Monday, March 30, 2009

The Powder and the Glory

I don't wear makeup ... ever. Never interested me to be honest. The most I've ever put on my face is Noxema and cherry Chapstick .... I guess I'm weird that way. I had friend's whose mothers loved dolling me up and I sat there and played along. Never liked the result and a good face washing made me feel better. Maybe I'm lazy, I just never took the time to learn how to apply makeup because it would mean I would have to spend even more time in the bathroom, which I hate doing. In any event, I watched a great documentary about that very subject, makeup. The Powder and the Glory is about Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden. These ladies developed the makeup industry ... they came before Max Factor, Revlon, Maybelleine .. these women created this huge industry at the turn of the century. They were competitors who never ever ever met, never spoke. Their salons weren't far from each other either. It was a fascinating story, this coming from non-makeup-y me!

East Bound and Down and Flight of the Conchords is over for the season. Conchords was hit or miss ... Murray is so annoying. East Bound and Down was really funny. I hope they bring it back.

One more episode of Life on Mars, sigh.

I wish Planet Green would put out new episodes of Total Wrecklamation!!! Come on!!!!

And a book! I'm reading a book! It's called Babylon by Bus. Heard about it on This American Life. It's about these 2 kind of slackers who took of to Iraq to work for the CPA. Just read the first few pages ... I have a month to read it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And the rest

Bill Maher got back on track this week. Back to 3 panelists and I have to say that I was impressed by the actress, Kerry Washington. He's had actors on in the past and they've been snoozers. But every once in awhile, he'll have on a good one ... Jason Alexander is great, Bradley Whitfield is too .. the best part was Keith Olbermann made an appearance. Loved that! Both he and Maher went to Cornell ... so did Ann Coulter .. oh well.

Starting next week, I'm going to get 6 episodes of Corner Gas a week!

Daily is on hiatus this week.

I wish that One EskimO songs would be available on the US version of Itunes .. anyone out there have any pull in that department???? Here's the song I want:
Hometime - One eskimO

Life on Mars has 2 more episodes. Again, shame on you ABC.
It was cool to hear Jason O'Mara's real accent on the last episode though, silly me had no idea he was Irish (O'Mara ... duh!!!) ... it is amazing to me how many European actors can do amazing American accents.

I'm still watching Gossip Girl too ... I don't admit that a lot. And to round out my CW network viewing, I also watch Reaper. Reaper is great. Gossip Girl, not so much, but it's like Melrose Place or 90210 ... I just have to watch it. I'm sure that Reaper will be cancelled this year ... that would be my luck.

The Housewives ...

All I gotta say is WOW!!!

CricketsKelly is a real piece of work. Remember back in the heyday of supermodels (Cindy, Linda, Christy?) Their whole line of "models aren't stupid" campaign? Well, Kelly manages to prove them wrong at every turn! But I'm conflicted by her because, on the one hand, she's just dumber than a bag of hammers with her "cute" comment, referring to Allie as a "nice kid" ... and then her unwillingness to be named on the invitation .. gasp, that would make her accountable ... can't have that! Oh, but you just know that if she were involved in a "save hot men" charity, her name would be all over it like rats in a subway tunnel. And her skin ... it's just so bad. And then she wants people to think she's a writer because she writes for Page 6????? Page 6????????????? blech.

Now here's where I'm conflicted ... I love that she brings out the worst in Bethandthecity. See, Bethandthecity and she aren't that much different ... Bethandthecity wants to be worshipped too and she gets a rise out of how Jill and her mom fawn over her. Bethandthecity is so insecure and needs to be the center of attention, with her pithy/bad Seinfeld script commentary (sorry, but her Madonna comment to CricketsKelly was way out of line). Bethandthecity is really jealous because unlike her, CricketsKelly has exactly what Bethandthecity wants, men and children. It's going to be interesting to see the catfight next week. As dumb as CricketsKelly is, she's a capable fighter amongst her own herd and she'll win against the incredibly insecure/smartaleck Bethandthecity.

Any bets???

Leacherous Simon is getting creepier and creepier .. blech. He's positively OBSSESSED with Duhmona. I think he has the hots for her, otherwise why would he care about getting her approval? If I were Fangface, I'd be concerned about this because she may find him trying to liplock Duhmona in the coat closet and then we'd see Mario doing a perp walk for assault. I'd be worried if I were Duhmona and consider getting a restraining order.

Jill and Bethandthecity are perfect for each other, both co-dependent insecure girls. Jill and her "please love me" "see how cool I am, I belong here" attitude is tiresome. Allie is more mature than her mother.

We got a bit of a break from IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT this week. But I bet she sure is sorry that she PRESSURED CricketsKelly into doing charity work.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More things

I think I need to keep my Real Housewives posts separate ...

Watched Righteous Kill with DeNiro and Pacino. It was ... ok ... not great, just ok. Not sure if there was supposed to be a twist, but I figured out early on who was doing the killing. I will say though, Carla Gugino and DeNiro together, in the Biblical sense? Makes my skin crawl.

I still can't believe that Life on Mars is going to be cancelled. They are already gearing up "don't miss the series finale" ... and what was up with the episode from last week that was a carbon copy of an episode of Swingtown (another ABC cancelled series). I mean, for heaven's sake ABC ... if you kill a series, don't rehash it in another series.

Jon Stewart really gave it to Jim Cramer on Daily Show. Cramer didn't fight back, which I think took Stewart by surprise. I have to hand it to Cramer, he took it like a man, unlike that wuss Rick Santelli ... what a jerk.

I think I need to invest in the entire series of Corner Gas. Thank you WGN for broadcasting it down here. They are also running ALF, a show that I always watched in college. I hate to admit it, but I still find it very funny.

My ladies, back again!

Watched last night ... oy!

YentaJill ... bless her heart. She's a good egg. She had every right to be ticked at her gay husband and I thought it was great of her to leave Ginger with them! And I love how she just let fly with Ginger Nip and Fangface.

GingerNip and Fangface ... well well well, what a pair of trollops Fangface and gingernip are, it's true! She was looking for some bootycall online and found Gingernip and that wahh wahh wahh "you have my heart" ... did anyone hear my laughter? I hope those boys are up to date with their tetanus vaccinations. And I just love Duhmona's pure animosity toward them. Who introduced Gingernip as the owner of the Chandler? Are you kidding me? And they just let them do that? Mais oui!!!

Duhmona-she's great. Seriously, this season, she's awesome, even though she did backstab Jill, that's just Duhmona because Jill won't play tennis the way she wants her to, what a brat. When she and Bethandthecity were walking their dogs, Duhoma was looking her age though. Mario is a hoot. I loved how he chucked the dog doo back at her! Avery is going to be one stunning girl. She's a bit gawky right now, but boy ... she's going to really be a stunner by the time she's off to college, if Duhmona let's her go! And then there's

IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT-wow, what an insipid twit. Victoria is ready to go! And what's up with calling her son by the feminine pronunciation of Noel? It's Nole, not No-elle. Poor kid is gonna get the tar beat out of him a la Francois. Both of those kids are beautiful, but you'll be reading about Victoria in the social pages about her party exploits. IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT is going to be one lonely lady once those kids are off to boarding school and she's home alone because HEISANOLDERMANDAMMIT is off microfinancing in Asia ... poor Rosie. And I'm sorry, does that townhouse just seem incredibly thin? I'd live in the Hamptons full time, at least there's space! Did you see that grave they set up for the hamster? And IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT didn't even notice? She must have been off "my loving" and "my darling" someone.

Bethandthecity-what a pathetic woman. She has a great date with a great guy who is obviously into her and she wants nothing to do with him. Know why? I'll tell you why ... he's chunky, he's not GQ .. she's that shallow! It's really sad because this chef guy was really nice, but he's as bad as her. He wants the supermodel/Vogue type too. Both will be lonely and bitter for the rest of their lives until they grow up.

Kelly- her skin is terrible! See how she's all over the chef guy and treats her children like crap? Wonder what would happen if she had boys instead of girls.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duhmona is the best!

She is pure id. No filter on this one ... all googly eyed id. She completely PWND that episode. And my oh my ... little insecure about the fact that you did indeed, Countless LuAnn, marry an older man? Sweetie, he was 15 years old when you were born ... sweetie, he was 33 years old by the time you were legal to marry ... sweetie, get over it ... she's insecure about being the 4th Countess DeLesseps, and who the heck cares if he's older than you ... so what? I mean, she went off on Duhmona, who, in DUHmona fashion, blurted out that the Count is twice the Countless's age ... it's DUHmona LuAnn ... boy did she get on her classless, etiquetteless haunches ... the hipocrisy of it all ... she's wrting this manners and etiquette book to prove to the world that she deserves to be a countess. She's an idiot. Duhmona is just Duhmona.

And Bethandthecity needs to get off it too ... wow, I don't know who is more insecure ... she CANNOT let things just go. Everything is a fight with her .. everything is a crisis. She needs chill pills. It's one thing with the classles countess, but Bethandthecity is ALWAYS like that. What a b-word to hijack LuAnn into that lunch to tell her about some off the cuff comment and how stupid of LuAnn for first of all, just sitting there (I would have left) and then getting defensive saying that she was protecting Bethandthecity? Dang, those two are in insecureville.

I'm so tired of AlexSimon ... mr. ginger nipple and fang face ...

Corner Gas is awesome. I look forward to my 3 weekly episodes that tivo every tuesday morning. Found some bloopers on Youtube and to be honest, the show is funnier. I may need to get all the episodes on DVD for my collection. Seriously, it's a great show.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I watched another movie ... a Steve Buscemi movie, called Interview. I've never had any luck with Sienna Miller movies, but in this one, she was great. It's a remake of a Theo Van Gogh movie. Now I need to see the original .. sigh. Most of the film takes place in one room, so I could imagine this being a stage play.

Flight of the Conchords is just getting weird. The focus seems to be off Jermaine & Brett, which is bad for the show. Murray makes my skin crawl and Mel's character is just blah blah blah now. They're about ready to lose me.

East Bound and Down is crude ... funny, but crude.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I do watch other things you know.

I know I've been blahging a lot on Real Housewives ... guilty pleasure methinks. But I am watching several other shows/programs, which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that I am a tv addict.

Keith Olbermann actually made reference to There Will Be Blood ... the drinking a milkshake line... which I probably reversed and played again quite a few times. I like to chase the intensity of Keith with Daily Show. Oh man, Rick Santelli really got a drubbing for our man Stewart. It was just classic. The beeps were flying and I was loving every single one. I was drinking them like a milkshake. Real Time With Bill Maher has started up again. It's a show I've been watching since it's inception on HBO. I was never a big fan of Politically Incorrect, but ever since he was railroaded out of ABC (what a farce), I support him .. he used to have Coultergeist on a lot, but she won't do his show anymore ... coward! This past week was a snoozer, actually deleted it halfway through. I also skip over his opening monologue because I don't like how he mugs for the camera during his punchlines ... it's annoying. He doesn't do it as bad with the panel.

More on Maher, the most pretentious show on television is on the most pretentious network on television, Sundance. It's called Iconoclasts. The concept is interesting ... get 2 celebrities together and film their day together and have them talk about themselves and each other. I liked the one with Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder, but for the most part, it's just stupid. The latest on intrigued me, Bill Maher and Clive Davis. It was good, not terribly pretentious. Clive Davis seems like a genuine fellow and Bill Maher, was Bill Maher without the mugginess. Both come from humble beginnings ... educated and have had their fair share of successes and failures. They didn't act self-important, which a lot of times, this show denegrates to that level. The theme music is annoying as snot ... staccatto piano, like "this is the most important show on television" ... blah. I ususally check out who is on and decide to record it.

THEY CANCELLED LIFE ON MARS!!! Shame on you ABC ... Keitel & Imperioli are too good for you and your stupid network.

Movies ... I'm on a John Cusak kick right now. Watched Martian Child. Very sweet movie. About a widower (Cusak) who adopts a kid who thinks he's from Mars. It's very very sweet and all is well at the end. The kids who played the Martian Child was excellent. It's a departure from what I usually like to watch. Also watched 1408. Not a big fan of horror, I'm a wuss. I actually had to turn it off right at the beginning when he was in the room and things started happening ... it was one of those moments where you can picture it happening to you and just how scary hotel rooms can be. But then it denegrated into the stupid ... cheap horror film crap that wasn't scary. I wonder why Cusak agreed to do this film? Hopefully it was because he just wanted to try horror films.

I tivo'd and deleted 2 films that I just couldn't fathom watching any further. Wet Hot American Summer was a completely horrible rip off of Dazed and Confused. What was really sad was that the cast wasn't a bunch of unknowns. It's about some summer camp shenanigans after all the kids leave. Just dumb beyond dumb. I think I watched for 8 minutes. If this film has anything worth watching past 8 minutes, let me know, I'll watch it again. The other one I deleted was Vatel. It's part of my Tim Roth film festival. It's supposedly about one of the King Louis's chefs falling in love with one of the king's mistresses. Gerard Depardieu seems to have been the only frenchman cast because Uma Thurman's french accent was ... bad? No, beyond bad, it was nonexistent. Literally, she would deliver one line in a poor french accent and then the next in a poor german accent. It reminded me of Costner playing Robin Hood and how laughable that accent was. I only saw Tim Roth in one scene before I deleted the thing. I think this movie could be good if it was played by french actors with subtititles.

More Roth ... I've been watching Lie to Me. It's a very good show and it's because Tim Roth carries the show. There is really only one other character that's worth watching and it's because he can't lie. Pretty much everyone else is kind of blah. His number 2 person though .. I can't even remember he name nor character name, is really really annoying. If it wasn't for Roth, I wouldn't watch.

Still watching Flight of the Conchords and Eastbound and Down. Talk about two diametrically opposed shows! Conchords is highbrow compared to Eastbound, but I like them both.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More of my housewives!

Just watched the latest trainwreck. I really think it's getting redundant to keep complaining about AlexSimon, but seriously, there are absolutley no redeeming qualities to either of them. They were in their luxious Hamptons hovel and the owner of the house is a masseuse and a tarot card reader. She put them both into a sauna and Simon leacherously exclaims how great it was to be in a small hot dark room with Alex. Not "my wife" ... Alex. As if he's shared the sauna with someone else. I think he just likes the unisex nature of his wife's name. Naughty naughty.

And the Countesssssssssssssssssss ... what a schlub. She hijacks her daughter's luncheon to go over etiquette, completely embarassing her really pretty daughter who is off to boarding school in the fall (yea for her!). She talked down completely to one of her friends about the proper way to cut up chicken on a plate ... I mean really!

Duhmona. I have to say that this season, she's probably the least annoying .. no, wait ... I don't mean that, she's just as over the top as she was last season. Everyone else is ramped up, so maybe she's just more normal. She actually got competitive with the Gov. of New York over who is more blind .. or as she would say "bloind".

Kelly ... ahhhhh Kelly ... She completely blows of Duhomona for a guy who is obviously worshipful of her ... she is the rudest of them all. Each week, my hunch is more and more right. She hates women.

Yenta Jill gets left out in the cold during ther lunch with Duhmona and the Countessssssssssssss and I'm sorry, but her daughter is just getting bigger and bigger. I understand that her meds for her rheumatoid arthritis may cause weight gain, but Ally just looks soft.

Bethandthecity is getting boring ... there's nothing to say. She's pathetic and then she said the line that says it all "don't touch me". Girlfriend has touching issues ... no wonder she's not married. Hey Bethandthecity, married people, dating people ... people who want to date .. want to touch you! Get over that and maybe you'll hook someone.

Whew ....