Saturday, November 8, 2008

And Yet, the World Hasn't Ended ....

First post-election post and all is good :)

The Daily Show's election night coverage was lame. Stephen Colbert is playing a character, Jon Stewart is not doesn't work having them work the same room.

Life on Mars was great ... they are blending the current with the past in a really cool way, using his mentor and the local priest and then showing the funeral of his mentor with the priest presiding. This was the best episode focusing on Tyler. Whoopi even made a cool cameo as a Angela Davis afro'd dj. The best part though, was the music. Using Garland Jeffrey's Wild in the Streets as the theme for the show was perfect. I remember loving that song when I was a kid and it will always remind of this friend who took pity on me when I was a pathetic newcomer to Chicago. He used to sing this song to himself all the time, emphasing the W in Wild. And Tyler gaining cred with the militants by rapping Ice Ice Baby was classic!!! I wish ABC would put it on a different night ... Thursday nights are a killer. I heard the ratings aren't that great. If they cancel this show ... well, I won't give up tv altogether, but I may boycott ABC.

Dirty Sexy Money is still chugging along. I heard that ABC is telling it's shows to trip 2% off their show budgets. I'd imagine that the DSM cast is probably one of the highest paid, but each and every one of them are crucial to the storylines. C'mon Donald & Jill, you don't need all that money right???? And Blair, you have a good gig over at In Treatment ... HBO may pay you a little more. Peter Krause is worth every dime though.

Gossip Girl is positively delicious. I can do wtihout Jenny though ... the chinless wonder is just grating. She's even more grating than Serena. Send her to study fashion design in Paris ... she's not needed.

Do not touch a freaking thing in True Blood. Just more Bill would be nice.

Finished watching Michael Clayton ... sigh ... I knew it, another makeup Oscar. Tilda Swinton was good, not Oscar worthy. Tom Wilkinson DESERVED an Oscar. Ok, so maybe he'll get a makeup Oscar at some point in his career. Who knows, maybe Hollywood is mad at him for playing a transsexual in the HBO movie, Normal (which was kick butt btw). He was also freaking fabulous as the leacherous Ben Franklin in HBO's John Adams (he really was the only reason to sit through it, honestly). It was a good movie though. Clooney has really made himself a great actor. I had my doubts, but now I'll at least give a look to anything he does.

And now for my "loser movie fan moment": I'm watching, for the first time, Rosemary's Baby.

And now for my cool book moment ... snagged a copy of David Sedaris's "When you are Engulfed in Flames" from our local library. I have a month to finish it. Since I read as fast as a turtle, it will take me that long. Bad librarian, bad librarian! I listened to Holiday's on Ice, read by Sedaris, which was better than reading the book. His voice is incredible.

And the sun is still shining.

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