Friday, September 11, 2009


What an awesome show!!! I can't believe the same guy who created Nip/Tuck created this show. It's about a subject that I ridiculed "muchly" in High School, show choir. Ok, I'm guilty about it now, mea culpa. But do check it out. It's totally worth it, especially since Nip/Tuck may be going bye bye as a result. Don't know how Ryan Murphy can produced 2 quality shows at the same time.

And Corner Gas is gone!!! Where's my favorite quirky Canadian show???? Curse you WGN America CURSE YOU!!!!

Started watching a Terrence Malick film called The New World. Sigh ... it's really good so far. Colin Farrell (another actor that I rank right up there with Brad Pitt as being very underappreciated) is John Smith. He has barely any dialogue, so his acting is true acting and he's really really good. My attitude toward him turned when I saw In Bruges, another quality film. Terrence Malick films are strange. Along with Thin Red Line (cough cough .... Joel ... cough cough), The New World is very nature-y. Malick is obsessed with the setting of his shots, like nature takes precedence over the actors, which ... ok, that's kind of cool if you can pull it off, but I expect to see the PBS logo pop up on the screen during some scenes. Well, The New World is shaping up to be better (in MY opinion!) than Thin Red Line.

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