Monday, March 30, 2009

The Powder and the Glory

I don't wear makeup ... ever. Never interested me to be honest. The most I've ever put on my face is Noxema and cherry Chapstick .... I guess I'm weird that way. I had friend's whose mothers loved dolling me up and I sat there and played along. Never liked the result and a good face washing made me feel better. Maybe I'm lazy, I just never took the time to learn how to apply makeup because it would mean I would have to spend even more time in the bathroom, which I hate doing. In any event, I watched a great documentary about that very subject, makeup. The Powder and the Glory is about Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden. These ladies developed the makeup industry ... they came before Max Factor, Revlon, Maybelleine .. these women created this huge industry at the turn of the century. They were competitors who never ever ever met, never spoke. Their salons weren't far from each other either. It was a fascinating story, this coming from non-makeup-y me!

East Bound and Down and Flight of the Conchords is over for the season. Conchords was hit or miss ... Murray is so annoying. East Bound and Down was really funny. I hope they bring it back.

One more episode of Life on Mars, sigh.

I wish Planet Green would put out new episodes of Total Wrecklamation!!! Come on!!!!

And a book! I'm reading a book! It's called Babylon by Bus. Heard about it on This American Life. It's about these 2 kind of slackers who took of to Iraq to work for the CPA. Just read the first few pages ... I have a month to read it!

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