Thursday, September 24, 2009

The new fall season ...

I have to say that I haven't laughed as hard as I laughed last night as I did for a .. gasp ... network show! That show would be Modern Family. Unfortunately, for Glee, I'm going to make the choice to put that show on pause so I can see more Modern Family. So let's see, before, the only network show I watched was 30 Rock, so now I'm watching Modern Family and Community, although, I think I may stop with Community after the second episode because it totally jumped the shark on episode 2! Isn't that sad?? But, I will say this, there was this spanish rap at the end of the episode that was CLASSIC:

Curb Your Enthusiasm started the new season ... wow, that was a truly cringeworthy episode! Catherine O'hara played this mental patient who's name was ... and I am not kidding ... Bam Bam .. yes, Bam Bam! I know the emmys were on at the same time, but they might as well have given her the emmy right there! She played Funkhauser's sister and I will always be amazed that the guy who plays Funkhauser, Bob Einstein, is not only Super Dave, but also Albert Brook's brother. And Larry is great ... such a buffoon, borderline a-hole. So happy this show is back on.

Watched a new show after Curb called Bored to Death. It's been getting bad reviews, but doggone it, I liked it! Jason Schwartzman and that grizzly guy from the Hangover ... some long Polish name that starts with a G ... it's really quirky, dry, strange .... fits Schwartzman to a T. He's a loser who's girlfriend dumps him, so he becomes a private eye ... yea, I told you it was strange. Again, I was expecting stupid, but it's not. I mean, if HBO can give Flight of the Conchords a couple seasons, this show can certainly be given the same. It's way better than John from Cincinnati ... still trying to figure out that one.

True Blood ended. Looks like Bill is either dead or is going to be dead soon. Maryann died a horrible death ... thank god ... so glad that storyline is OVER!!!!

And Mad Men was rather Tarantino-esque ... guy got his foot chopped off by a lawn tractor ... ha!

And Californication starts up this weekend ... dang! I'm back to being a full on addict again.

And Gossip Girl is back ... I hate to say this, but I actually chose to stay with GGirl over Lie to Me. Gossip Girl is so easy to watch, so silly .... I don't have to think about it. Hopefully the networks will change the times or days for Lie to Me and Glee, or I'll catch them in rerun ... sigh.

I'm watching a Diego Luna film called La Buffalo de la noches ... I'm sure I butchered that, sorry. It's The Night Buffalo. The movie jumps back and forth and in the beginning, I didn't recognize Diego Luna ... he looked like heck, skinny ... blech ... turns out, he's a drug addict in part of the film. In the flashback scenes, he looks normal. Good movie, so far.

Watched a great documentary called Afghan Beauty School. It's about a beauty school in kabul, partially funded by Anna Wintour from Vogue. I guess Afghan women love getting their hair and makeup done, who knew? It was very uplifting and positive. Good work going on there.

Daily and Keith are rounding out my viewing. Stewart had Blago on last night and Blago is so whacky, you want to believe him, but man, he's just weird.

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