Saturday, February 21, 2009

I drink your milkshake!!

What a great movie!!! There Will Be Blood is fantastic. And it's worth every minute for the final 5 minutes. I'm not kidding. The 2 best lines in the film happen during that final scene ... "I drink your milkshake" and "I'm finished". The way Daniel Day Lewis delivered both those lines was pure genius. No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood were filmed at the same time in the same general locations. Both endings were abrupt ... Loved them both.

I wrote this on another website for more on my real housewives:

I watched my tivo'd episode yesterday afternoon ... wow, this season is going to be completely psycho!

AlexSimon are positively the 2 most horrible people on this show. Those kids of theirs are completely out of control ... did you see how she was holding him in the backseat? Yea, there were cameras in the front seat, then freaking rent an SUV you idiots!!!! Frank wasn't in a carseat! And that rental???? And the sliding door for the pool? And then the whole tv rant by Alex ... man, she is completely batsh^%. Jealous of Jill ... yea right. I've always maintained that people who speak like that are really speaking into a mirror. I've never seen more jealous wannabes than AlexSimon. Alex's fangs ... Alex's fangs!!!!

Bethandthecity .. she's on this show why? Anyone catch her new b00bies and lipo'd belly? Her head is getting more and more square shaped as we go along. She's more of a character than a real person. Again, she's on the show why????

Jill is basically the same. Bawbee is a saint. I really like him. Those 2 are the most in tune couple on the show.

The Countesssssssssssssss ... she's really threatened by the new "wife". She's writing a book on etiquette, but thinks nothing of backing out of a promise she made to Jill and says nothing about it??? She gets up in Jill's grill about how to handle the Page 6 thing, but she doesn't hold her children to the same standard? Jill was wrong to just let that one go. She should have called the Countesssssssssssssssssssss on her poor manners.

Duhmona ... she's 52 people! She looks awesome for 52!!!! But those googly eyes are just too much. She's a case study for the people at the show "Lie to Me". All her emotions and future moves can be seen by her googly eyes. And why is she so askeered of AlexSimon? Seriously, she absolutely frightened of them. Is she still bunched up over the nude photos?

The new wife is going to be awesome. Looks like she is going to go to the mat with Bethandthecity and I, for one am going to love seeing it. She needs to be dropped a couple pegs.

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