Thursday, September 10, 2009

I know I'll forget things ...

Daily has been on hiatus for a couple weeks. Oh well, it gives me a chance to catch up on other things. Accoding to my ever faithful tivo, it will be back next week.

Community radio ... I love community radio. I love THIS community radio station: You can stream it. Commercial free, crazy play list, awesome stuff! Check it out if you can!!!

Watched Tropic Thunder. Uhhh, ok ... yea, it was what it was. I love Steve Coogan, so it was worth watching for the few minutes he was actually in the film. I suppose there were a lot of inside acting jokes, but of course, they went over my head. I did like Danny McBride's character. Man, that guy just burst onto the scene ... East Bound and Down on HBO, Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express (watched that one too) ... he's funny, I like him. Of course everyone made a big hairy deal about Robert Downey Jr's part, which was funny, but I guess I was underwhelmed since there was so much hype. Ben Stiller .. meh ... still want to punch him in the face. overall, the movie looked like it was conceived over a drunken poker game "hey, let's call as many people that would be cool to work with and see if they'll make this movie". Good thing it worked out because the cast is the only reason to watch this film.

Pineapple Express. Another Apatow thing. Watched Apatow on Inside the Actor's Studio. Lord .. dude, we know you love your wife, but please, STOP!!! The show ended up being more about her puking in 40 year old virgin and Lipton salivating "ohhhhhh it's so hard playing a drunk" ... what? Are you kidding me? I'm no actor, but I think pulling off a drunk would be one of the easier assignements. I don't know, I like his movies, but after watching him on that show, he's kind of a loser. A rich loser, a talented loser, but seriously, I put him in teh Ben Stiller category, I want to punch him in the face. Anyway, the movie was stupid as heck. All this James Franco hype ... yea? So? He's playing a stoner .. so? I've not seen him in anything else. It was so obvious he was channeling Brad Pitt's Floyd character from True Romance ... dude, can we try to be more original? It was just over the top stupid.

Mad Men is the best, man! I can't even begin to describe it because this post would go on forever. Every single character should win an emmy. last week, Betty's dad died and it was horrible to see. Grandpa made a connection with Sally right before he died and now Sally is a mess. I hope they turn her into a pot smoking yelling teenager just to drive Betty crazy!

Househusbands of LA is my new guilty pleasure! The people are awesome!!!
I noticed that scumbag Charlie is a producer of the show ... just figures!

Ok, scumbag Charlie just can't stop trying to play an angle can he? And as much as he talks about his shady past, there aren't any specifics ... ok, he spent time in the can, ok, he robbed ... robbed what? I have a feeling he's watched Reservoir Dogs a few too many times and thinks he's Mr. Charlie. And I'm certain that he has something on Ryan O'Neil in order for him to agree to appear ... he looks so uncomfortable.

Grant. Bravo Grant!!!! They have babies who's futures need to be taken care of. Sorry, but going to neiman markup or sacks of cash avenue 7 times in 1 day blowing 7K IN ONE DAY ... he had every justification to go off like he did on her. She's an irresponsible spoiled brat who doesn't realize that entertainment careers are fleeting. It's ok to spend, but she has a big problem. She needs to grow the freak up and stop acting like she's single without responsibilities to other people. It's not just about her anymore.

Awwww, and how cute are Darryll & Tempestt? Seriously, they are flat out adorable. They should have their own show! They are the best matched couple. She's so down to earth and level headed and Daryll knows he can be a bit of a piece of work ... they are good for each other!

Danny boy and barbie doll ... sigh. I give it 2 years. She'll find some high fly-ah who is already in the biz and kick poor submissive Danny to the curb. Then maybe he'll go back and be the doctor that he planned on being all along!

IAM29DAMMIT is one damn lucky woman. He does everything for her and he does it with a smile and love in his heart. Did you see his ham hands trying to tie those silly charms on those bottles??? That's a man and IAM29DAMMIT doesn't appreciate it, going out for drinks with Bratty Barberie ... argh!!!! And those daughters of his are cut from the same cloth as mom ... Billy is the best.

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