Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John Mayer ... blech ....

Am I the only one who can't stand this dweeb? I'm writing this because he's on my beloved XRT right now ... your body is a wonderland ... oh give me a break.
His fake raspy voice, they had better play something better next.

I've been watching a mish mash of things lately. Lots of Daily Show, lots of Olbermann, news in general. I'm into a few movies right now. Killing Emmett Young ...

ok ... Secondhand Love by Townshend ... that's much much better.

Killing Emmett Young stars Scott Wolf of Party of Five fame, but that's not why I tivo'd it. It also has Tim Roth & Gabriel Byrne, two of my favorites. I can't quite wrap my head around it yet. It's a short movie and I'm about 45 minutes in and it just seems ... jagged .. jagged???? I don't know.

And in my Val Kilmer is one of the most underrated actors in hollywood ... brother did a tv ministeries called XIII. I'm about a half hour into the first episode. It's a made for tv miniseries, so it has to mind the rules.

Flight of the Conchords continues to amuse me. I wish that Murray would be sent back to New Zealand. I honestly think the show could be carried by Jermaine, Bret & Mel on their own ..

ahhhhhh ... Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode .. ok, XRT is forgiven :)

Speaking of Jesus, I watched the Mark Twain Prize honoring the late great George Carlin. Standups were each given a few minutes to speak about how they were inspired, affected, felt about George Carlin. He was even working on his acceptance speech when he died. I thought I'd end up crying throughout the entire thing, but I made it through until Ben E. King came out and sand one of Carlin's favorite songs, Stand By Me. I had to turn it off ... tears welling up ... it's amazing to me how many comedians that Carlin inspired and mentored. The guy with one of the biggest hearts in comedy and that's what ended up killing him. Sigh.

WGN changed the times of Corner Gas now where it's on 3 times in one night of the week and it's making me realize how much I love the show! I have to wait all week to watch 3 episodes. It's just funny. Every character could be a show, but together, all of them ... just hysterical.

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