Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RHWNYC and The Reader

Watched last week's epi last night ...

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is an old twit. You know, what's funny is that SHE is the one who wanted this show ... she's the one who recruited people and look at her ... this show has blown up in that face of hers! I will say though, her kids are beautiful and I hope they are doing fine ... no, they are ... their lives are still jet setting, only this time popeye the sailor voice isn't with them. So she lost that dollhouse in manhattan eh and rosie along with it. Don't know ... Rosie seems a lot happier without having to deal with IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT, but she has enough CLASS not to rub it in her face because Rosie is a good person. And Victoria and NOLE, not No-el, couldn't have given a rat's rear end to hang with Rosie.

Bethandthecity ... poor Jason ... here's a tidbit:
Bethenny's Famewhore Wedding Being Filmed! PerezHilton.com
And geez ... now we get to see her cutsie little catchphrases WITH TEARS! Oy vey! Again, poor Jason.

Yenta Jill, really not much to say other than she needs to get over it. She and IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT make a good pair.

Leatherface ... ok, so when she graced LuAnn's party with this hush hush big secret ... I thought it was going to be something really major .. she's engaged, she eloped ... she's pregnant ... I mean, Playboy .. whoop-dee - doo! She's acting like this is a big hairy deal, like it's Farrah Fawcett over 40 part II .. please! I love how Bawbee put it into perspective ... yea Leatherface, people like Bawbee, old Bawbee, married old Bawbee are going to be looking at your leathery shortcomings ... and how stupid is she that oops! She didn't think of that part! And judging from the previews for next week, her kids could care less! What a self centered overblown ego that one has! Blech!

Ok, so Alex is growing on me now ... she's the most level headed of the group ... it took 3 seasons, but I have to say, when I see Alex and Simon now, it's actually a breath of fresh air.

Duhmona and Supermario ... Mario should just apologize already and be done. and Duhmona is right ... IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is just as guilty of calling duhmona names. I think IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is bitter because seriously, Duhmon and Supermario have a good marriage. I bet those 2 have been solid their entire marriage. It sounds like the DuhLesseps had a crappy 16 year marriage with loads of infidelities.

Watched The Reader, the movie that they newly separated Kate Winslet (marriage #2 down the pooper .... is she 30 yet?) won the Oscar. Much deserved compared to Sandra Bullock getting it for The Blind Side ... please! I kinda liked the film. Just kinda. The story was intriguing. She was a guard during WWII and was brought to trial for a fire that killed hundreds of Jewish women. She was railroaded into taking the wrap for the entire thing. I guess for me, I just didn't understand why she would target a teenage boy for a relationship. That, I just didn't understand, so that's why I just kinda liked it. Her performance was great and the best scene was when Ralph Fiennes completely lost it toward the end of the film (he played the grown up version of the teenage boy). In terms of holocaust movies, this one wasn't that great.

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