Thursday, January 7, 2010

revolutionary road ... so disappointing

Watched Revolutionary Road. i guess i expected more. I'll say this, I liked it better than Rachel Getting Married, which doesn't take much!

I cannot reconcile Leonardo DeCaprio as a leading man. he's a good actor, no doubt. But he has the face of a 10 year old boy. What show was he on .. Growing Pains? yea, he still looks like that only with his head planted on a man's body. And i'm going to spoil the movie during this drubbing, so if you don't want to find out what happens at the end, stop reading ...


kate winslet's character was horrible, just horrible and when she died at the end of the film, I acutally clapped. DeCaprio's character was better off without her pathetic self centered immature butt. I WANNA MOVE TO PARRRRRRRRRRRRRRISSSSSSSSSSSS ... ugh ... what a stupid stupid stupid storyline. I read that this was such a tragic tale ... no .. it was stupid. I really rolled my eyes when Winslet took the kids out into the yard to tell them that ... booo hoooooo ... they weren't moving to Paris and the kids STOMPED OFF . Bullshit ... sorry, but that was bullshit. Those kids would be THRILLED to not have to leave all their friends, their house, everything they know ... in fact, their kids were 10x more mature than winslet's pathetic character. Now, the one part of the film that was relevant was the overarching theme of a woman's right to choose. Her character gave herself an abortion and died as a result. That was the reality back in the 50's ... women had no choice and we'll never know how many women died like she did. But still the movie SUCKED!!!!!!! Why Roger Deakins lent his amazing talents to this movie, i'll never know.

So Transsiberian turned out to be the best movie of all the ones I watched over the holiday.

I started out the new year by watching Inglorious Basterds (again, spoilers below). First, I think I jumped up from my seat and jumped up and down for joy at least twice and then when the film was finished, my hand were aching from clapping so loud. Basically, i was like a child who has just been given the key's to santa's workshop. I'm still marinating on whether or not this was QT's best ... it may very well be when all is said and done, but as of now, Pulp Fiction is still my favorite ... i did manage to watch the final hour of it while flipping channels the other night ... Don't Jimmy me Jules ... and Ving Rhames cool send off to Bruce Willis in the dungeon ... man, I'll always find something to rave about in that movie.

Basterds. Ok .. my prediction. It will be nominated for the following Oscars:

Best Picture
Best Screenplay
Best actor -the guy who plays Landa
Best Director

Brad Pitt SHOULD get a best supporting nod, but he'll be snubbed as usual. he easily delivered some of the best lines ever spoken.

over half the movie is subtitled and I be darned if that's not Steve Buscemi on the stairs in a nazi uniform during the Operation kino scene ... i swear it is! And I also dig Sam jackson as the narrator and keitel as Pitt's superior officer ... voice only. Damn, i watch too many QT films. And yes, when Shoshanna died, she did the exact same fall and death face as Uma did in Kill Bill. Geek ... yes, I am!

That film was simply the BEST revenge fantasy film ever! i need to watch it again.

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