Monday, May 5, 2008

Been awhile

A blog is only as good as long as it's updated.

I gotta keep telling myself that.

I have shingles ... it sucks, been dealing with that, along with indulging my addiction to landscaping my yard and tending all my new plants. Mythbuster proved that talking to your plants helps them grow. Well, I not only chat to them, I also name them and Miracle Grow the heck out of them too! I actually named 3 french pussy willow plants Johann, Francois and AlexSimon in honor of my most hated dimwits from Real Housewives of NYC. HA!

The Riches is over ... I wasn't feeling it this year. I think I said the same thing about Dirt. Maybe it's the sophomore slump thing. Oh well, we'll have to wait until next year to see if they can redeem themselves.

Doot dee dooo!!! THIS AMERICAN LIFE!!! You know how I said that Frontline is the most important show on television, well, This American Life is the most important show on radio ... NPR specifically. Been listening to it for years, even downloaded the podcast so I could catch up when I had time. I used to listen to it on the way to Gymboree on Wednesdays. I could listen to half on the way, then half on the way to preschool. Perfect then ... but we don't have Gymboree or preschool, sigh ...

Ok, so This American Life (TAL) is on Showtime! It's only a half an hour, which is perfect. The radio show is an hour, so I like that they are keeping the tv show to second fiddle status. This week was the season premiere. It was about escape. They showed these kids from the inner city in Philly who take care of, stable and ride horses in the middle of the city. It was really cool ... horses going through the ghetto to get to the park and really go at it ... then the second story was amazing. This guy who was born with this awful condition ... basically, he's a head who can tap a little bit to communicate. Anyway, he wished that either Johnny Depp or Edward Norton Jr. could be his voice, so Johnny Depp read his typings throughout the entire story. It made me cry. This guy has a girlfriend, but has to live with his mom because she's the only one who can take care of him. Did I mention the guy is almost 30? Well anyway, it's easy to ponder one's thoughts on many levels while watching the segment, but it was so incredibly cool that Johnny Depp did this for this guy.

And onto sports. Morgan Melloh is an amazing softball pitcher. She used to pitch for a high school in the town we used to live in and now she's an even more amazing pitcher for Fresno State. I get to watch her games sometimes. I wish that Indiana would act a little more proud of her. Well Morgan ... here's to you!

On a sad note, I lost one of my most beloved college professors last week. Dr. Bishop was one of the most profound teachers and mentors I had in college. He passed away after having a stroke during heart surgery. Yea, he was 70, still ... I never thought he would die. He was amazing ... we was a spy, a real spy, during the 1960's. I went to the Soviet Union with him and he loved it there. Any spy would right? I didn't make it to his memorial, so this little passage will serve as one. Dr. Bishop, I can't believe you're gone. You made an impact on my young life I will never forget. I never knew if you were kidding or not, I never knew if any of those fantastic stories you told me were true, but it didn't matter. I looked up to you, I respected the shit out of you and I will never forget you. You've left many behind who are still in shock that you died. You were never supposed to die. But we all do I guess at some point. Jim, I never could bring myself to call you that to your face, but Jim, thank you.

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