Saturday, January 28, 2012

I {{{heart}}} Steve

I am now Apple'd up. iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac ... yaaaahoooooo! I now affectionately refer to this machine that I am typing on as "Steve" and I think Steve is cool. I have a great spouse who keeps me current with technology.

I've watched a lot of television, probably too much, as usual. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is done except for the reunion show, or shows.

I started watching a movie called Cedar Rapids this morning. So far, it's kind of annoying ... why does Hollywood make we midwesterners so extreme? You have the main character as this total rube and another character that is over the top. Oh yea, it's comedy. I find Ed Helm's character not funny though. He's the rube. I'm sure he has a hookup with the hooker in the end and becomes a much better man for it. Am I right? So far, it's like the hick version of the Hangover.

I watched another Errol Morris documentary called Tabloid and was it strange ... totally strange. It's about this strange woman named Joyce McKinney who allegedly kidnapped a mormon missionary, claiming that he was kidnapped and brainwashed. Chaos ensued and eventually settled. Then she clones some puppy called Booger and more chaos ensued. Where does Morris find these subjects????

The Adjustment Bureau was interesting. Not much else to say other than it was interesting.

Watched the new AMC show called Hell on Wheels and I liked it even though the main character's brooding was tiresome toward the end. Looking forward to the next season. Also watched Walking Dead. The season was boring as sin until the final episode ... and now I want to keep watching. Thank you AMC. Mad Men is supposed to be starting up again soon!!!!

The best series I've watched so far is Boss. Kelsey Grammar plays the mayor of chicago and he completely deserved that Emmy! And once again, another fab performance by Martin Donovan. I hope Ezra isn't dead.

Californication continues to be my favorite show based solely on dialogue. The scuzziness of the story lines ... blech. I love the scripts of every episode. That keeps me coming back.

Shameless season 2 has started and it's better than last season. William Macy stealing the candle offering box was so wrong, yet hilarious. Fiona isn't as annoying this season. The kid who plays Ian must have grown 2 feet between last season and this season.

I stopped watching Daily Show and Olbermann. I'm tired and bored with politics. Stewart was funny, but watching the same thing over and over again is such a chore. Olbermann seems to be throwing a hissy fit on Current, which is sad ... I sneak a peek at Rachel Maddow for a little while, but I get bored with all this crap now. Maybe in September I'll tune in again. But for now, I'm happy with the break.

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