Saturday, June 14, 2008

Got through Swingtown

I realize that anything I write that is positive about this show will be misconstrued, similar to my writing on Roman Polanski (HE'S A STINKING WEIRDO, but he made the best holocaust movie ever).

Swingtown .. summer offering from, off all networks, CBS. It's about wife swapping swingers in the chicago suburbs during the 70's. Grant Show, who was Jake in Melrose Place, is the main character complete with the most cheesy mustache I've ever seen on a man ... worse than Burt Reynold's Smokey and the Bandit staches. He's a pilot, his wife, who is the coolest chick on tv, introduce their new neighbors to swinging ... as in to swing (my tribute to the czechoslovakian playboys from SNL). Anyway, the whole swinging thing isn't the main thing .... but boy it sure does hook you ... the sets, the food, the music (by Liz Phair !!!!), the lack of cordless phones, cell phones, computers ... cable tv ... even the color is muted ... people .. it wasn't that long ago, but boy, it might as well be from the last centur ... no, wait, it WAS the last century ... duh ... you know what I mean. I know, I'm old, but good lord, I remember this stuff! Oh man, I am old. Ok, now I'm completely depressed that I like this show.

It took me 2 tries to get through it ... that mustache just made my stomach turn. I've jumped that hurdle and will be watching again next week.

I have some movies set to tivo ... 2 by Polanski (Frantic and Chinatown). Have a Michael Winterbottom movie to watch too .. Jude.

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