Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taxi to the Darkside and Rosemary's Baby

How's that for a happy night of tv viewing???

Taxi to the Darkside was on HBO and it details the horrendous torture that our government not only encouraged and condoned, but will probably also be forgiven as a result of the current administration gutting the torture sections of the War Crimes Act. Yep, the people in charge are going to get off scott free .... I watched this film over several nights because it was very very graphic. The undoctored photos that were seen on tv and in magazines from Abu Graib (which took it's cues from a prison in Afghanistan called Bagram) and going into even more detail of the abuses in Gitmo (please president elect Obama, close that damn place). I'm so incredibly happy that they want to give the detainees proper trials in the United States. It's only fair and if the prosecutors can't make their case, then either they stink as attorneys, or the evidence (read habeus corpus) wasn't there to begin with. Shame on this country's administration ... what a bunch of sick *insert whatever expletive here*.

Finished Rosemary's Baby too. Was it supposed to be a horror movie? It wasn't scary. It was really campy. I mean ... all these old people were Satanists? No young people were part of the group? I didn't get that at all. Was it supposed to be campy? Mia Farrow was kind of shrilly ... I don't know ... why does this film make all these "great" lists.

I'm watching another Michael Winterbottom film called Go Now. It has one of my favorite actors, Robert Carlyle, who I cannot understand a word he says, but I love his acting. He played Begby in Trainspotting, brilliant film, couldn't understand a freaking thing he said in that one either. Carlyle plays a guy who gets MS, which is just horribly debilitating ... it's really depressing to see him deteriorate and Carlyle plays the part so well.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Jonestown. May each person who died on that day, with the exception of Jim Jones, be at peace and may each of their families find peace on this day as well.

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