Sunday, October 18, 2009

Househusbands Reunion Show ... LAME!!!!!

that was LAME!!!!! That host was the worst! Scumbag Chahlie looked like he didn't want to be there at all. All they talked about was the fighting ... which got really old and I'm sick of Shortfuse Grant and Barberidoll ... OK GUYS, WE KNOW YOU HAVE SEX, yippee skippy for you!!!!!! It was so freaking lame.No Billy ... no Billy ... get that beard back ... he didn't look right clean shaven.Hayhair is terrible! I actually felt sorry for Dannyboy ... the day he STOPS making excuses for her crappy attitude toward him, is the day they will get a divorce. She loves having a servant with benefits in the house and it's really sad that Danny doesn't get it. Yep, no baby yet ... ha!Tempestt and Daryl are so cute. Tempestt didn't seem like she was keen on the show either ... I also heard that Fox Reality is going away. Not sure if I want to see those guys another season ... been done.

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