Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm falling behind

It's unprecedented! I'm sleeping more ... not waking up so much in the middle of the night. It's cool, I guess, because hey, man, sleep is great, but not so much for my tv viewing ... I'm conflicted. In any event, here's what I've been watching as of late:

Daily Show and Keith. Daily isn't as edgy lately. It seems like the show has lost a little air since Cramer v. Stewart. He did have rather amusing diatribe on Limbaugh leaving New York. Same goes for Keith ... there's just not enough rancor in DC to really get something going. Plus, Keith leaves at odd times, like for one day during the middle of the week and although my fellow Hoosier, David Schuster, is capable ... it's just not Keith.

I watched a great show called "Indiana Aria" ... I have a wishlist on the tivo for anything that has "Indiana" in the title or descrpition (how librarian of me right?). Indiana Aria was picked up (so it works!). It follows 3 Opera students at IU's school of music (their opera program is rated number one in the nation .. beating Julliard ... amazing huh?). I remember when I was a student at IU ... I would walk past the music school and hear practices, it was something to behold. It seems that the music school at IU is known more outside of Indiana that in the state, which is sad. Anyway, these 3 students, to my completely untrained opera ears, were amazing. But then you hear their teachers and the people they are auditioning for ... well I don't know squat. All 3 were beyond dedicated and I can't imagine the pressure they are under. If they can't get pro gigs by the time they are 30, they're done .... it's over. Glad I was a history major.

I'm getting 6 episodes of Corner gas now per week. Each one is freaking hilarious. It truly is a Canadian version of Seinfeld. What's nice about it is that the kids can watch it with me. It's about the only thing that they can.

Started watching the film, Y Tu Mama Tambien. I've yet to see a film with Gael Garcia Bernal where he isn't some kind of numbnuts. In Babel, he was a horrible person ... The Science of Sleep, he was a moron and in this one, he's being a real jerk so far. He's a good actor though.

Real Housewives ... why why why do I put myself though it? Kelly and Bethandthecity have a catfight, Bethandthecity wins .. 2 pathetic women, seriously, both are just pathetic in their own ways. To be honest, writing about it is getting really boring. About the only interesting thing is that IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT is getting a divorce! Seems that the Count is getting a little sumpin' sumpin' with an Ethiopian woman in Switzerland!

Watched the most depressing Frontline ever. It was called "Sick in America" .. man, this country is screwed. No hope whatsoever. Yea, all these talking heads are trying to sound optomistic, but nothing is going to change, nothing. Canada sounds better and better everyday ... the land of Corner Gas and the Red Green Show! Better polish up my passport!

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