Friday, May 21, 2010

Total Breakdown ... very sad to watch

I usually really riff on these ladies, but last night's episode ... wow. I can't even say that KellyHIEEE is a mess ... I can't say that she's batcrap crazy. She's seriously unstable. She has such deep seeded issues and I think they are all due to the breakup of her marriage. Something tells me that she actually thought that guy would stay with her forever and she is still not over the fact that he left and has moved on a couple more times. I think she's ashamed that her marriage failed and that she is a single mom. She is terribly paranoid and I wonder what happened with her daughter because she seemed very stressed out by the conversation she had with her daughter and it was all downhill from there. I have a feeling that Gilles Bensimon has nothing to do with their children and that makes KellyHIEEEE really depressed. This would explain why she doesn't like emotions, she doesn't like to talk about the past. But at the same time, she acts like the little schoolgirl that Giles Bensimon married and thought she would be with forever.

What we saw was a total breakdown and it wasn't funny anymore. This was beyond Bethandthecity being mean. I think that KellyHIEEE sees Bethandthecity as the person she wishes she could be. Outwardly confident and successful on her own terms, expecting a new baby and is engaged. After KellyHIEEE got burned last summer, she's completely lost because she probably feels like her womanly mojo has been zapped.

I hate to say it, but I kinda feel sorry for her.

And onto the snarkfest!

OK, WTF is it with Bethandthecity ... seriously? She can't come up with a personalized gift other than a big fat tax deductible Skinnygirl bag? Really? I would have been hacked .. I mean, come on dude! This is a girl's getaway, not a stinking food convention! Bet she has those same bags at food conventions! Seriously ...

Fangface really held her own. It was uncomfortable watching the photoshoot though. It was obvious that Fangface wasn't comfy with a camera in her face. Why couldn't a nice posed beach shot do? Duhmona and Sexpot were getting jiggy with it though ... and what the heck is it with Duhmona's obession with her own a$$? Ok, girlfriend, you're 50-ish, with a smokin' bod, but please, hunny bunny ... you are your biggest fan it's pretty obnoxious!

Sexpot Sonja was excellent. She is the grande dame of the group! I think that Fangface just wants to hide in a sand dune, but Sexpot is willing to try to diffuse the situation. Fangface is over it.

And Yenta Jill ... just can't stop being a Yenta. Oy! Next week looks to be hysterical! She is just not the brightest bulb in the bunch. I hope Duhmona goes postal on her.

Ok, I'm gonna ZIP it now!

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