Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Andy Warhol!

First of all, I am sorely disappointed that ABC is cancelling Dirty Sexy Money. This show has the best cast on television, but I'm also sure it's one of the highest paid, sigh. But, they are not cancelling Life on Mars, although, it's on hiatus until January. Great great show. Reaper is coming back too!!! But alas, they axed Aliens in America ... a truly unappreciated show.

True Blood ended the season. Rene was the killer and Bill went into the daylight to save Sookie from Rene. Sam is a shapeshifter who turns into a dog ... for anyone who doesn't watch, reading this is strange, but the show is just incredible. Not sure if these Twighlight movies/books have anything to do with True Blood. Maybe Twilight is the teenage version of True Blood. HBO ordered up season 2, so COOL!!!!

My Andy Warhol fetish continues. The more I get into it, the more I don't like the guy. Total user, enabler, contributor to his own demise. Ovation has been running a series called Andy Warhol's Factory People. What a bunch of whackos. It's a great series. I think that Bob Dylan knew Andy's deal and refused to be a part of it ... even made off with a print for sitting for a screentest, HA, you go Bob!!! Andy was just really really strange, but he completely manipulated people and honestly, I think some of them wanted to be manipulated. And some of the aging Factory "superstars" are still delusional. This Ultra Violet woman??? Yea, right lady, your hair is now naturally violet ... ca-razeeeeee!!!! Some woman named Ivey claims that she and Andy were going to get married ... hellllooooooo ... he was gay! There was one woman, can't remember her name who was very straight and to the point about how stupid the whole scene was ... she was there for the drugs. I can respect that. I respect people who don't lie to themselves. Unfortunately, many of the Factory people met awful demises, OD's, suicides, hit and runs ... even Andy died a slow painful death. He was never right after being shot by Valerie Solanas .. no surprise, he let her in. She's dead too. I don't think that Lili Taylor portrayed Solanas quite crazy enough in I Shot Andy Warhol ... the woman was just insane.

Also watched a great film called The End of the Century. It's about the rise and fall of the Ramones. I still can't believe Joey is dead. Heck, Dee Dee and Johnny are too ... the front 3, original members, sigh. Those guys were great. While I believe they created a new form of music ... well, not created, because, to me, the godfathers of punk are Iggy and the Stooges, but there were stages ... Stooges, NY Dolls, Ramones ... in that order. Ramones never got the recognition they deserved and they spawned more bands who were far more successful. Heck, they did give birth to the British punk movement, Pisols, Clash, Damned, which begot Joy Division/New Order, Buzzcocks, oh the list goes on and on. Ramones kept it going ... 22 years of touring. I love those guys and I wish Joey was still around.

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