Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Watched it a couple days ago, thinking it was going to be some cheesy Blair Witch ripoff ... I didn't think it was. In fact, I dowright liked it ... A LOT! That monster was an effer! Wow. And when Lizzy Caplan blew up ... yow! That was really gross. I guess you could say this film is begging for a sequel and I hope they don't do it. The other thing that bothered me was the location. I wonder how people in NYC received it, given this was a post 9-11 movie. Did they really need to see their city under attack again? But, since I'm not in NYC ... I liked it.

Raising Hope is the funniest new tv show. Hands down. It's more realistic to The Middle than The Middle. The only reason I watch that show anymore is because of Atticus Shaeffer. He's great. They are making Patricia Heaton's character more dull and desperate. And again ... they don't sound like Southern Indiana people at all!

The Big C was a real bummer this week. I can't believe Marlene killed herself :( That was so very sad. I loved her character. The show won't be the same without her.

And anytime they want to kill off Running Wilde ... please do it quickly. Ugh ... so bad, so bad.

In Treatment started up again. As usual, it sucks until week 3. This is week 3. He has a new therapist and I'm as frustrated with her as Paul is. I have to wonder why he keeps going back. She's not babying him like Gina did.

Starting to watch Infernal Affairs. It's the movie that Scorcese remade into The Departed. So far, the original is terrific. It's really too bad that reading puts me to sleep so quickly. It will take me month to get through it.

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