Friday, March 26, 2010

RHWNYC ... High Society and Sons of Tucson

Woo! I was exhausted after watching that episode!

Duhmona is hands down one bat crap crazy beyotch! Here's Duhmona: "oh, oim not gettin' involved", "so did you have your breasts re-done Kelly?", "hey, LuAnn, you're a liah! Oim just sayin, Pinot Grigo! He-ah, now!" Oh LuAnn, let me kiss your hand, she's just out of her freaking mind!

Jill ... poor Jill ... pathetic yenta Jill. That popeye sounding mom of hers is a real piece of work! Jill's sister is so nice. She seems very LEVELHEADED!!! Oh Glahh-ria, EQUAL, EVERYONE EQUAL!!! And did you see how she went all agony aunt on LuAnn ... ding ding ding ... she's the new Bethandthecity for Glahhh-ria! Oh, don't worry de-ah, you'll come out a much betta parson on the otha soid. OY!!!! And did any of you get an acid flashback when Jill said that "mommy isn't happy?" Yenta Jill said that same dang thing when Bawbee failed to get a Mercedes SUV for her with an MP3 jack???

And KellyHIEEEEEE!!! Did you see her in all her HIEEEEEE glory at that Perez Hilton thing? And what a freak that mofo is!!!! The guy is a freaking BLOGGER!!!! A gossip blogger!!! And he's treated like a celebrity! And I could have sworn that KellyHIEEEEEE said she was going to meet Paris Hilton, not Perez Hilton. Do you think that Duhmona would have been so quick to put poor Avery in a cab ALL BY HERSELF if she knew she was going to meet Perez Hilton???? Poor Avery. She's such a pretty girl too ... the look she gave Duhmona from the cab was so sad :( And I'll give props to KellyHIEEEEE for actually thinking that Duhmona was a jerk for doing that to her daughter.

And that Saks party. Duhmona was absoutely spot on ... Jill's dress looked like her apartment!!!! I about fell off the couch when she said that.

LuAnn is a snake. She's stooping down to a level that she was never on while she was in hermarriageof16years. SnaggletoothAlex had every reason to be hacked at Yenta Jill and then catching her and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT in a lie! Oh man, the reunion show is going to rock!

Don't know if any of you are watching High Society, but I thought it was HYSTERICAL that there's Duhmona and Bethandthecity (and if I have to see her schilling for that dumb margarita every frickin' show ... ) sat at the BAR at Phillippe? The BAR!!!! Here's the difference between the classes of these wannabes. Tinsley Mortimer ... she gets the chef's table for a freaking BLIND DATE! Take that wannabe socialites! You've got a long long way to go!

Speaking of High Society ... ok, so please tell me what the point of this show is again? I get Tinsley's point .. she's schilling her handbags .. ok, not that I like it, but I get it. Jules Kirby is hands down one of the most evil children I've ever seen. Period . JPC ... what a mess that boy is. He has the mental capacity of a flea and he thinks he's hot? He's a skinny little runt. That personal trainer is using him for publicity ... can't blame him either! Opportunity knocks! Can't wait to see his skinny little rear end get the boot! He's going to cry like the little baby that he is! And then we meet this new person .... Devorah Rose? Wow, she's one homely thing. Not ugly, just homely, which is worse. At least Jules has good looks, well, kind of good looks. Even Tinsley's mom is a child ... please, Tinsley's mom, get over it, Tinsley is out of the Topper family!!! She doesn't want back in! She's dating some dude from American Idol now ... bet that drives mama nuts!!! At least Cazzie is gone ... yeesh, what a creep!

Started watching Sons of Tucson ... has the scraggly funny guy from Reaper ... Sock. It's funny ... well, Sock is funny. These 3 kids hire Sock to pose as their dad, or guardian, or whatever while their real dad is in the can. The kids are strange ... not very funny, but Sock is funny, so I'll keep watching since I'm still in deep denial that Reaper was cancelled.

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