Saturday, February 28, 2009


The second episode of Real Housewives of NYC was off the hook. AlexSimon are just plain whack. Oh dear! They blessed everyone on the Hamptons with their presence ... and trust me, they felt that THEY were doing the blessing! Oh, the Atlantic is just soooooooooooooo much more cold and choppy ... oh, Francois and Johann just wouldn't like it here at all ... and then the banana hammock! Simon wears a speedo because it's just so european and we common folk in America just can't handle it ... no Simon, we can handle it, YOU can't handle the laughter eminating from everyone who is embarassed by seeing your junk hanging in the wind. Please dude, everyone who calls you gay is insulting every gay man on earth. What a sad sack of a human being you are. And the fangy wife Alex ... I wonder what color the sky is on Planet Alex??? Sweetie, you grew up in Kansas, not the Carribean ... you went to Northwestern, not the Sorbonne ... you're a regular girl, with fangs. The shopping spree! They spent 8K on a bunch of clothes that the store owner made 2 shopgirls help haul into their car ... I don't know, that 8K would have bought nice flooring for that hovel they call a house in Cobble Hill.

Duhomona, believe it or not, is actually proving to be the nice person of the season. Bethandthecity is just a mess. Seriously, if her food is anything like her life, do not eat it. Yenta Jill is a total co-dependent. That chunky Ally couldn't wait to get the heck away from her! She's spending the summer in Paris. I bet she comes back looking completely healthy and gorgeous. She needed to get away from Jill ... yuck, talk about overbearing mother.

And the DisCOUNTESS. First, she orders a pizza and tell them that her name is Countess DeLesseps. She's joking right? Please tell me that she's not serious. She gets an award from a cancer society and she literally interrupts and tells everyone to shut up and listen and then she tromps back to her table and proceeds to chit chat! She's the queen of hypocrisy!

Kelly .. still too soon to tell. But my theory on her hating women and only seeking the worship of men was on full display. She trotting around like a little schoolgirl at this party, from one group of men to another. It was kind of embarassing to see. It was like she was taking in man energy and left when she was full.

Watched a movie I haven't seen in awhile. Albert Brooks's, Mother. Debbie Reynolds is just too cute. This movie was made in 1996, so seeing the computers, the phones and a younger Lisa Kudrow, basically playing Phoebe, was a hoot.

Also watched bits and pieces of The Cell & The Breakup. I'm not convinced as to why Jennier Aniston and Vince Vaughn ever hooked up ... but then again, she's still with the big dork, John Mayer. Sigh.

The usual, lots of Keith, lots of Daily Show.

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