Monday, June 23, 2008

Jude! Spoilers.

Finally got through Jude. It took me a few tries to get into it because of the English accents, and I will admit, that it put me to sleep a couple times. It's one of those movies that everything happens in the last 15 minutes. It's about 2 cousins who fall in love and .. gulp, have kids. They are already married to other people and are forced to move around because nobody will accept them. It's icky ... sure, but the ending ... spoiler alert, sorry ... Jude's son from his marriage, KILLS, his 2 step siblings and then hangs himself. The kid can't be anymore than 7 or 8 ... it was disturbing. I can't even say that I liked the film. I love Kate Winslet in most anything. She's a great great actress. But this film is just too ... too ... yuck. I deleted it off the tivo as soon as the credits rolled.

Started watching Polanski's Frantic. It has Harrison Ford in it ... dozed off about 20 minutes in.

Back to Kate Winslet for a moment. I love the film, Little Children. So good, great story and Jackie Earle Hailey! The little skinny kid from Breaking Away .. wow, what a great actor. Kate was superb as usual, but the thing that I took away from it more than anything was the narrator. It's the guy who narrates Frontline on PBS is the narrator for the film. Whoever thought of and got him to agree is brilliant! I watch it just for the narration. Yea, I'm weird.

Gotta go get me some David Sedaris books from our library. Librarian must read :)

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Robyn Cheney said...

I havn't seen her in a ton of things but I have loved what I have seen of her. She is good and could be the reason that I might choose to see a movie over another.
How is your summer?
We are spending a lot of time in the sun and I am liking that because it is starting to show on me. I am developing a nice tan. (I actually do spend a tiny bit of time caring about such things.)
Play date soon????