly ugly evil.

Devorah Rose ... why? Sorry sweetie, you're going to lose your battle with Tinsley Mortimer. As immature as Tinsley is, she's in a much higher class than this homely boobie wannabe.

And the Middle actually made a lame attempt at trying to Hoosier it up by focusing on the final 4 in Indianapolis. Nice try, no cigar. I almost wish they could spin the show off for the kids only. They're the reason to watch. They need to have a show where one of the kids starts talking like someone from Southern Indiana and then maybe we can get some answers.

Modern Family, hands down, best sitcom on tv right now. Every single character, even the creepy vampire dad guy had some good chuckles and you had to feel sorry for him because of his birthday gone awry. Manny and Gloria .. chess huslters! awesome. And I just want to go up to Cameron and give him a big hug. Such a loveable character. I think this show needs a former librarian guest star!

Friday, March 26, 2010

RHWNYC ... High Society and Sons of Tucson

Woo! I was exhausted after watching that episode!

Duhmona is hands down one bat crap crazy beyotch! Here's Duhmona: "oh, oim not gettin' involved", "so did you have your breasts re-done Kelly?", "hey, LuAnn, you're a liah! Oim just sayin, Pinot Grigo! He-ah, now!" Oh LuAnn, let me kiss your hand, she's just out of her freaking mind!

Jill ... poor Jill ... pathetic yenta Jill. That popeye sounding mom of hers is a real piece of work! Jill's sister is so nice. She seems very LEVELHEADED!!! Oh Glahh-ria, EQUAL, EVERYONE EQUAL!!! And did you see how she went all agony aunt on LuAnn ... ding ding ding ... she's the new Bethandthecity for Glahhh-ria! Oh, don't worry de-ah, you'll come out a much betta parson on the otha soid. OY!!!! And did any of you get an acid flashback when Jill said that "mommy isn't happy?" Yenta Jill said that same dang thing when Bawbee failed to get a Mercedes SUV for her with an MP3 jack???

And KellyHIEEEEEE!!! Did you see her in all her HIEEEEEE glory at that Perez Hilton thing? And what a freak that mofo is!!!! The guy is a freaking BLOGGER!!!! A gossip blogger!!! And he's treated like a celebrity! And I could have sworn that KellyHIEEEEEE said she was going to meet Paris Hilton, not Perez Hilton. Do you think that Duhmona would have been so quick to put poor Avery in a cab ALL BY HERSELF if she knew she was going to meet Perez Hilton???? Poor Avery. She's such a pretty girl too ... the look she gave Duhmona from the cab was so sad :( And I'll give props to KellyHIEEEEE for actually thinking that Duhmona was a jerk for doing that to her daughter.

And that Saks party. Duhmona was absoutely spot on ... Jill's dress looked like her apartment!!!! I about fell off the couch when she said that.

LuAnn is a snake. She's stooping down to a level that she was never on while she was in hermarriageof16years. SnaggletoothAlex had every reason to be hacked at Yenta Jill and then catching her and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT in a lie! Oh man, the reunion show is going to rock!

Don't know if any of you are watching High Society, but I thought it was HYSTERICAL that there's Duhmona and Bethandthecity (and if I have to see her schilling for that dumb margarita every frickin' show ... ) sat at the BAR at Phillippe? The BAR!!!! Here's the difference between the classes of these wannabes. Tinsley Mortimer ... she gets the chef's table for a freaking BLIND DATE! Take that wannabe socialites! You've got a long long way to go!

Speaking of High Society ... ok, so please tell me what the point of this show is again? I get Tinsley's point .. she's schilling her handbags .. ok, not that I like it, but I get it. Jules Kirby is hands down one of the most evil children I've ever seen. Period . JPC ... what a mess that boy is. He has the mental capacity of a flea and he thinks he's hot? He's a skinny little runt. That personal trainer is using him for publicity ... can't blame him either! Opportunity knocks! Can't wait to see his skinny little rear end get the boot! He's going to cry like the little baby that he is! And then we meet this new person .... Devorah Rose? Wow, she's one homely thing. Not ugly, just homely, which is worse. At least Jules has good looks, well, kind of good looks. Even Tinsley's mom is a child ... please, Tinsley's mom, get over it, Tinsley is out of the Topper family!!! She doesn't want back in! She's dating some dude from American Idol now ... bet that drives mama nuts!!! At least Cazzie is gone ... yeesh, what a creep!

Started watching Sons of Tucson ... has the scraggly funny guy from Reaper ... Sock. It's funny ... well, Sock is funny. These 3 kids hire Sock to pose as their dad, or guardian, or whatever while their real dad is in the can. The kids are strange ... not very funny, but Sock is funny, so I'll keep watching since I'm still in deep denial that Reaper was cancelled.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

High Society ...

So I make it a sport to mock the Real Housewives of New York City. Yep, that I do! But I started watching a new reality show that TAKES THE FREAKING CAKE, MAN! It's called High Society and this show makes those commoners over on Bravo look like mature human beings!

Why do I watch ... well, I've always been fascinated by those of the monied class in NYC ... so sue me. If I could go back in time, I'd be a rich girl in NYC between 1920 and September 1929. I watch Gossip Girl too. It's just hard to imagine having the opportunity to live that way and I'd like to think that I'd be a lot more classy about it than the Housewives, but really, Tinsley Mortimer's show takes it all!

Poor Tinsley Mortimer .. born into Manhattan wealth (in Virginia!)... marries young, marries a rich guy (now divorced) who's relation ran Standard Oil ... not a Rockefeller though. She's in her 30's and whines and moans and dresses like she's 16 years old. This girl needs a GROW THE FREAK UP pill. But then she has this delusional mother, wow, she's a piece of work! She's one of those mothers that people make that scary face behind her back and then say "but she means well". Scary woman. She wants nothing more than to for Topper (!!!!!!) and Tinsley to get back together (according to her, Topper is an American prince ... ha!). But the best reason according to her is "they have the same initials!" For every sarcastic remark I've ever made about my mom .. I'm glad she's my mom ... Dabney Mercer is a loonie. Tinsley apparently graduated from Columbia with a History degree ... would love to talk shop with her sometime. Wonder what history she knows ... "oh, like I know the history of like Park Avenue" ... hmmmmmm. Oh look, poor Tinsley is so heartbroken because her husband didn't like her parading around NYC getting photographed. No, Tinsley, I'm sure there was more to it than that ... could it be those horrible friends you hang around with?

Jules Kirby. Talk about a girl in sore need of a good butt kicking ... her parents should be ashamed at the horrible trashy and ugly person that they managed to create. She's racist, downright mean .. maybe she has a mental disorder ... no, I won't make excuses. She's just a horrible person.

Then there's this over the top guy who is a doppelganger of Jules, some weirdo ... JP .. PJ ... Calderon????... they are mirror images of each other. He's mean too, he's also been caught stealing ... asks his mom for $50K out of his trust fund so he can get an apartment. She indulges him by giving him $25K and he immediately orders a hotel staffer to "draw me a bubble bath" and, I'm sure, blew through that money in one night. OH, but the best is that he claims that all he wants is a husband and a family! Oh Ma Gawd! He thinks people like him and want to photograph him, but what the press wants is to catch him looking like the foolish twit that he is and he DELIVERS!!!!

And then there's Tinsley's equally immature sister ... she has to take a break from helping Tinsley unpack (and did I mention that Tinsley unpacks wearing 6 inch heals because she just CAN'T DO FLAT SHOES!) so she can do her nails!

bottom line ... this show is a complete train wreck. OH, and I forgot to mention that Tinsley is in Looooooooooove with this German "prince" ... she acts like a 14 year old girl with a school crush. This guy, Casimir ... Cazzie as she calls him, is a meanie too. Total control freak, throws a temper tantrum because the camera wasn't getting him from the right angle and that they were going off script (ooops!!!!). And then there's meddling mama going to some library to look up information (she can read!) and finds some book and gets terse like she's found some major skeleton. No, she probably found a book on German history and got to the WWII section and immediately thinks Cazzie's Dad was Adolph Hitler.

Seriously ... this show ... wow ... I don't watch Jersey Shore, but I think this show may be the rich version of Jersey Shore. But you know what they say:


Friday, March 19, 2010

Real Housewives!!!!!

OMG ... what an episode: I think I'll do my synopsis in the first person(s)

LikeKellyHIEEEEEEE: Ok, like yea, so Bethenny was asked to post nake for PETA, so what? Like, I got like, Playboyyyyyyy!!!! Yea, I'm a member of PETA, and like, so what ... I like meat and I like wear fur ... so, like, what? And like, my like, agent ... yea, so? I'm in Playboy and I'm like 41!!!! Like like like like like.

oy! Her children are more articulate than her!

Yenta Jill: So, Bawbeeee is can-sa free! Wahhhhhhhhhh! Yea, we'll go celebrate! But let me reach over Bawbee so I can love on moy dawg because I just love her so much! My dawg will nevah leave me! wahhhhhhhhhhh! And that Bethenny ... yea, I'm going to save that voicemail FOREVAH! How dare she! She cashed out of the friendship bank, Oh LuAnnnnnnnnn! Can I introduce you to my mutha? Ohhhhh Bethenny, oi just can't get into this right now, YOU TOLD ME TO GET A HOBBEEEEEE!!! LuAnn, save me! Protect me! Kelly, get me outa he-a.

Bethandthecity: Ok, so like I'm going to completely act like a white trash inarticulate Joisey goil in front of all of you and curse like a longshoreman and have some cutesy one liners that I am now apparently famous for .. oh! how can I keep up ... mother****, go **** your boyfriend instead of going to the diner ... oh just proportion out the turkey and have a gay man's tv dinner ... oh wait, I really hope you're gay ... oh ****. Hey Jason, here's my immitation of your annoying Joisey boy friend .. weaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh wewaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... what Jason, it's FUNNY! weaaaaaaaaaah weeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh ... that's what he sounds like!!!! C'mon!!! It's funny! I'm funny!!!!!! And how many of these ********** strapless dresses am I going to wear and constantly adjust in public ... see my b00bies!!!!

Poor Jason

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT: Ok, this season I'm going to say "honey" instead of "darling" ... and I just have to restrain myself from breaking out into joyful cheering because MY DAUGHTER'S TEENAGE FRIENDS THINK I'M HOT!!!! Yep, take that Alex and your ethiopian princess!!!! TEENAGE BOYS THINK I'M HOT!!!! Oh, and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT, you WILL kiss me on both cheeks! And nope Bethenny, I am now Jill's underdog project, be gone!

Duhmona and SuperMario: Yea LuAnn, you call me crazy eyes without an apology ... heck to the no is Mario going to apologize for something you evesdropped on! Shut up Jill ... you're so negative and you're bringing me down.

And as for Planet Silex .... Alex has every right to be hacked for how IAMASTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT and Yenta Jill are fawning over LikeKellyHIEEEEEE's playboy shoot ... what a couple of hypcrites! And what a couple of manipulators! They are using Alex as a conduit to Duhmona ... and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ... what a white trash uncultured dimwit ... 'WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON HERE!" Wow ... just wow!!! And message to both of them ... YOU'RE CHILDREN ARE SPOILED ROTTEN! If you can't have a conversation without every other minute saying "not now" ... stop saying it. The reason they are doing that rude crap is because YOU ARE INDULGING THEM BY CONSTANTLY ANSWERING THEM. They're not bad parents, just over indulgent parents. Their "it's them, not us" attitudes are still annoying, but this season, they are proving to be the calm in this season's storm.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 surprisingly good films

After having a "meh" experience with The Reader, I mananged to prove once again, that it's not the films that win awards or do well at the BO that are true quality pictures.

Ok, I'm biased, I love most .. not all Michael Winterbottom films. Just couldn't figure out that silly Tristram Shandy movie ... if anyone cares to explain it to me, I promise not to appear completely stupid. Wonderland was alright, but then he makes masterpieces like Road to Guantanamo, Welcome to Sarajevo, Mighty Heart and In This World. But he'll always have a fan in me for 24 Hour Party People ... yeeee ha!!!! I Haven't seen all of his films ... The Claim is still on my playlist ... because for some reason, American movie channels just don't play his films often.

Watched his 2003 film, Code 46. Incredible. It's a modern, futuristic Oedipal Complex film ... It's hard to follow and I ended up having to read a synopsis to have my "a ha!" moment, thank you Wikipedia. It's a futuristic authoritarian society where people are told where to live, when and if they can travel and who they can have sex with ... it's bleak to say the least. The issue I had is that the film is so short. This would explain why it was so hard to follow because everything was rushed, nothing was explained and the dialogue was hard to hear. The soundtrack, as with all Winterbottom films was wonderful. And Winterbottom just films well ... everything flows cinematically. The big problem was editing ... it was edited to death. The film's main characters were played by Tim Robbins and the ever waifish Samantha Morton, who plays damsels in distress like no other. The problem there is that Robbins is like 8 feet tall and Morton is about 4 feet tall, so their love scenes were clunky. Wish they could have made the film a full 2 hours, it would have been better.

Years ago, I watched American History X with Ed Norton as the main skinhead ... great film, btw. But I think I may have found a better one called The Believer, only this time Ryan Gosling, who has to be the strangest actor on the planet. He does mainstream stuff and then he does downright WEIRD movies like Lars and the Real Girl ... what's up with that?? And then does crap like The Nooooooooooooooooootebooooooooooooooooooook ... blech blech blech and kicks butt in The United States of Leland ... tried watching The Slaughter Rule and Stay, but found them boring and kept falling asleep. Maybe I'll try again. Anyway, The Believer is based on a true story ... don't think X was. Gosling is much scarier than Norton was. Would love to see them work together sometime. Gosling is a jew who hates jews and you find out why he has such hatred for them as the film goes on ... justified? Well, it's up to the viewer. I can understand why, but I don't agree and maybe that was the point. Good film.

Watched The Middle last night too ... ugh ... would somebody PLEASE tell these dumb writers that if they want to portray Indiana ... please get it right ... Warsaw is not in southern Indiana you idiots!!! And yea right ... the Dad drove Sue up to Gary to sell cheese and sausage .... for god's sake. What a load of crap.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RHWNYC and The Reader

Watched last week's epi last night ...

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is an old twit. You know, what's funny is that SHE is the one who wanted this show ... she's the one who recruited people and look at her ... this show has blown up in that face of hers! I will say though, her kids are beautiful and I hope they are doing fine ... no, they are ... their lives are still jet setting, only this time popeye the sailor voice isn't with them. So she lost that dollhouse in manhattan eh and rosie along with it. Don't know ... Rosie seems a lot happier without having to deal with IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT, but she has enough CLASS not to rub it in her face because Rosie is a good person. And Victoria and NOLE, not No-el, couldn't have given a rat's rear end to hang with Rosie.

Bethandthecity ... poor Jason ... here's a tidbit:
Bethenny's Famewhore Wedding Being Filmed!
And geez ... now we get to see her cutsie little catchphrases WITH TEARS! Oy vey! Again, poor Jason.

Yenta Jill, really not much to say other than she needs to get over it. She and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT make a good pair.

Leatherface ... ok, so when she graced LuAnn's party with this hush hush big secret ... I thought it was going to be something really major .. she's engaged, she eloped ... she's pregnant ... I mean, Playboy .. whoop-dee - doo! She's acting like this is a big hairy deal, like it's Farrah Fawcett over 40 part II .. please! I love how Bawbee put it into perspective ... yea Leatherface, people like Bawbee, old Bawbee, married old Bawbee are going to be looking at your leathery shortcomings ... and how stupid is she that oops! She didn't think of that part! And judging from the previews for next week, her kids could care less! What a self centered overblown ego that one has! Blech!

Ok, so Alex is growing on me now ... she's the most level headed of the group ... it took 3 seasons, but I have to say, when I see Alex and Simon now, it's actually a breath of fresh air.

Duhmona and Supermario ... Mario should just apologize already and be done. and Duhmona is right ... IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is just as guilty of calling duhmona names. I think IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is bitter because seriously, Duhmon and Supermario have a good marriage. I bet those 2 have been solid their entire marriage. It sounds like the DuhLesseps had a crappy 16 year marriage with loads of infidelities.

Watched The Reader, the movie that they newly separated Kate Winslet (marriage #2 down the pooper .... is she 30 yet?) won the Oscar. Much deserved compared to Sandra Bullock getting it for The Blind Side ... please! I kinda liked the film. Just kinda. The story was intriguing. She was a guard during WWII and was brought to trial for a fire that killed hundreds of Jewish women. She was railroaded into taking the wrap for the entire thing. I guess for me, I just didn't understand why she would target a teenage boy for a relationship. That, I just didn't understand, so that's why I just kinda liked it. Her performance was great and the best scene was when Ralph Fiennes completely lost it toward the end of the film (he played the grown up version of the teenage boy). In terms of holocaust movies, this one wasn't that great.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Real Housewives NYC is back baby!!! And movies ... and Olympics ..

Oh my god! It's back!!!!

ok ok .. gotta dust off my nicknames:

Duhmona ... wow, what a piece of work. I mean, it's nice that she'll defend mario to the death, but she made it all about her. She should have first of all told IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT, that while she understands how upsetting what mario said was, that she wanted to focus on having fun with friends and that they can clear the air in private off the boat. She's such a little child. But it's interesting, I think she has always been a child because of this supposed horribly abusive father she had ... I thought she always focused on how horrible her mother was, now it's daddy's turn now that he's dead (CLASSSSSSAYYYYYY). So anyway, it's obvious that Duhmona has never progressed beyond her childhood and now that howible mommy and daddy are no longer awound, she can finally GROW THE EFF UP ... poor Avery.

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ... little miss (truly MISS now!) just can't keep up. She's been locked away in her purchased title for all these years and now she's trying to get out in the world amongst the proletariat. If I have to hear the preview of her catterwalling one more time, I may have to puke. She sounds worse than that blond dimwit from Atlanta! Hey, there's a thought, they could do an album together and they can play it as a replacement for torturing terrorist suspects!

Bethandthecity ... awww, she's in LOOOOVE!!!! Oh but that supposed clever wit of hers, man, how can Jason (wasn't that the name of the bald guy from season 1?) take it? And enough of the skinny girl advertising! Seriously! She cannot be making any money because every cent has to be turned around and put on some trinket or tchotchke or CAR ... blech. Bethandthecity, with this "fame" has just turned her already mile wide suit of armor of denial even thicker. She's a lost soul on the same emotional wavelength as Duhmona, only Duhmona doesn't push it away.

Alex .. NO SIMON!

Kelly ... awwww poor Kelly. Yea right. She's still a halfwitted narcissistic dork. And don't you love how IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT just doesn't want to hear or relate to anyone who has been through a divorce ... MYMARRIAGEOF16YEARS darling ... phooey! Ok Countess, keep playing that card and it's going to flip right back into your face and it's gonna hurt!

And finally ... yenta Jill. You know, she has the best husband on the show and she cannot even appreciate it. She loves sticking her nose into other people's misery to make herself feel better. She can't do that with Bawbby because he's a self sufficient man who is very cool. And now that Bethandthecity has found some happiness, she doesn't need to be bubby'd to death ... Bethandthecity isn't crying anymore over the void and she doesn't need a yenta to feed her soup and pat her head and say "it's gonna be ok" and unfortunately, Yenta Jill doesn't know how to be a friend who just listens and supports and has fun, she must meddle to make herself feel useful. Now, Bethandthecity telling her that she needs a hobby ... kinda not cool ... but in essence is right on. And yenta jill is now going to go superyenta and throw that into her face and in every conversation she can, which is really stupid. Hey jill ... Bethandthecity has moved on ... accept and support her or let her go!!!! I think that Jill needs major therapy to deal with her abandonment issues.

Watched some Stephen Rea movies, ones where he doesn't have the Irish accent. The first was a tv movie, Citizen X, based on the capture of the Ukrainian serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Since it was a tv movie, the blood and gore were minimal. The story was better than the acting. It's an incredible story that has as much to do with the BS that was the USSR as much as it did with the actual serial killings. You can surmise that the regime actually kept that whacko on the streets for as long as he was killing. The killings started in 1978 and continued until 1990. Ironic how he was finally apprehended so soon after the USSR collapsed. Anyway, Rea and Donald Sutherland's russian accents are pretty bad, but I guess given the storyline, I'll be ok because it really is a great movie.

The other Stephen Rea movie is called Stuck. I read the synopsis on the channel guide and it said a man gets stuck in a windshield ... hmm, ok ... how seriously should I take that? But it's true! Rea plays this homeless guy who gets run over by Mena Suvari's character and he is literally stuck in her windshield for a good portion of the movie. Now, I'm not terribly queasy, but this film was way over the top on the blood, gore, bones sticking out ... pulling windshield wipers out of yer guts action ... so gross! So I watched it and .. ok, it was good and then I find out it was based on a true story. Yes, it says so in the beginning, but so does Fargo. But this incident apparently did happen in Dallas a few years ago. Rea has this rather strange American accent. Again, not good, but the movie is still good.

Olympics are over .... I have to say, gotta give it up to the Canadian hockey teams. Thumbs up Canucks! The closing ceremonies were freaking weird! It looks like it was thrown together after having too many Molsons and bagels. One of the most hyped new post olympics shows was Parenthood ... STUNK! Couldn't even get through 15 minutes of it. Blech. Had high hopes for it too because I tend to like Peter krause and Lauren Graham. They even have the little kid from Daddy Daycare who ruins eddie murphy's bathroom ... growing up, but still the same face and hair. When Peter Krause's character left his house and started jogging ... I groaned ... gee, that's right out of Six Feet Under! Dumb dumb dumb ... dumb.

Friday, February 26, 2010

it's melting, it's melting!

As the snow withers away, and my internal sleep schedule continually wakes me up at 3:30 on the nose ... ugh ... I'm watching lots of Olympics! I love that NBC has Olympics on at least one channel 24/7 ... but I'm also watching other things too.

Watched Judgement at Nuremburg .. in HD, btw ... and it was SPECTACULAR. What a film ...

the politics abounding in the film aside. One can debate those forever, but the performances. Seriously ... Montgomery Clift .. sigh ... just love him and I wish he could get the recognition he so deeply deserves. Judy Garland ... wow, best performance of her career ... Tracy .. Dietrich ... Schell ... Widmark ... Lancaster .. shoot, even William Shatner!!!! It's an intense 3+ hour film and it is timeless. I guess I'd have to say that my favorite performance was by Clift, but I'm biased too. You can tell how sick he is, in real life. It was one of his last films. I have to wonder if Tarantino challed Stanley Kramer when he was writing Inglorious Basterds.

I've been watching the show The Middle and I have a big issue with it.

Ok, it's really really funny, well written and the kids are the reason to watch the show. The Dad is played by the janitor from scrubs and he's about 10 feet tall and the wife is played by the wife from Everyone Loves Raymond and she's about 3 feet tall, so that's funny right there. The kids are all nuts. Oldest son runs around in boxer shorts, middle daughter is a loveable loser and the youngest, named for a building product, is strange, but in a good way. The storylines are always funny, the acting is good. But here's the issue ... this series is supposed to take place in southern Indiana. The dad works in a quarry, the mom sells cars. They are also several generational residents of this small southern indiana town. The parents have WisCANsin accents! Nobody has any hint of a ketuckiana drawl that most native southern indiana folks have. Oh wait .. there was one character who had a ketuckiana drawl ... a guest character played by Brooke Shields, who was a ... skanky, to say the least, white trash, probably drunk and drug addled neighbor who's equally gross boys terrorize the neighbors .. who are also winCANsin accented. No, the white trash lady has a wonderful southern drawl!!!! Really???? That's just really demeaning to those of us who live in southern indiana ... accented or not. I don't know if there are any writers from indiana on this show. I'm going to hope not because if there are ... shame on them for depicting southern indiana people is such a derogatory (Brooke Shields) and unrealistic (the family and neighbors) way.

Monday, February 15, 2010

snow snow snow

Well it looks like we are getting our annual mega dump of snow ...

poor birds:

At least I have the Olympics to keep me warm. Ahhhhhhh, I'm so glad that I only have to wait for 2 years to get my Olympics fix. Found myself jumping up and down cheering for ... the nordic combined? And just think, Curling doesn't start until tomorrow!!!

I've been watching the latest Erroll Morris documentary called Standard Operating Procedure. I'm about halfway through it and it's hard to watch. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are most every picture from Abu Ghraib and it's just gross. Morris managed to collect most everyone involved in the picture taking too ... Lindie England being the most telling. Listening to her retell the story of how she got involved with that sick b-word, Charles Grainer ... wow ... that guy should stay in jail. and what's up with all the thumbs up pictures? I don't know. Several of the soldiers involved as well as at least 1 army intelligence guy was interviewed (he was dishonorably discharged) and Janice Karpinski, who was the person in charge of the jails in Iraq sounds just as flummoxed by the entire ordeal now, as she did when it happened. What I like about Morris films, unlike the bang you over the head nature of michael moore films, is that he passes no judgements. You feel both sympathy and pure contempt for Lyndie England. I feel like she's just not that bright and did get railroaded into making really bad choices. Again, she's not that bright. I'll have to report back on the second half.

Nip/Tuck is winding down, with a wimper ... Kimber is dead ... maybe. They haven't found her body anyway. Sean and Christian's characters are going through the motions ... I'm sure they just want it all to be over too. I'm sticking around to see if there's any big whoop dee doo series finale.

I'm back to watching Damages. I didn't watch season 2 ... can't remember why ... was it because it was too dark? I don't know. I'm sticking around because of the 2 comedians who are taking dramatic turns and are quite impressive. Lilly Tomlin is playing the spouse of a Bernie Madoff character and Martin Short is their defense attorney. It's really cool. The character of Ellen is so BORING!!! Seriously, she's never happy ... always dour, blah blah blah. Glen Close looks like she's having almost too much fun with Patty Hewes' character. Boy, who knew one bad girl character would typecast her! What happened to the sweet mother from World According to Garp???

Watched a movie called the Break with Stephen Rea and Alfred Molina .. meh.

Started watching The Middle. A friend recommended it and it's pretty good, not great. It's the lead in for Modern Family, which is the best sitcom on tv. The Middle is supposed to take place somewhere in southern Indiana. The husband works at a quarry ... no quarries north of Indianapolis, so that's why I'm guessing southern Indiana and they talk about going to French Lick. It's pretty good, but it's not really believeable ... again ... I'm living in southern indiana right now and I'm sorry, if this family is a multi-generational southern indiana family ... husband works in a quarry ... that entire family would have kentuckiana accents and the sure as heck don't. I'm not entirely thrilled with the mom and dad ... they're kind of boring actually. The kids who play their kids are worth watching the show, as is Chris Kataan. Wow, Saturday Night Live didn't do Kataan justice. He's so much better now. I'm glad that I watched his turn in Bollywood Hero, because he was really funny in that. He would make a fantastic Charlie Chaplin.

Modern Family and 30 Rock are chugging along. I love Modern Family. Cameron has to be my favorite character. So loveable and sweet. Jay is next ... Ed O'Neil is a great actor and it makes me happy that he's left Al Bundy in the dust. He's so much better now. Hopefully many many awards will be coming it's way. 30 Rock is reaching institutional status. Still not a big fan of Tina Fey ... she tries too hard at being pathetic. It's incredibly obvious that she grew up privileged and was a mean girl and uses her role as Liz Lemon as a mea culpa. I watch the show for every character except Jenna and Liz ... everyone else is hysterically funny. Tina Fey just rubs me the wrong way.

ok, one more snow picture for the road:

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In praise of Haiku Tunnel

about 8 years ago, I had an infant daughter who, like most infants in general, would wake up in the middle of the night because they are hungry. So, being the dutiful mommy, I would go downstairs get a bottle ready sit on the couch, feed the baby and end up dozing off just as the baby dozes off during the bottle.

Fortunately, we had a plethora of movies to choose from on cable during these feedings. One night, I flipped onto a movie called Haiku Tunnel. It's about a guy, Josh, and his misadventures as a law firm temp. While I was never a law firm temp, I was a law firm support staffer and this movie hits every single nuance of what it's like to work in a law firm as a support staffer. Weird partners, especially of the tax variety, spooky office managers, squawky secretaries and the best .. SUMMER ASSOCIATES!!! Oh my gosh, Josh completely nails summer associates and they way they are ... I still laugh just thinking about it.

Well anyway, 8 years later, my tivo picked it up and I watched it and guess what ... 8 years later, it's still freaking hilarious!!!!

So Josh Kornbluth, I dedicate this posting to you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

2 movies last night

I'll get the crappy one out of the way first ... ugh.

The Darwin Awards. What and why????? I picked it up because i want to watch movies with Tim Blake Nelson (o brother where art thou and Wonderland ... actually liked him better in Wonderland). This had to be one of those movies that everyone knew was going to stink, but did it because it would be a couple days work, in and out. The cast ... joseph Fiennes, Winona Ryder, nelson, David Arquette, Josh Charles, Juliette lewis, Chris penn (had to be his last film) ... it also has a neat cameo by the mythbusters guys, of which, I'm sure the film pulled inspiration from. Fiennes plays the disgraced detective who starts working as an insurance fraud investigator ... it was stupid beyond stupid. There was one snippet involving metallica that was pretty cool, but Fiennes and Ryder ... blech ... Tim Blake nelson was ok too. But wow, this movie was really really bad.

I know i listed my favorite movies in the previous post, but I watched one last night that may sneak in. Our local paper had a movie decade in review type thing and on the list was a film called The Lives of Others. German film, won best foreign film at the Oscars in 2006 ... dealing with Stasi spying during the GDR period. Thought I'd have a look, tivo'd it and .... wow. it's a long film ... it's German! And yes, it details how the secret police spied on perceived enemies for, this one in particular, a very selfish reason. There are very few films where I cry because of a happy ending ... well, not happy in the traditional sense, there was tragedy behind the ending, but still .. I was starting to get ticked because I was afraid the ending was going to be with the artist seeing his spy, after the wall fell down walking down the street and never confronting him ... that's what i expected, but no ... that wasn't the end and the ending was PERFECT. Serioulsy, a perfect ending to a film. That's rare. The best scene, other than the final one was when the workers got word that the wall came down and the GDR was no more ... it was incredibly low key (German film!) and completely appropriate and efficient (German film!).

Yea, it's on my list. This film is simply perfect.