Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what have i been doing???

Watched Taken. Liam Neeson playing a former CIA operative ... at least that's what I think he was. Anyway, he was a total badass who was forced to rescue his less than brain blessed daughter from Albanian sex traders. I don't think it's a big stretch, or spoiler when I say that Neeson wins. It wasn't on my tivo, I flipped onto it and it wasn't a bad 2 hours to spend at all. I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised.

And then came The Wrestler. Wow. ok, big Mickey Rourke fan. not ashamed to admit it. This guy is amazing. The story was amazing. Yea, it's about a wrestler and Mickey Rourke is the wrestler, but there's more to it than that. After seeing both Milk and The Wrestler, well, I have to say that Rourke was robbed for the Oscar. Sean Penn was great at Harvey Milk, but the physical demands of The Wrestler and the acting job ... again Mickey got robbed. You can really see how mickey rourke made it into The Actor's Studio in 1 try. The one weak spot was the stupid Evan Rachel Wood. Why is it that she has a career again? Seriously. Her scenes with Rourke were so one sided, it was hard to watch. mickey could have done those scenes with a wall and it would have been better. Marissa Tomei was great as a stripper. I remember when Demi Moore was being an attention whore showing off how she went to strippers to learn the tricks of the trade and showing off her new moves. It made me want to vomit ... what was that dumb movie? Showgirls? no .. Striptease ... ugh! Demi Moore is awful and that movie, thankfully, bombed and so has her career. Anyway, Tomei could kick Moore's butt in the stripper department. She was much more believeable and did it with little to no fanfare.

Started watching Men of a Certain Age. How can you not like Ray Romano? Such a loveable dork. The first episode was good ... 3 college buddies in various states of middle aged malaise. Andre Braugher, mr. intensity. Seriously, he makes me sit up straight when he's on screen. i wonder if he could do comedy. probably not. Scott Bakula is a washed up actor ... has a weak spot for the young ladies ... blah blah blah. Romano is a gambling addict who owns a party supply store. The pilot was good enough for me to record the second episode.

Californication had a great season finale. mia came back and screwed everything up. She's one of the worst villians ever written. Hank ended up in the back of a cop car for beating the tar out of Mia's boyfriend. Well, hopefully that will guarantee a return for next season. I hope Kathleen Turner doesn't get any recognition for her performance this season. It was so faked and cartoonish. She can do better than that.

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