Saturday, June 25, 2011

wow ... march 27th ... really?

Where does time go??? Well, it gets sucked up into tubes called school, sports and exhaustion. And now it's summer vacation and it's the end of freaking June and I still am up to my eyeballs. I'll stop whining. It's all good.

I watched The Social Network early early early this morning and wow ... I loved it. Well, I love that Fincher directed it. Have I seen a movie of his that I didn't like? Hmmmmm ...

I heard a lot of negative press ... it was all a work of fiction. Well, yea, prolly ... it's a movie that's supposed to make some money. It's about a lawsuit ... boring! But this is what I took away from the film:

Mark Zuckerberg is one lucky SOB. A smart, lucky SOB. Did he steal the idea for Facebook from those Winklevoss douchebags? yep. He sure did. Did he steal their code? Nope, don't think so. The underdog in me loved that the Winklvoss twins got the smackdown from everyone. They still made a wheelbarrow of money ... like they needed it in the first place. There was a line in the film that said something to the effect of the reason they are suing Zuckerberg is because they were told no for the first time. Bingo. Those 2 spoiled trustafarians were denied and they threw a hissy fit. Loved the scene where Larry Summers put them in their places. Ha! Ok, so there's my rant on social status. I felt sorry for the guy who was Mark's friend who was screwed over by that Napster crackhead. Justin Timberlake was great! He's a good actor! Who knew? Note to Mark Zuckerberg ... high five man. You're just socially awkward enough to come off as eccentric and I hope you keep making billions. Keep it up. Just make sure if you ever have twin boys .. don't let them act like Winklevi.

Keith Olbermann is BACK!!! Woo hoooo!!!! He hasn't changed a darn thing except he now calls ... I can't even remember what it used to be called ... the segment where he highlights weird news ... well, in any event, he now calls it Time Marches On. That's it ... that's all that's changed. Thank you Directv for giving us Current! I hope it stays on the air. It's great to have him back. And if you don't like him, shut up and watch something else.

Jason Priestly has this show on Directv's network called Call Me Fitz and boy is it weird. He plays an over the top used care salesman .. I mean, way over the top in every way. He's a scumbag. But there's this dumb character called Larry that I wish they would just kill off because the other characters can pull this show off. The Larry character brings the whole show down.

Wilfred ... Elijah Wood plays this sucicidal lawyer who befriends a dog named Wilfred. But to him, he sees Wilfred as a grown man in a dog costume and he's as rude and scummy as Priestly's character in Call Me Fitz, only it's worse because Wilfred does things in the dog costume that should be against the law. It's much funnier than Fitz. Will keep tuning in.

And the Louie started up again and the first episode was laugh out loud funny ... like seriously, funny funny funny. But then again, I find flatulance funny. I can't stop laughing at it. And there was at minute long flatus in the first episode that had me crying. He also had this conversation with his daughter about what is and isn't fair that was so dang spot on ... wow. Good stuff. Glad he's back.

Yea, Real Housewives of NYC are back and I'm over it. Seriously, they need to bury it in Grant's tomb.

I've started watching Larry Sanders for the first time. I can see why it was so popular back when it was on HBO. Love Scott Thompson's character. I find Shandling to be .. hmmm ... constipating?

I'm also watching this show called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Give me a break. These scumbags and their damn weddings? There is a reason why the word "gyp" means cheating. These people are disgusting grifters and this show tries to pretend that they are just a culture who wants to be left alone. Yea ... well, leave the rest of us alone and stop cheating honest people and we'll leave you alone. Blech. What a horrible group they are. The Riches was better and it actually made them seem likeable, but this show and their child brides who dress like hookers, ohhhh, but they don't have sex before marriage ... I'm supposed to feel sorry for them when they can't conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and the cops bust them? Give me a break. They can all just rot. They want us to leave them alone ... well ... pikeys ... leave us alone! Make money honestly.

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