Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More of my housewives!

Just watched the latest trainwreck. I really think it's getting redundant to keep complaining about AlexSimon, but seriously, there are absolutley no redeeming qualities to either of them. They were in their luxious Hamptons hovel and the owner of the house is a masseuse and a tarot card reader. She put them both into a sauna and Simon leacherously exclaims how great it was to be in a small hot dark room with Alex. Not "my wife" ... Alex. As if he's shared the sauna with someone else. I think he just likes the unisex nature of his wife's name. Naughty naughty.

And the Countesssssssssssssssssss ... what a schlub. She hijacks her daughter's luncheon to go over etiquette, completely embarassing her really pretty daughter who is off to boarding school in the fall (yea for her!). She talked down completely to one of her friends about the proper way to cut up chicken on a plate ... I mean really!

Duhmona. I have to say that this season, she's probably the least annoying .. no, wait ... I don't mean that, she's just as over the top as she was last season. Everyone else is ramped up, so maybe she's just more normal. She actually got competitive with the Gov. of New York over who is more blind .. or as she would say "bloind".

Kelly ... ahhhhh Kelly ... She completely blows of Duhomona for a guy who is obviously worshipful of her ... she is the rudest of them all. Each week, my hunch is more and more right. She hates women.

Yenta Jill gets left out in the cold during ther lunch with Duhmona and the Countessssssssssssss and I'm sorry, but her daughter is just getting bigger and bigger. I understand that her meds for her rheumatoid arthritis may cause weight gain, but Ally just looks soft.

Bethandthecity is getting boring ... there's nothing to say. She's pathetic and then she said the line that says it all "don't touch me". Girlfriend has touching issues ... no wonder she's not married. Hey Bethandthecity, married people, dating people ... people who want to date .. want to touch you! Get over that and maybe you'll hook someone.

Whew ....

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