Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh those "housewives"

Yenta Jill: where to start. SHE'S HORRIBLE!!! Between her totally embarassing and stage mothering Ally and acting less mature than Ally when it comes to Bethandthecity ... oy!!! She's a lying sack of matzo who is acting like, for the first time in her life, that she's a popular girl. I think, by far, this show has gone to her head in the worst of ways. Seriously, she acts like she's the homely girl who just got asked to the prom by the star quarterback. Can't wait to see what happens when LuAnn finds herself a new marriage ... as long as Yenta Jill has a "project", she's like a freaking peacock prancing around full of self importance. She's managed to completely alienate herself from everyone on the show. Can't wait to see her downfall ... it's sad that she doesn't even realize what she's doing. And with her "choose who's side you're on" is going to really bite her in her in the a$$. How immature is she???

IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT: Did you see the look on her face when Victoria bluntly said that "papa has obviously moved on" ... !!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Victoria is awesome! She has more class than all these pathetic women put together! Hey, I have an idea! She needs a pied a terre? Since Bethandthecity is going to move in with JasonII, IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT should move in!!! There, problem solved!

KellyHIEEEE!!!: Was Kelly Byeeeeeee! This week! She's such a twit! And yea, get a freaking haircut, or wear your hair in a ponytail, a headband!!!! Know what, I'd love to see it .. bet she would still try to move her hair out of her face. I feel bad for that reporter ... he's beneath the ex husband? I'm sorry, who is he again? The only reason I know his name is because of her. What about that weird guy she was fawning over at the bar? What about that guy who sued her for assault? Were they beneath Gilles Bensimon? Last I read, KellyHIEEEE, you were his THIRD WIFE and the old coot has since moved on 2 more times ... girly girl, get over yourself, he has.

Bethandthecity: I actually felt kinda sorry for her, for the first time! I don't know what else to say because that sentence renders me speechless!

PlanetAlex: Is she looking more and more like skelator or what??? Sweetie ... EAT!!!!! She is handling herself so well, though. She actually has good business sense and can cut through the irrelevant BS and right the ship. And ok ... did ANYONE ELSE NOTICE how close that guy in charge of Brooklyn fashion WEEKEND sat to Simon???? It was like 2 gay magnets. And I'm not saying that Simon is gay ... just saying that this guy was obviously attracted! I really hope that KellyHIEEEEE and Bethandthecity drop it already because those 2 would mop the floor with the 2 bitter old hags. We already know that PlanetAlex is going to give it to YentaJill ... I hope that Bethandthecity and KellyHIEEEE give it to her as well.

Duhmona: Ok ... you all do realize that it was HER that leaked the story to the Daily News right? She's a sanctimonious shew and man, give this woman a glass of pinot grigio and the EMOTIONS FLOI! She needs to step back and be happy that her Father gave her closure and made an effort to be a nice man to her. And how nice of SuperMario to make that happen! Duhmona needs to take her final visit with her father for what it was and be happy.

And then we have High Society ... sigh. As bitter and old haggy as the "housewives" are, these Mortimer Tinsley people, including her vapid mother, are like children! Can Mortimer Tinsley do anything for herself??? Is this the sure fire sign that you've made it? Having people pick out clothes for you? And this JPC is one pitiful mofo. I loved it when Tins literally called another stylist right in front of him and then the guy shows up and he has to see Tins gush! Note to JPC's mommy ... cut him off lady! Stop enabling this sorry excuse for a human being! And there's nothing to say about Jules Kirby. She's evil, ugly ugly evil.

Devorah Rose ... why? Sorry sweetie, you're going to lose your battle with Tinsley Mortimer. As immature as Tinsley is, she's in a much higher class than this homely boobie wannabe.

And the Middle actually made a lame attempt at trying to Hoosier it up by focusing on the final 4 in Indianapolis. Nice try, no cigar. I almost wish they could spin the show off for the kids only. They're the reason to watch. They need to have a show where one of the kids starts talking like someone from Southern Indiana and then maybe we can get some answers.

Modern Family, hands down, best sitcom on tv right now. Every single character, even the creepy vampire dad guy had some good chuckles and you had to feel sorry for him because of his birthday gone awry. Manny and Gloria .. chess huslters! awesome. And I just want to go up to Cameron and give him a big hug. Such a loveable character. I think this show needs a former librarian guest star!

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