Monday, April 20, 2009

Another show

I started watching what will probably be one of the best series on tv. As much as I feel that Frontline is the most important show on television, American Experience is up there too. American Experience started running a series called We Shall Remain. Everyone should be required to watch this moving series. I think most Americans tend to forget that we (specifically, the English, Dutch & French settlers) were the oppressors of the indiginous people who lived in America for centuries prior to their landing. The first episode deals with the ramifications of the Mayflower landing. The series is told from the native people's perspective and it's amazing. It makes you wonder if anything could have been done to stop the massacres of tribes in what is now Massachusetts. I don't think so. Between the diseases the Europeans brought and their weaponry and sheer numbers ... the indiginous people were going to have to join or die.

I urge one and all to watch. You can watch entire episodes on their website:

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