Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last night watched the Riches. Next week is the season finale. I'm a little disappointed with Dahliah's character. I still can't figure out why she went to the cop and revealed who she was. Wayne's character isn't as good this year either. The supporting cast is carrying this show this year ....looks like Dale is going to get killed, good. Hugh is great, so over the top and so Louisiana.

Reaper. Love that show! Kevin Smith is a consultant, but I seriously think he writes the thing. It's like the movie, Dogma, each and every week. I hope CW brings it back next season. Everyone looks like they are having a great time working on the show. I honestly like this show better than Chuck (which is pretentious), but not as much as Pushing Daisies (which is like Dead Like Me .... I'll never forgive Showtime for cancelling that gem) ... same with Deadwood.

Back to Real Housewives of NYC ... the shoes that Simon was wearing! They were Peter Pan boots!!! And then what really annoys me is the way all of them lie about their bad behavior by making excuses ... oh, I was a bitch because a friend was in the hospital, oh I acted that way because I was having a bad day. Please stop! It's so pnoney and just makes you an even bigger liar and an immature brat. Own your bad behavior.

Aliens in America. What a great show. Another one from CW ... how pathetic am I? 3 of my favorite shows are on the CW ...

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