Sunday, October 11, 2009

Househusbands season finale ... meh!

What a cheesy finale ... boooooo!!!!

Scumbag Charlie ... oooooo ... confessing to the in laws ... big effing deal dude!!! I really wonder what it was that he did. He acts like he was a sidekick to Sammy the Bull or something. I have a picture in my head of H.I. McDonough from Raising Arizona. Again, I think he watched Reservoir Dogs a few too many times and thinks he's Mr. Yellow, the guy that got cut out of the film.

Shortfuse Grant came off as a giant dbag this episode .. enough of the "bro", "dude", talking like a poor man's Jeff Spicoli .. duuuuuuuude!!!! That webisode idea is LAME!!!! And those women are pathetic hanging all over Grant like that ... gross. And how funny is it that Barberi-doll doesn't know how to change a freaking diaper!!! Seriously!!!!

And are you kidding me??? Who the freak tells people "hey everyone, we are going to try to get pregnant!" Those two are like high school kids tee heeing about the birds and the bees. What a couple of losers. Do they not realize that they are setting themselves up for a monthly phone call to see if she's late??? I pray for Danny's sake that she get preggers PRONTO!!! If he thinks the whining about not having kids was bad? Oh my .. can you imagine what it's going to be like when she's constantly saying "Dannyyyyyyyyyy, I want to have a baby in my bellyyyyyyyyy, Dannnyyyyyyyy!!!!" I wanted to jump into the tv and pull that stringy hair of hers when he actually rah rah'd herself for wearing Danny down ... yea, I can see her nursing at 2am .. yea right! She'll try to figure a way out to find a drug that will make Danny lactate.

Billy and Daryll are the best. Can't say enough. Billy has the heart of a lion. I think that Billy & Daryll should figure out something to do together in the sports field. He's so much bigger than Daryll, it would be cute!I guess I was expecting more ... sigh.

Will there be an Andy Cohen mozel tov reunion???

Trying to get through the Truffaut film, Jules et Jim ... and I know I'll end up sounding like a complete idiot when I'm done. So far, it's just odd, almost uncomfortable to watch. Is that the same Francois Truffaut that was in Close Encounters???

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