Sunday, October 17, 2010

Once Brothers ...

Yesterday morning, I watched a documentary called "Once Brothers". It's the story of the friendship between Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic. One of the most fascinating periods in history, for me, is that dealing with Yugoslavia and it's implosion. Divac is Serbian and Petrovic, Croatian. They essentially grew up together as national team basketball players. Toni Kucoc as also featured. He, like Petrovic, is Croatian. Vlade and Drazen were drafted into the NBA at the same time and were close friends as strangers living in America. Divac made a huge splash in the NBA with much success. Petrovic, not so much. He hated playing for Portland .. it was only when he was traded to New Jersey did he start reaching his potential, only to have his life cut short in a car accident in 1993. During the beginning of the NBA tenures, the civil war broke out when Croatia declared it's independence from Yugoslavia. Divac insulted the Croatian players when he grabbed a Croatian flag from someone at the end of a championship game ... That ended his friendship with Petrovic and Kukoc ... the entire thing is just so damn sad. Politics and sports should never interfere with each other. The final scene is Divac travelling alone to Zagreb to visit Drazen's mother and have peace with her and to Drazen's grave ... I was in tears by then. Powerful, moving ... amazingly well done and lovely documentary.

Watched Ira and Abby .. ummmmm. Ok? It was funny? I think so. Jennifer Westfeldt plays this overwhelmingly cute and innocent girl named Abby who meets and marries this neurotic guy named Ira within a week. Get married, get annuled, get married again, gets divorced ... still in love ... makes no sense.

Can't remember if I mentioned that I watched Up in the Air .. I liked it a lot better than Ira and Abby ...

Raising Hope ... hilarious. The main character is so likeable and sweet. his mom and dad, played by Martha Plimpton and .. Dilahut?? great stuff. Love it!

The Middle: funny, but annoying because they get southern indiana so incredibly wrong.

Modern Family: on auto pilot, good auto pilot

The Good Guys: Getting funnier as we go along. More Bradley Whitford!!! Even Colin Hanks is getting funnier. Lose the t&a prosecutor though, boring!!!!

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