Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too much reality!

So this stupid stupid stupid show on Style Network called Dallas Divas and Daughters is just AWFUL!! And from what I'm reading elsewhere, the true socialites in Dallas have no clue who these women are! I know nothing of Dallas, never been there ... really no reason to go there. But when I think of Dallas, I think of Jessica Simpson types and none of these women and these things they call daughters are anything like that. There's this one woman who has an unnaturally lipsticked mouth of a carp whose hair looks like it's laquered to her head a mile high ... I cannot begin to think what that thing looks like in the morning! And her daughter just doesn't understand why her mom attracts losers .... poor kid. Then there's a woman who claims to be an aristocrat, who, in reality, it seems is a new monied former loose teenager who is raising a daughter who is clamped down on so hard that this poor thing is going to run off to college and get into some major trouble when mommy isn't around. Who the heck gives hickeys anymore??? Yuck. Then there's this leather faced plump amazon who has been labeled a wannabe ... yea, that's how I'd want to be labeled on a reality show! She's awful!!!! She and the so called aristocrat go at each other and to be honest, it looks incredibly fake. And then there are these bratty daughters ... ugh!! Can't blame them though ... their mothers sowed the seeds of these brats.

I'm starting to watch The Property Shop of HGTV. It's one of those real estate agent shows. The main agent is this poodle haired, but really cool lady from Montreal named Tatiana Londano ... she's fun, the city is beautiful. It's good fun.

The new season of Whatever Martha started a few weeks ago. This season, they must have told Alexis to focus more on her childhood with Martha. Jennifer is superfunny this season. She has the best laugh on television. Alexis doesn't seem as hateful as she has been in the past. Maybe all this catharthsis on the show is mellowing her out.

Californication is awesome this season. Hank is now teachind writing at the university ... yea yea yea ... he's typical Hank. But this season seems to be really focusing on the comedy. Hank is like a kid in a candy store. Runkle is trying to get back together with Marcy and Kathleen Turner is Runkle's new boss... sigh ... time hasn't been kind to her. I understand she's had a lot of health problems and it looks like she's on steroids because she's really puffy and that voice is really bad now. She's not the same Kathleen Turner from Body Heat. She's still funny as heck though ... foul mouthed sexpot is what she is now.

Finished watching Jules et Jim and ugh!!!! Such a piece of arthouse crap. The woman who Jules et Jim were in love with was a horrible horrible woman ... I don't get it at all. Why would anyone want anything to do with that stupid woman, much less get into a car alone with her? Jules et Jim were dumb ... near as I can tell, the only thing this movie had to offer were interesting camera shots, but other than that ... it was oh so european and oh so stupide!!!

Margot at the Wedding ... what do you get when you mix Nicole Kidman as a bitter old NY writer with a son with hair as long as hers, Jennifer Jason Leigh playing her typical Jennifer jason Leigh character ... someone who is so incredibly messed up that you just say ... yep, that's Jennifer Jason Leigh ... and .... and ... JACK BLACK ... yes, jack black trying his gosh darned hardest to be a dramatic lead ... freaking A ... I'll tell you what you get ... A STUPID MOVIE!!! I'm glad it was less than 2 hours long.

Mad Men ... chugging along ... I think there are 3 episodes left.

Curb your Enthusiasm. My god, Larry David has no shame. He dates a woman in a wheelchair .. and yes, he tried to get romantic with her ... yes, they showed it.

My pleasant surprise has been Bored to Death. It's gotten better and better as we go along. I really like the bushy beard guy ...G-finkis guy from the Hangover. jason Schwartzman is such a goofball that he's worth watching, but Ted Danson .... what is it with this guy ... he goes silver and all of a sudden, he plays these scumbags to a T. It's amazing!

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