Sunday, May 11, 2008

movin' on

Moved on from shingles to a broken arm, not mine, my daughters. Will the drama gods give me a freaking break??

Saw a wonderful interview with Ringo Starr ... Ringo Starr Uncut ... I think that's what it was called. Dave ... whatever his name is, from Eurythmics ... Stewart! Dave Stewart, interviewed him and I have to say, he's the worst interviewer I've ever heard. He mumbles. I had to have the volume up up up and I had to rewind to hear his questions, not Ringo's answers. I love the Beatles, no surprise there. My kids love the Beatles, they love Beatles movies, they love all my Beatles tunes on my Ipod. But one of the few Beatles songs I despise is Octopuses Garden, until now. Dave asked him about that song and it has a great story behind it. Ringo is such a sweetheart. You can't NOT like the guy. He was obviously the peacemaker in the group ... there had to be someone who could deal with the Paul & John ego juggernaught and George was too young to deal with it and then Krishna took over. Anyway ... apparently, during the White Album sessions, Ringo quit the group. Couldn't take it anymore and ran off to Sardinia to chill out. He heard a story about how Octopus make little gardens for themselves to live in under the sea and thus bore the song. Ringo was going through a rough patch with his friends and upon hearing the story about Octopi, wrote a song because it helped him calm down ... so now whenever I hear the song, it's a cool song! Good show Ringo.

One of my favorite horror films of all time is 28 Days Later. Danny Boyle films are awesome and this film just captured every horror imagineable. I could imagine this event actually happening. Well, this sequel (28 Weeks Later) was the absolute pits. Robert Carlyle, my favorite unintelligible actor, loved him in Trainspotting, and that damn brogue of his isn't much better in 28 Weeks Later. The concept is interesting. Plague over, maybe. US has taken over London and is starting to repopulate, when a carrier of the rage virus makes it into the new population ... ok, cool .. they just couldn't work with that. It was the most gratutiously sickeningly stupid film I've ever seen. It's like they gave a bunch of stupid 12 year old boys a bunch of red dyed Karo syrup and gummi worms and told them to fling it wherever. The director/producer (I'm talking to you Danny Boyle), should be ashamed. Boo to you. :(

And finally got through Age of Innocence. I adore Marty Scorcese. Marty films are fantastic. Mean Streets? Raging Bull (YA SHOULDA WON THAT OSCAR MARTY!) ... Goodfellas, of course and Departed (it was a makeup Oscar Marty, but at least you have one now). Age of Innocence. Maybe I was too young to appreciate it's beauty and subtle dialogue before. I LOVE THIS FILM! It's like a freaking piece of art. Each and every scene could be cut out and put in the Louvre. It's not just the acting. This movie is about cinematography. It's the most beautiful film I've ever seen. Stunning. Who knew smoke could be blue? The scene of all the men simultaneously holding their bowlers in the wind was amazing. Marty! You're an artist!!! And I'm older and wiser for it.

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