Saturday, August 14, 2010

Forgot to mention Gasland!

Watched Gasland earlier this summer. Most excellent documentary about the process of Fracking ... is that how it's spelled? In any event it is about how natural gas speculators drill miles below the earth and fracture the ground to release natural gas ... they also pump hundreds of chemicals into the ground, thus contaminating drinking water to a point where you can bloody light in on FIRE!!! yea, FIRE! You see it! It is corporate greed out of control! Amazingly sad and enlightening film done by a guy who's land is at risk. It wasn't as preachy as a Michael Moore film (I'm in the middle of Capitalism, A Love Story) and has more personality than an Erol Morris documentary ... wow ... truly worthy watching.

Mad Men is the best! This is the best season so far ... Cannot begin to describe it. Everything is changing around Don. Betty is married to someone else now, new agency ... he's now calling on hookers who smack him around .. woot!

True Blood is exceptionally bloody this season. More vamps getting staked and turning into Karo syrupy goo. And now we have werewolves to contend with and a very creepy king of Mississippi ... And ok, when are they going finally come out with it ... Sookie is a fairy! God, just do it already!

Hung ... so so ... kinda slow

Watched the pilot of The Big C ... it is AWESOME! Laura Linney, who I can't really say that I enjoyed, has really found her dream role! She plays a woman who just found out she has stage 4 melanoma ... so there you go, this show cannot go on forever ... jumping the shark probably isn't an option since the endgame is already built in. And oh how I love Oliver Platt! This guy can play any role and making it fabulous. I set it up for a season pass before the first episode was over. I have to stick with this one. Showtime has really developed some great series.

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