Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm beginning to suck at this blog stuff!!! Mucho apologies.

I thought my tivo caught Paranormal Activity ... that's what it said on the "now playing list". As I was watching and reading plots online, I figured out that it was Paranormal Actvity, but Paranormal Entity. Apparently, this was a rush to video ripoff. It was still kinda scary, but now I still need to see Paranormal Activity.

Watched a 5 1/2 hour movie called Carlos and it was AMAZING!!! It was about Ilych Ramirez, a Venezuelan who was one of the most wanted me in the world. He was a terrorist, well, he was an inept terrorist. It's a fascinating story because he's still alive and in prison in France for killing 2 French agents in the 70's. They finally caught up to him in the 90's. He fancied himself another Che Guevara, but he wasn't. He was a wannabe Guevara. I think Che would have shot Ramirez in the head for being a douchebag. Great film.

Keith Olbermann up and quit, got fired, whatever, from MSNBC. He'll be back on Current. I'll check it out. I wish he would have gone to Showtime to give Bill Maher a run for his smug money. I would love to hear Keith uncensored.

Tried watching a movie called (Untitled). Couldn't make it through 20 minutes, it was so awful. Adam Goldberg has to be the most annoying working actor in Hollywood. I don't see how he gets roles ... they are always the same ... a loser schlub and not a funny loser schlub like Seth Rogen .. I can deal with him. But Adam Goldberg was funny in Dazed and Confused only because he was new and his schtick was funny. Not so much now. Marley Shelton looked like she was trying so darn hard to act well ... but Goldberg ruined it. Ugh ... yucky yucky yucky.

Watching the PBS series, Pioneers of Television. Tonight is Late Night talk shows. Saw programs on Westerns ... meh .. not too interested. The one about Children's shows was awesome. Bozo, Ray Rayner, Romper Room ... took me back. Next week is sitcoms.

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