Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Night Buffalo

Ok, so that was a really disturbing film. Diego Luna is awesome, but I didn't like the character he played. It deserved it's NC-17 rating too .. yikes!!!! I'm still not too hep on the ending ... all that stuff that happened for what, just to have his ask the equally crazy girl if she loves him and boom, that's it??? Sorry if I spoiled it, but that was the least disturbing scene.

Also watched a documentary called Someone Told Me About Carla Bruni. Sorry, but she's the hottest first lady in the entire world. She has that aloof French thing, but she's Italian. She's not a bad singer either. But I think her voice sounds like she's fresh out of bed, and maybe that's a turn on for some. But you cannot tell me that she's not gorgeous. Nicholas Sarkozy is one lucky dude. I have a feeling they will be divorced when he stops being President of France though. She has many famous men in her wake, Clapton, Jagger ...

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