Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reality Television .. nooooo!!!!

I cannot believe I'm getting sucked into reality tv. And it's not the mainstream stuff either. Here's a list:

Giuliana and Bill: Why do I watch this? I did watch Rancic win the first Apprentice and he's a Chicago guy, so I get to see my beloved city a lot while watching and I did just stumble on in while channel flipping a few weekends ago. Giuliana ... I have to say that on first glance, I wanted to pop her one, but she's actually not half bad. She and Bill make a great couple. It will be interesting to see if or when they ever have kids ... they act like a couple kids right now.

Househusbands of Hollywood: Still watching this one. It rocks though, I say this hanging my head in guilt. The season finale is this weekend. Billy Ashley and Darryl Bell are the only reasons to watch this show. They are beyond sweethearts and at least Darryl Bell's SO, Tempestt Bledsoe, really gets him. Billy's wife, I call her IAM29DAMMIT, appreciates her husband, but she can be a selfish twit too. There's shortfuse Grant, who is married to the ever so dreadful Jillian Barberie ... the nutrisystem "look sharp Golic" chick ... please! Then there's this complete doof named Danny ... call him Dannyboy, who is married to this woman who has abnormally straight blond hair ... looks lile well groomed hay. She's awful! She's an attorney who prefers to keep her husband at home, but she'll never admit it. Dannyboy dropped out of premed, which is just a fancy way of saying he changed his major ... dude ... so he can pursue his dreams of being an actor. So far, all he's done is a gameshow and Shakespeare, which hayhead proceeded to whine about ... I think she just likes having a houseboy.

Watched the first episode of Dallas Divas and Daughters. Whoa, what a bunch of wannabes. Well, there's one seemingly proper Dallas hoity toid, but the others are all rather trashy. Their daughters are spoiled rotten. The hoitytoid daughter seems to be parented somewhat ... don't know how long I'll keep up with this one.

Here's what else is being watched:

Curb Your Enthusiam ... awesome. LD reunited Seinfeld and pretty much proved that reunion shows, as a rule, suck. I liked Seinfeld, but I love Curb.

Bored To Death: This past weeks episode was hysterically funny. It had nothing to do with the stupid PI storyline, they should keep doing episodes like that. Ten Danson is doing everything in his power to kill off Sam Malone with every new role. Must be the silver hair.

Mad Men: YUM! This is the most perfect show on television! Betty is completely nuts and Don doesn't know what the heck to do with her. Pete is back to being Pete and I'm expecting a new spawn of Pete by the end of the season. Peggy slept with Duck ... euwww! I just love this show.

Gossip Girl ... yea, I'm still watching ... but I wear dark sunglasses when I do!

No more Corner Gas :( WGN America didn't renew their contract to show it ... curse you WGN!!!!

Watched 2 foreign films. Moi & Toi is a ... duh .. French film about a magazine writer and her half sister who is a cellist. It's hard to describe, but I really liked it.

Rudo y Cursi stars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. It's a comedy about 2 country bumpkins who become professional soccer players and the madness that ensues. It was really funny, very vile, lots of cursing ... loved it. The one thing that bothered me was the in the end, a drug lord wins ... this would never happen in American films. Still liked it very much though. After The Nigh Buffalo ... had to have a different image of Diego Luna.

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meg4fancast said...

Oh my goodness. I totally agree with Giuliana and Bill and Househusbands of Hollywood. I love these! They're so funny. If you miss any, you can catch them on Fancast. So addictive!