Thursday, May 29, 2008

Much to report .... maybe

Doo dit dee doop dee dooooooooo!!!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC ... the lost footage! Holy cow man ... what a riot. It makes each and every one of them, look worse and I can't believe that was possible.

Countess: How clueless is this twit? She mentions how Noel is happy when the entire family is together. She says this lovingly too, but yet the stupidhead would rather spend time with her hippie wannabe bimbo niece than spend it at home during taco night. Ugh!!! And that daughter of hers is a total princess. Her Father's family presented the statue of liberty to NYC and does she care???? I'd get the back of my german mother's hand if I disrespected the family like that. She actually said that she didn't care about the whole statue of liberty thing. But then again, I was also a bit dismayed that Noel thought the statue of a guy. Hello ... lady liberty??? I guess I'm even more dismayed that this was the first time the family has visited the statue since France presented it to the US ... hmmm. What a bunch of loser euro trash.

AlexSimon and their demon seed, Francois. I don't know what else to say except that little Frank is going to get the ever loving crap beat out of him in school. The parents are going to hate them and him. He's going to public school??? Those city kids are going to take scissors to those goldilocks of his ... man, it's gonna be ugly. And of course , Simon claims that he's not gay ... please. No gay man in his right mind would have that jaw clenching freak. It's great that they found each other ... take 'em off the market!

Bethandthecity. She's just foul and bitter. She needs to marry one of the racetrack guidos and start cranking out little foul and bitter guidos and guidettes. She looks like she is storing nuts in those jowls too. Never noticed that before.

Jill .. yenta yenta yenta. Materialistic yenta. Bawbee is a saint for putting up with her.

Duhmona ... she's just a superfreak. But freaky in a different way than AlexSimon freaky. She's a pathological liar and a bad person. Why anyone would be friends with her is confusing.

Movies movies movies:

Recount on HBO. What a movie! I tried watching John Adams and just couldn't wrap my head around it, but Recount! It's about the 2K election, which, normally, I'd just say "stop already", but the cast drew me in. Kevin Spacey, one of my favorites, was the star. The show stopper was Laura Dern as Kathleen Harris. Give her the emmy now. Tom Wilkinson as Jim Baker was also emmy worthy ... heck, just give everyone an emmy. This movie is terrific! Watching it tied my stomach up in knots kind of like it did back when it was really happening. God I hate Florida. Restoring dignity and honor to the white house .... bullshit.

Black Snake Moan. Yea, I'm not kidding. The double entendre of blues songs is funny. Samuel L. Jackson is right up there with Spacey. When they worked together in The Negotiator, it was magic. Black Snake Moan is about a blues man (Jackson) and a so called nymphomanic played by Christina Ricci. The only reason to watch this mysogynistic vile crap is for Jackson. He plays his own guitar and sings. He's awesome. But Christina Ricci was awful and yucko, Justin Timberlake .... double yucko. Why does he get acting parts??? Why why why??? In a nutshell. Jackson finds Ricci on his road and takes her in to make her better. She keeps trying to run away, so he freaking ... CHAINS her to his radiator. Need I say more? It's all good in the end, but the whole premise is awful and I can't believe a studio gave them money to make it. As far as mysogynistic films ... well, Neil LaBute makes decent ones .. in the Company of Men is hard to watch, but it's not as preposterous as Black Snake Moan. Your Friends and Neigbors wasn't too awful. Nurse Betty was sadly mysogynistic, but a good film (thank you Morgan Freeman). But you can harken LaBute's mysogyny to his upbringing. It's all he knows, but Black Snake Moan has no excuse. If anyone watches it, watch it for Sam Jackson's performance.

Another one of my favorite presidents is Harry Truman. I guess it's because he was an underdog his entire life and presidency. I can relate completely. American Experience followed up with Truman after FDR .. makes sense. He's one of those presidents whose legacy is better than when he was actually president. Sadly, Jimmy Carter won't be remembered that way... what an idiot. I'm on part 3 of 4, so more later on that.

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sarahbclark! said...

hey carrie! i hear you disapprove of our location ;) the house is on the good side of hobart though. we're just there for 6 months and then we'll reevaluate. valpo didn't seem like the best choice for now, with gas prices as high as they are. we needed something closer to T's work for the time being, till we see how the budget is looking. but don't worry about us! we'll stay away from scary Gary!