Friday, February 20, 2009

Where do I start???

I've been watching waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much tv. Life on Mars is back and is getting better and better. Keitel & Imperiloi make this show worth watching every week. I dont' know if it's Keitel's white loafers or Imperioli's awesome hair and mustache and I'm thoroughly convinced that Sam Tyler is part of an intelligence gathering operation by the Soviets ... they transported him back to 1973 with all his knowledge of 2008 and he's spilling it all. And this past week, he met someone from 2009 and it was so sweet when he told Tyler that we have a black president and Tyler's response was "he really won?" It was so cool.

There's going to be a Dead Like Me movie! Just had to get that out .. Yea!

Watching lots of Keith as usual, but the Daily Show is off.

I'm almost done with There Will Be Blood. I love most of Paul Thomas Anderson's films. Loved Hard Eight, Boogie Nights and ... yes, Punch Drunk Love. Hated Magnolia, just did. But There Will Be Blood is amazing, just amazing. And it all has to do with Daniel Day Lewis. He's just magnificent. The story ... well, many storylines are all incredibly complicated. So far, Daniel Day Lewis is in every single scene of the film. I have about 30 minutes to go and it all seems to be working up to a very large ... thing .. don't know ... we'll see. Honestly, I loved No Country For Old Men, but There Will Be Blood should have won best picture too.

Started watching this really .. funny? Weird??? Show called East Bound & Down. It's produced by Will yuck Ferrell and thank god he's not in it to gum it up because the main character, played by Danny McBride is freaking hysterical. It's about a total redneck guy who had a reasonably successful baseball career and ends up back in his old high school teaching PE because he completely screwed up his career and life. All he has left is a truck and a jet ski. It's on right after Flight of the Conchords (which was exceptionally funny this week, although I didn't understand half the dialogue ... very heavy NZ & Aussie). So my brain has to adjust from NZ accents to NC accents ... only every other word out of Danny McBride's mouth isn't a pleasant one, but hearing with a drawl makes it funny.

But the best .. the best I tells ya!!! REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC IS back baby!!!!

Duhomona ... she has to be in her 50's. She looks great, but those googly eyes are just too freaking much. She's right though about AlexSimon ... they just suck the energy out of a room. They are so incredibly negative. Alex is just hideous, but the people of this great country owe her a great debt of gratitude because she took that even more hideous Simon off the market ... god, he's just so awful ... looking more and more clenchy and drunk the more time he spends on camera! Jill ... sigh, yenta Jill ... what can I say, Bawbee is a saint for being with her and he's the best husband of all the women. Countess ... what a beyotch. She's all about etiquette, but yet, she rudely stands Jill up after volunteering her children's services in helping Jill get ready for a party? And then our lovely new boobied Bethandthecity ... she of the square head ... why is she there again? And we have a new "housewife" ... and she's a doosie. A real socialite. She's gonna really give the Countess (who cannot drink beer from a bottle ... oh brother) and Duhomona a run for their money. The best though, was Duhomona running away from Jill's party when AlexSimon came .. what's the deal???? Duhomona is completely out of her mind.

And that was just episode 1!!!!!!

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