Saturday, March 20, 2010

High Society ...

So I make it a sport to mock the Real Housewives of New York City. Yep, that I do! But I started watching a new reality show that TAKES THE FREAKING CAKE, MAN! It's called High Society and this show makes those commoners over on Bravo look like mature human beings!

Why do I watch ... well, I've always been fascinated by those of the monied class in NYC ... so sue me. If I could go back in time, I'd be a rich girl in NYC between 1920 and September 1929. I watch Gossip Girl too. It's just hard to imagine having the opportunity to live that way and I'd like to think that I'd be a lot more classy about it than the Housewives, but really, Tinsley Mortimer's show takes it all!

Poor Tinsley Mortimer .. born into Manhattan wealth (in Virginia!)... marries young, marries a rich guy (now divorced) who's relation ran Standard Oil ... not a Rockefeller though. She's in her 30's and whines and moans and dresses like she's 16 years old. This girl needs a GROW THE FREAK UP pill. But then she has this delusional mother, wow, she's a piece of work! She's one of those mothers that people make that scary face behind her back and then say "but she means well". Scary woman. She wants nothing more than to for Topper (!!!!!!) and Tinsley to get back together (according to her, Topper is an American prince ... ha!). But the best reason according to her is "they have the same initials!" For every sarcastic remark I've ever made about my mom .. I'm glad she's my mom ... Dabney Mercer is a loonie. Tinsley apparently graduated from Columbia with a History degree ... would love to talk shop with her sometime. Wonder what history she knows ... "oh, like I know the history of like Park Avenue" ... hmmmmmm. Oh look, poor Tinsley is so heartbroken because her husband didn't like her parading around NYC getting photographed. No, Tinsley, I'm sure there was more to it than that ... could it be those horrible friends you hang around with?

Jules Kirby. Talk about a girl in sore need of a good butt kicking ... her parents should be ashamed at the horrible trashy and ugly person that they managed to create. She's racist, downright mean .. maybe she has a mental disorder ... no, I won't make excuses. She's just a horrible person.

Then there's this over the top guy who is a doppelganger of Jules, some weirdo ... JP .. PJ ... Calderon????... they are mirror images of each other. He's mean too, he's also been caught stealing ... asks his mom for $50K out of his trust fund so he can get an apartment. She indulges him by giving him $25K and he immediately orders a hotel staffer to "draw me a bubble bath" and, I'm sure, blew through that money in one night. OH, but the best is that he claims that all he wants is a husband and a family! Oh Ma Gawd! He thinks people like him and want to photograph him, but what the press wants is to catch him looking like the foolish twit that he is and he DELIVERS!!!!

And then there's Tinsley's equally immature sister ... she has to take a break from helping Tinsley unpack (and did I mention that Tinsley unpacks wearing 6 inch heals because she just CAN'T DO FLAT SHOES!) so she can do her nails!

bottom line ... this show is a complete train wreck. OH, and I forgot to mention that Tinsley is in Looooooooooove with this German "prince" ... she acts like a 14 year old girl with a school crush. This guy, Casimir ... Cazzie as she calls him, is a meanie too. Total control freak, throws a temper tantrum because the camera wasn't getting him from the right angle and that they were going off script (ooops!!!!). And then there's meddling mama going to some library to look up information (she can read!) and finds some book and gets terse like she's found some major skeleton. No, she probably found a book on German history and got to the WWII section and immediately thinks Cazzie's Dad was Adolph Hitler.

Seriously ... this show ... wow ... I don't watch Jersey Shore, but I think this show may be the rich version of Jersey Shore. But you know what they say:


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