Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year Folks!

Well, I may as well close the year with a post.

The Road. Yea, it was a heavy film. The 2 lead characters were amazing. Viggo Mortenson is probably second to Brad Pitt as the most underrated actor working. One day, he'll get that Oscar he so dearly deserves. The film itself was incredible. I guess it's pretty real to the book too, which probably makes it even better and why it didn't do so well because it went over everyone's heads. I thought the ending was very optimistic. Most probably see it as a film about a boy who's dad dies ... too bad because it was much more than that.

Saw Hurt Locker and wow ... amazing. I'm now starting a Jeremy Renner festival. Dahmer is supposed to tivo tonight. I'm happy that he was able to overcome playing Jeffrey Dahmer ...the guy who played Henry in Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer still gets creepy parts as a result. too bad because he's a good actor too. He's Michael .... ugh, can't remember .. Rooker! Yea. He's in The Waking Dead, which was just ok, not great. 28 Days Later and .. well, The Road .. seemed to be much more realistic in terms of apocalypic pictures. I like that Hurt Locker didn't get into the politics of that stupid war. Just men doing jobs. Loved Ralph Fiennes cameo. I looked and looked, is it??? Yea!!!!

Saw a great Elia Kazan film called A Face in the Crowd. Olbermann has been calling Glenn Beck, Lonesome Rhodes Beck for a long time, so when my tivo picked up Kazan movies, I saw that this is the movie he's referring to and wow, spot on Keith! Andy Griffith plays this complete scumbag who spouts off all kinds of crap and gets drunk on the power that his words bring. But unlike Beck, Lonesome Rhodes's career comes crashing down quickly. Patricia Neal was stunning as the woman who made him a star. Glad I watched it.

And on my Glenn Gould fix. American Masters went North American again with their 2 hour show about Glenn Gould. It was awesome. And since 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould is one of my favorite films, it was a great way to fill in what was confusing to me in the film.

Happy New Year all!

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