Saturday, October 31, 2009

1000 Ways to Die

Wow, wow, wow ... this show is indescribeable ... seriously. It's completely gross and I love it! I first heard about it while flipping around and landed on some The Soup type show, can't remember which one and they were describing what the show was about. It's exactly as the title suggests, it's about people dying in strange ways. I tivo'd one episode and boom, I was done, season passed that sucker! Being a Tarantino fan, this show is completely up my alley ... that doesn't sound good does it. Well, anyway, you can't help but to laugh because they have this narrator who sounds really really serious and then you have actors reinacting the death. There's one about a supermodel who eats herself to death ... yea, they show what happened ... some guy gets high on shrooms and ends up getting killed because he tried to have his way with a bear. Some guys throws a javelin and ends up running into it with his eye .... his EYE!!! They have doctors get into the medical reasoning about how they died. Seriously, it's a perfect show! Did I just type that? Since I season passed it, I have a ton of them to catch up on ...

Nip/Tuck is getting kind of meh. I don't like Rose McGowan as Teddy ... I'm just not a fan of her. Seriously, chicky chick ... the goth thing is over ... yawn! I like Gossip Girl better than I like Nip/Tuck at this point. And THAT is a sad thing to write.

Happy Halloween!

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